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OpenMfx for Blender

This is an edited version of Blender 2.93 LTS including an OpenMfx based modifier.

OpenMfx modifier for Blender

This modifier lets you load an OpenMfx plug-in and use it as a Blender modifier. Such plug-ins can be provided by third party, or even written by yourself following the OpenMfx standard.


This is a work in progress and by no mean a finished work. Any feedback is welcome, including bug reports, design proposals, code reviews, etc. You can use the issues to do so. I will post dev updates on my twitter feed.


You can just follow the usual instructions for building Blender.


Create an object and add an OpenMfx modifier to it. In the plug-in path, provide the OpenMfx bundle, like /path/to/something.ofx (see for examples). This will open the binary and list the available plug-ins.

OpenMfx modifier

Then select which effect from the plugin you are interested in. With a valid plug-in selected, some parameters will appear.

You can then stack it with other modifiers, and/or apply it.


Blender as a whole, and hence this branch, is licensed under the GNU Public License, Version 3. Individual files may have a different, but compatible license.