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Haivvreo change log:
* Handle evolved (and/or multiple schemas) correctly.
* Handle multiple schemas during joins in the mapper correctly.
* Turn on caching when converting schemas to typeinfos.
* Close HDFS filesystem instance when finished with it.
* Do not read prior schema in AvroSerDe:initialize to avoid holding onto
prior schema definition.
* Rather than throwing exception, signal bad schema via message, allowing
serde properties to be set and repaired.
1.0.4 Use reader schema in record reader, no longer need to re-encode in serde.
* Introduce none as an option for schema.url and schema.literal.
* Caching of GenericRecordReaderand SchemaToTypeInfo mappings.
1.0.2 Lazy init of serializer/deserializer was overly so.
1.0.1 Add ability to read schema from HDFS.
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