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This is the Infusion 1.3.1 release tag.


FLUID-3879: Minor grammatical tweaks as suggested by anastasiac.
svn path=/fluid/infusion/trunk/; revision=10451


FLUID-3702: Tagging the Infusion 1.2.1 release, from the 1.2.x mainte…
…nance branch

svn path=/fluid/infusion/tags/infusion-1.2.1/; revision=10030


FLUID-2881: Stopgap fix forking "deferredCall" to "deferredInvokeCall…
…" since the latter has some subtle impact on environmental resolution - it appears if used in the environment of component expansion the connection to the "that stack" is broken. For now, different views in CSpace will use different versions although in theory there should be only one of these. We do need to look into the general performance implications of always using "fluid.invoke" though.

svn path=/fluid/infusion/trunk/; revision=10022


FLUID-3694: Retagging the Infusion 1.1.3 release from the 1.1.x branch.
svn path=/fluid/infusion/tags/fluid-1.1.3/; revision=10015


FLUID-3656: Significant reworking of id assignment logic to allow "ma…
…rkup id avoidance" to function. Some new special-casing is needed to support the expectation that decorators may be applied to the root of a UISelect in lieu of applying them to the "selection" element. In general, the "modern renderer" allows that the "final id" (new concept as of this revision) applied to a UISelect peer in the markup is the plain id derived from the fullID of the root UISelect, and not the version with "-selection" applied as per historical RSF. This correspondance generally merely confused users, although hopefully with this irregularity we have not closed the door to still allowing the other members of UISelect to be independently bound through bidirectional bindings (see upcoming work on FLUID-3387). Note that, as of this revision, FLUID-3657 has been "fixed" by removing the functionality for "parentAbsoluteId" - this is not recommended functionality and has been withdrawn (full IDs are not guaranteed to remain stable within the tree, although as of this revision they still are - modified value is currently written to field "finalID")

svn path=/fluid/infusion/trunk/; revision=9881


FLUID-3647: Committing Justin's patch which checks if an element is s…
…elected before calling blur on it.

svn path=/fluid/infusion/trunk/; revision=9825


FLUID-3615: Cutting the Infusion 1.2beta1 tag from the branch.
svn path=/fluid/infusion/tags/infusion-1.2beta1/; revision=9817


FLUID-3229: Removing the links to the keyboard a11y plugin since UI O…
…ptions doesn't use it.

svn path=/fluid/infusion/trunk/; revision=9766


ENGAGE-505: Updating the version numbers back to 1.2-SNAPSHOT
svn path=/fluid/infusion/trunk/; revision=9631
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