This is a class for displaying those "here spins something the app isn't broken"-spinners for the Cappuccino framework.
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EKActivityIndicatorView is a class for displaying those "here spins something the app isn't crashed"-wheels for the Cappuccino framework.

It works completely without images by drawing everything with Canvas. If available, the animation is created by CSS3 rotating. If this should be unavailable, the canvas will be redrawn for every frame. Both solutions guarantee a stunning performance and the ability of setting the view's size and color with ease. All this is brought to you by a 5 KB file.

Click here to see a DEMO


Simply import the file in your application's AppController or any other class:

@import "EKActivityIndicatorView.j"


Inserting an EKActivityIndicatorView in your application is dead simple:

var spinner = [[EKActivityIndicatorView alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectMake(0, 0, 24, 24)];

Set your favorite color:

[spinner setColor:[CPColor colorWithHexString:@"404040"]];

Start the animation:

[spinner startAnimating];

And if you have enough, stop it:

[spinner stopAnimating];

If you don't want CSS rotations you can deactivate it by calling

[spinner setUseCSS:NO];


Elias Klughammer

Evadne Wu

Ben Langfeld