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@eliboa eliboa released this Oct 27, 2019 · 10 commits to master since this release

Edit : Writing to emuMMC is broken :/ I'm working on it. It should still work for SX OS hidden partition though.

Added suppport for SD partition emuMMC and SX OS hidden partition (emuNAND)
Thus, support for a new NxStorage type "FULL NAND" was added. FULL NAND contains BOOT0, BOOT1 and RAWNAND in a single file/storage. You can pretty much perform the same operations to FULL NAND and RAWNAND (dump, restore, decrypt partition, dump partition, etc).
Additionally, you can extract RAWNAND from FULL NAND as well as BOOT0 & BOOT1 (CLI : use argument -part=RAWNAND, -part=BOOT0,etc. GUI : "Tools" > "Dump RAWNAND only"). You can also restore FULL NAND to RAWNAND (BOOT0 and BOOT1 will be skipped) and vice versa.

To open your emuNAND partition, mount your SD card on your computer, then :

  • GUI : Use shortcut CTRL + D to list compatible drives, then select the detected drive, labelled "FULL NAND".
  • CLI usage : use command NxNandManager.exe --list to get the disk name to use with input argument "-i".

Resize NAND
You can now resize any RAWNAND or FULL NAND storage. The resize feature will create a new file for your NAND with resized USER partition. This is mainly useful to reduce the size of your emuNAND (file or partition) but you can also increase the size of USER partition, above 26 Gb. Optionally, USER partition can be formatted while resizing.

CLI : a list of partition can now be provided through argument "-part"
In case you want to dump or restore several partitions at the same time, you can provide a list of partitions, seperated by a comma, through "-part=" argument. In this case, output must be a directory. When output is a valid NxStorage (restore), every partition that exists in both input and output, will be restored to output.
One thing to remember is that when argument -part is provided, the program will never copy the GPT (partition table).


  • Restoring to splitted dump is now allowed.
  • When keyset is provided, the program can retrieve new information :
    • device ID (can be useful to disable parental control)
    • WLAN mac address.
    • Available FAT32 space for partitions SYTEM & USER
  • Improved BOOT1 detection (will look for magic PK11 in the entire file).
  • Except for some GUI parts, the whole code has be refactored. Although this is mainly transparent for end user, you should notice a general improvement in performance when copying (except when using memloader which is still super slow).
  • CLI : remaining time and amount of bytes copied are now displayed during copy
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