Declarative styles in React components with support for pre- and post-processing.
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React Statics Styles

Ultra-light utility to help writing CSS inside your JS React components declarations.

Statically extracts CSS styles declared at the component class level and outputs a nicely formatted CSS string. It is then easing to pipe it to your CSS postprocessor of choice (eg. postcss).

Best friends with gulp-react-statics-styles to make it work with your building pipeline.

Usage (without gulp)

Declare styles as a static property of your component class (or using statics if you use vanilla React.createClass):

class MyComponent extends React.Component {
  static styles = {
    '.MyComponent .MyComponent-item': {
      // you can put build-time calculations here
      fontSize: 0.8 * readFontSizeFromConfig() + 'px',

  render: function() {
    return <div className='MyComponent'>
      <div className='MyComponent-item'>This is smaller that usual.</div>

// alternate syntax using the decorator
import { styles } from 'react-statics-styles';

  '.MyComponent .MyComponent-item': {
    fontSize: 0.8 * readFontSizeFromConfig() + 'px',
class MyComponent extends React.Component { ... }

Then pass one or more class definition(s) to extractStyles(class) or extractAllStyles(array of class):

import { extractStyles, extractAllStyles } from 'react-statics-styles';
extractStyles(MyComponent); // returns a CSS string
extractAllStyles([MyComponent1, MyComponent2, ...]);

Assuming that readFontSizeFromConfig() returns 10, then the first line returns the string:

/* @react-nexus-style MyComponent */
.MyComponent .MyComponent-item {
  font-size: 8px;

The decorator form supports passing additional options.

The only currently supported option is prefix, a static string which will be preprended to all the generated selectors.

  '.ES6ClassDecoratorWithPrefix': {
    minWidth: '334px',
}, { prefix: '.MyApp '})
class ES6ClassDecoratorWithPrefix extends React.Component {
  static displayName = 'ES6ClassDecoratorWithPrefix';

  render() {
    return <div className='MyComponent' />;

will yield

/* @react-statics-styles ES6ClassDecoratorWithPrefix */
.MyApp .ES6ClassDecoratorWithPrefix {
  min-width: 334px;

Usage (with gulp)

See gulp-react-statics-styles.


This module is written in ES6/7. You will need babel to run it.