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"""_mysql_exceptions: Exception classes for _mysql and MySQLdb.
These classes are dictated by the DB API v2.0:
from exceptions import Exception, StandardError, Warning
class MySQLError(StandardError):
"""Exception related to operation with MySQL."""
class Warning(Warning, MySQLError):
"""Exception raised for important warnings like data truncations
while inserting, etc."""
class Error(MySQLError):
"""Exception that is the base class of all other error exceptions
(not Warning)."""
class InterfaceError(Error):
"""Exception raised for errors that are related to the database
interface rather than the database itself."""
class DatabaseError(Error):
"""Exception raised for errors that are related to the
class DataError(DatabaseError):
"""Exception raised for errors that are due to problems with the
processed data like division by zero, numeric value out of range,
class OperationalError(DatabaseError):
"""Exception raised for errors that are related to the database's
operation and not necessarily under the control of the programmer,
e.g. an unexpected disconnect occurs, the data source name is not
found, a transaction could not be processed, a memory allocation
error occurred during processing, etc."""
class IntegrityError(DatabaseError):
"""Exception raised when the relational integrity of the database
is affected, e.g. a foreign key check fails, duplicate key,
class InternalError(DatabaseError):
"""Exception raised when the database encounters an internal
error, e.g. the cursor is not valid anymore, the transaction is
out of sync, etc."""
class ProgrammingError(DatabaseError):
"""Exception raised for programming errors, e.g. table not found
or already exists, syntax error in the SQL statement, wrong number
of parameters specified, etc."""
class NotSupportedError(DatabaseError):
"""Exception raised in case a method or database API was used
which is not supported by the database, e.g. requesting a
.rollback() on a connection that does not support transaction or
has transactions turned off."""
del Exception, StandardError