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Quest of the Prime Dragons

TINS 2012 entry by Allefant

left mouse button: select hero

right mouse button: move to location, attack enemy, heal ally

space bar: use class special

F1: restart game

F2: save game

F3: load game


- anachronism:
    - medieval dragons setting with knight and mage
    - but futuristic hunter in space jumpsuit and a nurse as healer
    - anachronistic level 1 pet dog is tagging along

- dragons:
    - plenty of them and hard to kill

- prime numbers:
    - the level of all dragons (of all monsters) is a prime number
    - levels are referred to by their prime number

- parallax:
    - yes

- save/load:
    - yes


Note: Due to running out of time towards the end of TINS this is grossly
unbalanced. May be possible to kill all dragons in 5 minutes - or may be
completely impossible to play right now.

dog: Quite useless, his special is an annoying barking which confuses monsters
    for a moment but also draws attention to him.

hunter: Can shoot laser bursts. His special freezes all enemies for some time.

healer: Can heal her target. Her special heals all allies fully.

knight: Melee fighter. His special draws everyones attention to him.

mage: Shoots devastating magic missiles. Her special does massive damage to
    all enemies.

wolf: (prime level 2) Mostly harmless.

bat: (prime level 3) Damage done heals it so can be tough to kill.

groll: (prime level 5) annoying beasts

papa groll: can heal baby grolls so be careful

drake: (prime level 23) The first dragon.

dragon: (prime level 29) Very hard to kill.