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Python API for Omegle webchat. Inspired by brianewing.


$ pip install pyomegle

pyomegle depends on mechanize. For this reason Python 3 is currently not supported.


from pyomegle import OmegleClient, OmegleHandler

    Omegle inteface for python

        starts a new conversation
        exits chat session

h = OmegleHandler(loop=True)            # session loop
c = OmegleClient(h, wpm=47, lang='en')  # 47 words per minute

while 1:
    input_str = raw_input('')           # string input

    if input_str.strip() == '/next':                        # new conversation
    elif input_str.strip() == '/exit':
        c.disconnect()                  # disconnect chat session
        c.send(input_str)               # send string


List of events accessible by OmegleHandler. Note that OmegleHandler uses a loop optional parameter, valid for start a new chat when a stranger disconnects.

  • waiting() Called when we are waiting for a stranger to connect
  • connected() Called when we are connected with a stranger
  • typing() Called when the user is typing a message
  • stopped_typing() Called when the user stop typing a message
  • message(message) Called when a message is received from the connected stranger
  • common_likes(likes) Called when you and stranger likes the same thing
  • disconnected() Called when a stranger disconnects
  • captcha_required() Called when the server asks for captcha
  • captcha_rejected() Called when server reject captcha
  • server_message(message) Called when the server report a message
  • status_info(status) Status info received from server
  • ident_digest(digests) Identity digest received from server

Inherit OmegleHandler class for implement your custom events.

class MyCustomHandler(OmegleHandler):

    def connected(self):
        super(MyCustomHandler, self).connected()



OmegleClient uses some optional initial parameters, the most useful are

  • lang='en' for set a default chat language
  • wpm=42 set the words per minutes typing speed
  • topics=[] list of interests
  • event_delay=3 server polling delay in seconds

List of client methods

  • start() Start a new conversation
  • status() Return connection status
  • write(message) Simulates a message completely written whit typing time
  • typing() Emulates typing in the conversation
  • stopped_typing() Emulates stopped typing into the conversation
  • send(message) Sends a message
  • recaptcha(challenge, response) Captcha validation
  • next() Starts with a new conversation
  • disconnect() Disconnect from the current conversation


pyomegle is released under the MIT License.