A JavaScript visualization about student growth in Germany
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Student growth

A JavaScript-based project demonstrating the student growth in Germany in the past 20 years. It uses data from the Federal Statistical Office of Germany.

The project is based on the D3 library and developed with Gulp.



  • yarn or npm to install the required packages
  • Python 3.6 in case you want to download the latest data


For installation, clone the repository first.

git clone https://github.com/eliashaeussler/student-growth.git
cd student-growth

After cloning install the Node dependencies:

yarn install

You can also use npm install in case you haven't installed yarn.

Build the site

In order to access the website which shows the visualization, you need to build the necessary project files:

yarn run build

You can alternatively use npm run-script build or gulp --production && gulp server.

This compiles all necessary files and places them inside a dist folder. Files from this folder will be used as source for a web server which automatically starts running when you run one of the above commands.

If your Browser does not open by it's own, open it manually and navigate to the following page:


If port 8000 is already in use, BrowserSync tries to use the next available port. You can see the active port in your command line after running one of the above commands.

Development mode

yarn run start

(alternatively: npm start or simply gulp)

The Development mode allows you to see changes on project files immediately in your browser since BrowserSync is watching for changes.

Other tasks

npm script Gulp task Description
sources default --production Build only the source files and does not start the server
serve serve Run the server without creating any source files
watch server watch Run the server without creating source files and watch for changes
test Test the project (does not start the server)

All npm scripts need to be executed using yarn run <command> or npm run-script <command>. When running Gulp tasks, execute them using gulp <command>.

Download the latest data

The necessary data has already been downloaded and is included in this repository. You can always download the latest data using the available download script (note that it's required to have python3 installed for this):

python3 bin/download.py

After a few seconds you will see something like this:

Downloading: Studierende: Bundesländer, Semester, Nationalität, Geschlecht
Download successful: src/data/data.csv

Source configuration

The file data/source.json contains important information which are being used to parse the remote source file correctly.

Key Description Configuration
url File which contains information about the source files and their file formats Valid URL with protocol as string
keys Position of keys (headlines) inside the source file (X and Y) Object with keys x and y which contain arrays with numbers
data_rows Position of first and last data row Object with keys first and last as numbers. last can be a row number (e.g. 293) or the difference from the last available row (e.g. -4, more flexible)

Installing certificates on macOS

If you are working with macOS, you might run into trouble when running the python script. You might get an output like this:

<urlopen error [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:749)>

In this case, you need to install additional certificates. The installation script is installed inside your Python application folder, e.g. Applications/Python 3.6/Install Certificates.command. It installs certifi on your system which is needed to handle secure remote connections.



MIT License