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; Solving the expression problem with multimethods. Each operation is a
; multimethod, and we add methods per type supported by the operation.
; Eli Bendersky []
; This code is in the public domain.
(ns expression.multimethod)
(defrecord Constant [value])
(defrecord BinaryPlus [lhs rhs])
(defmulti evaluate class)
(defmethod evaluate Constant
[c] (:value c))
(defmethod evaluate BinaryPlus
[bp] (+ (evaluate (:lhs bp)) (evaluate (:rhs bp))))
(defmulti stringify class)
(defmethod stringify Constant
[c] (str (:value c)))
(defmethod stringify BinaryPlus
(clojure.string/join " + " [(stringify (:lhs bp))
(stringify (:rhs bp))]))
; Testing
(def c1 (Constant. 1.1))
(def c2 (Constant. 2.2))
(def p1 (BinaryPlus. c1 c2))
(def p2 (BinaryPlus. p1 c2))
(evaluate c1)
(evaluate p1)
(evaluate p2)
(stringify p1)
(stringify p2)
; Extending with a new type - FunctionCall
(defrecord FunctionCall [func argument])
(defmethod evaluate FunctionCall
[fc] ((:func fc) (evaluate (:argument fc))))
(defmethod stringify FunctionCall
[fc] (str (clojure.repl/demunge (str (:func fc)))
(stringify (:argument fc))
; Testing
(defn twice
[x] (* x 2))
(def fc (->FunctionCall twice p2))
(evaluate fc)
(stringify fc)