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About Elicoin

Elicoin is a CPU mineable cryptocurrency and open source software developed under MIT license. It can be mined on GPU too, but CPU mining is more efficient.



Build Elicoin Core wallet from source codes

Coin specifications:

Coin name: Elicoin (ELI)
Total number of coins: 10 000 000 ELI
Initial block reward: 10 ELI
Block halving: every 500 000 blocks
Average block time: 1 minute
Maximum block size: 4 MB (1 MB base size + 3 MB for SegWit)
Maximum transactions per block: 8400
Algorithm: YescryptR16 (CPU only)
Difficulty retarget: Every block (DarkGravityWave ver. 3)
Premine: none

Advantages over Bitcoin:

  • Thanks to YescryptR16 CPU only hashing algorithm, everyone can mine Elicoin on their own computer with just CPU. Mining on GPU is significantly slower than on CPU.
  • Transactions within Elicoin blockchain are 10 times faster than Bitcoin.
  • Elicoin blockchain can handle 20 times more transactions than Bitcoin within the same time.
  • Difficulty on Elicoin is retargeted after every mined block (aprox. every minute), compared to Bitcoin that retargets difficulty every 2016 blocks (aprox. every 14 days).

Block halving explained:

Please see file.

How to mine

Please see file.

Mining pools

Official list file on GitHub.
Unofficial list on web.


Exchange Pair
Crex24 ELI/BTC
BarterDEX Various pairs
OpenTrade Multicoins MC/ELI

If you're an exchange owner and you would like to add Elicoin on your exchange, please contact us and we'll add a link to your exchange here.


If you'd like to support the development of Elicoin, please send us any amount of your favourite cryptocurrency using these addresses:

Cryptocurrency Address
Elicoin: EJVSdSmBu5od8bn2LttPgGi9FrSK9rH4hZ
Bitcoin: 38pYzc8bYBsfwdzRb4QPsqtLBkP4aEpuHr
Bitcoin Cash: 1K4maT9DpLJP1zAJy6ow7ZkNwDjBGB7Vky
Bitcoin Gold: AP2yBXTopHWrkLyC6wAhVHesUcfRVYxHmQ
Litecoin: MUA1tB8YRtgssnLE1xnYMfjBcmF4CDCV5o
Dash: XneE9zTjxLaHPuYH2mdrqaLKfkgV6tagyq
Zcash: t1YVZ1Qjckfzj5QR89yKV78RGsDeRojcR1M
DeepOnion: DVLNBTJAdao85UzJ6R4833JTtrw3cMBaK1

If you'd like to donate us some cryptocurrency that is not listed here, please send us the e-mail and we'll send you the new address in this specific cryptocurrency. Thank you!


  • Get on more exchanges
  • iOS wallet
  • Web wallet
  • Elicoin payment gateway
  • Elicoin e-shop
  • Elicoin Linux distro (Live USB Flash distro for mining)
  • Hardware wallets support
  • Find e-services that would like to accept Elicoin
  • ATM integration

Block explorer

Link Description Official Elicoin block explorer

If you'd like us to list your own Elicoin block explorer here, please contact us.


Elicoin is open source software developed under MIT license.

Contact info and links

Official links:


Block Explorer:

Mining tools:

Price watch websites and tools: