Given list of URLs will check to see if EZproxy recognizes them
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Ezproxy Bulk URL Checker

Makes use of the EZproxy ProxyURLPassword directive.

When provided with a txt file of urls it will check the /proxy_url service to see if the URL is in the allow list. One off demo here. Details of why here

  1. cp settings.orig and fill in the URL of your proxy server and the password you set to use the service

  2. urls.txtin the directory.

  3. The bash script run_check breaks input file into 1000 line chunks and then pushes it through the checker. Runs minimum sanity check to mark sure URL strings are utf-8

  4. good.txt are URLs that validate, bad.txt are ones that need addition

  5. Just in case run python3 to clean up the output files

X-X-Xml yall!