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# Simulates a "debug queue" peripheral.
# This peripheral can be written to by the user's program. It
# saves all the words that were written in a FIFO queue that can
# be accessed by the simulator at any time, for debugging
# purposes.
# Luz micro-controller simulator
# Eli Bendersky (C) 2008-2010
from .peripheral import Peripheral
from ...commonlib.portability import printme
class DebugQueue(Peripheral):
""" Public attributes:
A list of words written to the queue in FIFO order
def __init__(self, debug_print=False):
self.debug_print = debug_print
def reset(self):
self.items = []
def read_mem(self, addr, width):
""" This peripheral is write-only.
Reads are ignored.
def write_mem(self, addr, width, data):
""" Only the correct address is mapped to this peripheral,
and we don't care about width...
if self.debug_print:
printme('DebugQueue: 0x%X\n' % data)