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# BF JIT using the PeachPy x86-64 codegen library.
# Tested with Python 3.5+; PeachPy installed into a virtualenv following the
# installation steps in its README:
# Eli Bendersky []
# This code is in the public domain.
import argparse
from collections import namedtuple
import ctypes
import sys
import peachpy
import peachpy.x86_64
def die(msg):
print('ERROR:', msg)
def parse_bf_program(file):
"""Parses BF programs from the given file-like object.
Yields BF commands found in the file.
for line in file:
for c in line:
if c in {'>', '<', '+', '-', '.', ',', '[', ']'}:
yield c
# Data type for the state of PeachPy labels created for every matching bracket
# pair in BF ("[" ... "]").
BracketLabels = namedtuple('BracketLabels', ('open_label', 'close_label'))
def peachpyjit(bf_file, verbose=False):
"""JIT-compiles and executes the given BF program.
bf_file is a file-like object containing a sequence of BF instructions. The
result of this function is the possible side-effects of the BF program being
executed (user input through stdin, output through stdout, etc.)
open_bracket_stack = []
# Create a JITed function named "ppjit", with the C-style signature:
# void ppjit(uint8_t* memptr)
memptr = peachpy.Argument(peachpy.ptr(peachpy.uint8_t))
with peachpy.x86_64.Function("ppjit",
result_type=None) as asm_function:
# Use r13 as our data pointer; initially it points at the memory buffer
# passed into the JITed function.
dataptr = peachpy.x86_64.r13
peachpy.x86_64.LOAD.ARGUMENT(dataptr, memptr)
for pc, instr in enumerate(parse_bf_program(bf_file), start=1):
if instr == '>':
peachpy.x86_64.ADD(dataptr, 1)
elif instr == '<':
peachpy.x86_64.SUB(dataptr, 1)
elif instr == '+':
peachpy.x86_64.ADD([dataptr], 1)
elif instr == '-':
peachpy.x86_64.SUB([dataptr], 1)
elif instr == '.':
# Invoke the WRITE syscall (rax=1) with stdout (rdi=1).
if sys.platform == "darwin":
peachpy.x86_64.MOV(peachpy.x86_64.rax, 0x2000004)
peachpy.x86_64.MOV(peachpy.x86_64.rax, 1)
peachpy.x86_64.MOV(peachpy.x86_64.rdi, 1)
peachpy.x86_64.MOV(peachpy.x86_64.rsi, dataptr)
peachpy.x86_64.MOV(peachpy.x86_64.rdx, 1)
elif instr == ',':
# Invoke the READ syscall (rax=0) with stdin (rdi=0).
if sys.platform == "darwin":
peachpy.x86_64.MOV(peachpy.x86_64.rax, 0x2000003)
peachpy.x86_64.MOV(peachpy.x86_64.rax, 0)
peachpy.x86_64.MOV(peachpy.x86_64.rdi, 0)
peachpy.x86_64.MOV(peachpy.x86_64.rsi, dataptr)
peachpy.x86_64.MOV(peachpy.x86_64.rdx, 1)
elif instr == '[':
# Create labels for the loop start and after-loop.
loop_start_label = peachpy.x86_64.Label()
loop_end_label = peachpy.x86_64.Label()
# Jump to after the loop if the current cell is 0.
peachpy.x86_64.CMP([dataptr], 0)
# Bind the "start loop" label here.
BracketLabels(loop_start_label, loop_end_label))
elif instr == ']':
if not len(open_bracket_stack):
die('unmatched closing "]" at pc={}'.format(pc))
labels = open_bracket_stack.pop()
# Jump back to loop if the current cell is not 0.
peachpy.x86_64.CMP([dataptr], 0)
# Bind the "after-loop" label here.
# Finalize and encode the PeachPy function; python_function will be a
# callable representing the JITed function in memory.
abi = peachpy.x86_64.abi.detect()
encoded_function = asm_function.finalize(abi).encode()
python_function = encoded_function.load()
if verbose:
code = python_function.code_segment
fname = '/tmp/ppout.bin'
with open(fname, 'wb') as f:
print('* Wrote machine code to {}'.format(fname))
# Allocate memory as a ctypes array and initialize it to 0s. Then perform
# the JIT call.
memsize = 30000
MemoryArrayType = ctypes.c_uint8 * memsize
memory = MemoryArrayType(*([0] * memsize))
if verbose:
print('* Memory nonzero locations:')
pcount = 0
for i in range(memsize):
if memory[i]:
print('[{:3}] = {:3}'.format(i, memory[i]), end=' ')
pcount += 1
if pcount > 0 and pcount % 4 == 0:
if __name__ == '__main__':
argparser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
argparser.add_argument('bffile', type=str)
argparser.add_argument('--verbose', action='store_true')
args = argparser.parse_args()
# Bump Python call stack size to work around
# PeachPy's "finalization" of large functions may still take quite a bit of
# time though.
with open(args.bffile) as f:
peachpyjit(f, verbose=args.verbose)