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LIS Grievances


Because we all need to air our grievances some time

Read about the first five years here

Project Homepage


  • Automation is back
  • can be added to crontab giving something similar to the following:

*/30 7-21 * * * /home/grief/lis_grievances/

*/15 7-21 * * * /home/grief/lis_grievances/



  • Uses TWURL for DM interaction
  • on account, checking needs to be done manually


  • Supports Emojis! (finally)
  • Of course, there is a patreon


OPTIONAL: Web files

  • Install apache/nginx etc to display the web component
  • Modify the html files to point to your account and avatar
  • run sudo ./deploy_html to copy those files to the usual /var/www/html


  • create your _grievances account on twitter
  • be sure to add a Mobile number as well or you won't get an API key
  • generate Twitter API key
  • be sure to allow access to DM in APP settings (see fig 1)
  • run sudo ./install_pre to install necessary parts (Currently just tweepy) and generate settings file
  • create a Google Form with one text box and get a pre-filled URL, check settings for details/example
  • add relevate info about form and API account info to
  • also add path of grievance text file to
  • create a temp directory for downloaded image files, used in media posting, set in

Checking Grievances

  • Enable TWURL in your session
  • Run from an SSH terminal
  • Will check for DMS and post to Google Form (with lots of in-between JSON manipulation, yes one day I'll fix)
  • Can be added to cron as specified in V3.5 description

Posting Grievances

  • Your job is now to add the grievances from the spreadsheet to hopper/grievances_to_air.txt, or where ever else you specified. Ie. use some discretion
  • add to crontab to fire at a reasonable time frame (once an hour on the 00s)
  • once again chmod +x might be necessary
  • There is very limited media support built in. If there is a URL to a GIF or JPG in a DM, it will post approriately, but that is pretty much it
  • after a post it checks/kills any lingering DMs (like bork used to do)

Nag Grievances

  • You can set to run once a day via cron to troll for more grievances
  • chmod +x here too
  • Add your nags to the text file point to at NAGLIST
  • Ah, I don't really use this much, at all. I suggest you don't either

Bork Grievances

  • Deprecated. no longer needed


**fig 1 **

An art project by @elibtronic