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;;; eliemacs.el --- EliEmacs main file
(eval-and-compile (defconst eli-version
;; /***************************************************************\ ;;
;; /*****************************************************************\ ;;
;; *** *** ;;
;; *** Eli's Emacs initialization file! *** ;;
;; *** Written by Eli Barzilay: Maze is Life! <> *** ;;
;; *** *** ;;
;; \*****************************************************************/ ;;
;; \***************************************************************/ ;;
;; Directories & setup for this file
(defvar eli-dir
;; make it work when just evaluating this expression, and when compiling
(or load-file-name buffer-file-name default-directory)))
"The full path of the EliEmacs directory.")
(add-to-list 'load-path eli-dir)
;; including files from "include/", to generate a single .elc file
(defvar eli-include-dir (concat eli-dir "include/")))
(defmacro load/include (file)
(let ((include-file (concat eli-include-dir file ".el")))
(if (file-readable-p include-file)
(insert "(progn\n")
(insert-file-contents include-file)
(goto-char (point-max))
(insert ")")
(goto-char (point-min))
(read (current-buffer)))
`(load ,file))))
(load/include "user-vars")
(load/include "utils")
(load/include "misc")
(load/include "settings")
(load/include "overrides")
(load/include "colors")
(load/include "win-init")
(load/include "edit-utils")
(load/include "shell-utils")
(load/include "eli-backup")
(load/include "mail-news")
(load/include "ebuff-init")
(load/include "minibuf")
(load/include "modeline")
(load/include "macro-keys")
(load/include "eli-marker")
(load/include "eli-cua")
(load/include "scroll-in-place")
(load/include "filladapt")
(setq-default filladapt-mode t filladapt-mode-line-string nil)
(load/include "keys")
(when (file-accessible-directory-p (concat eli-dir "extras"))
(load (concat eli-dir "extras/extras") t t))
(load/include "eli-logo")
(load/include "desktop-init")
;; I used to do it with an idle-timer and not emacs-startup-hook so it's done
;; after everything is initialized, but that makes the first key not update the
;; display.
(add-hook 'emacs-startup-hook
(lambda ()
(unless (input-pending-p)
(let* ((eli-msg (concat "---===###>>> Eli Barzilay: Maze is Life! "
eli-version " <<<###===---"))
(msgs `(,eli-msg "Use `C-h e' for a quick reference." ,eli-msg)))
(while msgs
(message (car msgs))
(setq msgs (and (sit-for 3 t) (cdr msgs))))))
(message nil))
;;; eliemacs.el ends here
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