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#!/usr/bin/env python
# This software code is made available "AS IS" without warranties of any
# kind. You may copy, display, modify and redistribute the software
# code either by itself or as incorporated into your code; provided that
# you do not remove any proprietary notices. Your use of this software
# code is at your own risk and you waive any claim against Amazon
# Digital Services, Inc. or its affiliates with respect to your use of
# this software code. (c) 2007-2009 Lookery
import base64
import hmac
import sha
import sys
import time
import urllib
import urlparse
class LookeryTargeting:
def __init__(self, api_key, secret_key):
self.api_key = api_key
self.secret_key = secret_key
# computes the base64'ed hmac-sha hash of the canonical string and the secret
# access key, optionally urlencoding the result
def encode(self, str, urlencode=False):
b64_hmac = base64.encodestring(, str, sha).digest()).strip()
if urlencode:
return urllib.quote_plus(b64_hmac)
return b64_hmac
# builds the query arg string
def query_args_hash_to_string(self, query_args):
query_string = ""
pairs = []
for k, v in query_args.items():
piece = k
if v != None:
piece += "=%s" % urllib.quote_plus(str(v))
return '&'.join(pairs)
def redirect(self, url, extra_params={}):
timestamp = int(time.time())
data = "LookeryTargeting%d%d" % (LOOKERY_TAPI_VERSION,timestamp)
signature = self.encode(data, True)
params = {}
params["api_key"] = self.api_key
params["r_url"] = urllib.quote_plus(url)
params["timestamp"] = timestamp
params["signature"] = signature
query = self.query_args_hash_to_string(params)
return "%s%s" % (DEFAULT_LOOKERY_BASE, query)
if __name__ == "__main__":
targeting = LookeryTargeting("<INSERT YOUR API KEY HERE>","<INSERT YOUR SECRET KEY HERE>")
redirect = targeting.redirect("{profile_yob}&g={profile_gender")
print redirect