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;;; Concurrent HTTP client using the asynchronous API of clj-http in conjunction
;;; with go-blocks.
;;; Eli Bendersky []
;;; This code is in the public domain.
(ns clojure-blocking-async.http-client-async
(:require [clojure.core.async :as async])
(:require [clj-http.client]))
(def url-template "")
(defn go-async-generator
[c start n]
(doseq [i (range start (+ start n))]
(format url-template i)
{:async? true}
(fn [response]
(async/go (async/>! c response)))
;; Exception callback.
(fn [exc]
(throw exc)))))
(defn get-multiple
[generator-fn start n]
(let [c (async/chan)]
(generator-fn c start n)
(loop [i 0
res []]
(if (= i n)
(recur (inc i) (conj res (async/<!! c)))))))
(def start 10)
(def num-results 20)
(let [results (time (get-multiple go-async-generator start num-results))]
(printf "Have %d results%n" (count results)))