@elieserdejesus elieserdejesus released this Mar 10, 2018 · 83 commits to master since this release

Assets 6

[New] Allowing private server hosting (easy to use private servers)
[New] Public Chat
[New] Allowing server invitations (for public or yur private server)
[New] Suporting emojis in chat
[New] Modernizing chat messages layout
[New] Allowing changes in chat font size
[New] Remembering collapsed sections (bottom, left and chat) when starting JamTaba
[New] Showing network usage (in Kbps) for each ninjamer channel
[New] Adding a new 'Game' theme
[New] Transmiting muted local channels (usefull when using direct monitoring)
[New] Using RtMidi 3.0 in Standalone

[Improvement] Limiting autotranslation to remote users only

[AU Bug fix] Fixing AU plugin initial size

[AU/VST Bug Fix] Fixing empty "Remembering" preferences tab in AU/VST

[Bug fix] Fixing cropped level meters when collapsed