Using version 0.0.1, cannot implement "Login as user" behaviour #59

evanwchurchill opened this Issue Oct 1, 2013 · 0 comments

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I don't think this is really an issue, as I'm using a very old version of activeadmin-mongoid, and can't currently update it for various reasons. However, I've tried to implement the changes outlined in these two Devise Wiki articles to add "Login as user" behaviour: (Died on a warden serialize call, using warden 1.2.1) (Gave a controller error)

As well as using the switch_user gem to implement the feature. None of the errors I was getting were documented anywhere, and I'm assuming thats because people are using the up to date version. My question is: is it possible to implement the "login as user" feature with my current version of activeadmin-mongoid (0.0.1), or will I need to update it?

Again, I'm really sorry if this isn't worthy of a new issue(it probably isn't), I'm just sort of stuck as to where to go with this, and I don't want to keep spinning my wheels if it isn't possible without the latest activeadmin-mongoid version.

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