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METATODO: move all of these to trac tickets!
Website/doc related
- extend the tutorial !!! (but we shouldn't duplicate the FAQ though)
- default values
- required fields
- multiple files (modules) models
- demonstrate common raltionships options (order_by, ...)
- inverse relationships matching (with a link to BehindTheScene)
? autoload
? many2many with intermediary object (extra fields in table) -> FAQ?
-> tags with created_by
? transactions
? table constraints
? multi-thread
? multi-database
? deferred fields
Code related
- Besides, the current system also has another case I don't like: if the user
specifies an inverse (on one or both sides) but also set a table name on one
side (or two different table names), it will consider the relation as being
different even though the user explicitly told it was the same. This should
not happen. The system should rather throw an exception in that case. But
this last part should be easilty fixable, I think (it'a a matter of tweaking
the is_inverse method of the HasAndBelongsToMany class)...
The following items might or might not get implemented and probably need to be
discussed before doing anything.
- check that relations/fields setup with through kwargs endup with correct type
and cardinality (using a finalize method in HasField and Relationship)
- provide optional __init__ kwargs validation (cfr. assignmapper) (as a
- provide optional "runtime setattr" validation (as a recipe?)
* the provided "_find_class_descriptor" seem overly complex though
* the (unlikely?) case where a parent who is not inheriting from XFBase (or
Entity) defines a property will probably fail because of line 16.
- add __revision__ (+ svn property) to all elixir files?
- support all mapper arguments which take column arguments in a generic way
- instead of linking the descriptor in the entity (cls._descriptor) we could
do it externally, like the mappers in SA. This would solve some of the
ugliness we have in the current implementation (mostly in target).
- add polymorphic references
For the syntax, I'd like to have either belongs_to relationships
without of_kind argument or with a special "constant" argument like:
belongs_to('rel', of_kind=ANY_KIND)
Maybe this would be better suited on SA side or in an addon to Elixir and
not in the main lib?
The implementation would be a bit similar to what Jonathan does at:
we would "just" need to generalize the target_id to support multi-column-pk
and I think we would be good to go for belongs_to relationships
The problem is to keep the referencial integrity of the database. Obviously
it's not possible to do that if people modify their data through SQL
directly (or at least it would involve complicated triggers on the DB and
that wouldn't be portable. It should be possible to do it through the ORM
- investigate whether it would be possible to do a generic acts_as(xxx)
instead of the acts_as_taggable Jonathan demonstrated
- support custom selectable on relationships, as is done at:
ie relations using any "selectable" instead of the normal object table.
mapper(User, users,
'orders': relation(mapper(Order, orders),,
'max_order': relation(mapper(Order, max_orders, non_primary=True),
uselist=False, viewonly=True),
would be something like:
# Order class must be defined before
max_orders_by_user = select([func.max(Order.c.order_id).label('order_id')],
max_orders ='max_orders')
class User(Entity):
has_one('max_order', of_kind='Order', selectable=max_orders)
- get some inspiration from Django
symmetrical on M2M