Just a fun little script to get me started on GitHub. It's 2012. Get Wild.
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Once upon a time...

On September 25th, 2008, while visiting my brother and sister-in-law in Portland, Oregon, I snapped this photo:

Professor Poopypants's Pocket-Sized "Name Change-O-Chart 2000"

It was taped to the wall in their bathroom, right by the mirror over the sink. I didn't think much of it at the time, but Professor Poopypants sure did make us laugh. Oh, the laughs!

According to Professor Poopypants, my new name is Crusty Bubbletush. Hilarious.

Fast-forward about 5 years and that innocent little photo is my most popular photo on Flickr! I mean, it's only got about 13,000 views (as of September 22nd, 2013), which isn't much in the grand scheme of the internets, but still, people just can't get enough of Professor Poopypants and his wacky names!

On a whim back in January 2012, I decided to scriptify the "Name Change-O-Chart 2000," as my first-ever GitHub Repo. Hopefully this sets the tone for all my future activity here on the githubs.

Feel free to download poopypants.rb and give it a go on your machine. From the same directory as that file, run:

ruby poopypants.rb

You can see the "official" Professor Poopypants website here:


Looks like Professor Poopypants is in cahoots with Captain Underpants!

P.S. I just typed "poopypants" 10 times. FTW!