Tiny app just to freak out while reading Donald Trump's tweets
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Welcome to Trumpinator, the world's best opportunity to deal with Donald Trump's statements! Don't you like what he's talking about on Twitter? No problem, just scream everything you have on your mind inside your computer's mic and it will destroy all the crappy stuff @realdonaldtrump is talking about on Twitter!

Screenshot: Menu

What the hell is that?

Trumpinator is a new method to help you get rid of your bad mood in relation to Donald Trump. We all know that he's an unsuitable president and we want him to know our frustration about him. So we decided to develop a tiny program which reads the lastest 200 tweets of @realdonaldtrump and enables you to destroy all of them by screaming inside your computer's mic. You will see, it's freeing! 😁

Screenshot: Tweet


How to create Twitter API credentials

For this app to run, you need valid Twitter API credentials. To get one of them, head to Twitter Application Management, sign in (or sign up) and click on Create New App. After giving some necessary information, your app will be created. Now click on the Keys and Access Tokens tab and copy the following data:

  • Consumer Key (API Key)
  • Consumer Secret (API Secret)
  • Access Token
  • Access Token Secret


Clone the repository at first:

git clone https://github.com/eliashaeussler/trumpinator.git
cd trumpinator

Now copy the credentials.sample file and provide your Twitter API credentials (read here how to get API credentials):

cp trumpinator/credentials.sample trumpinator/credentials

Open the file trumpinator/trumpinator.pde with Processing.

Note: All project files and folders need to be inside a folder called trumpinator (which they are, by default, after you have cloned the repository).

Press Run or hit +R / Ctrl+R.


  • Space: Show next tweet
  • 1-3: Set audio input sensitivity (from low to high)
  • m: Show main menu
  • Esc: Quit program

Add your own fonts

You can use your own fonts in ttf or otf format. Just copy them into the trumpinator/data folder and have fun 😊



MIT License