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@elieserdejesus elieserdejesus released this Jul 4, 2018 · 37 commits to master since this release

[New] Using h264 as video codec (better video quality and low bandwith usage)
[New] Audio peak meters are 'mixed' with level sliders
[New] Using instrument icons for local and remote channels
[New] Showing ninbot level warning messages only to the "too loud" musician, not to everybody
[New] Adding two options for jam directory name format

[Improving] Public chat ON by default and saving chat status
[Improving] Improving message when user leaves a private chat
[Improving] Making prior versions available for download in JamTaba website

[Bug Fix] Fixing JamTaba 32 bits not starting (missing a DLL file)
[Bug Fix] Some public chat widgets are using wrong colors after change theme bug
[Bug Fix] Fixing user's color in chat changing on every comment
[Bug Fix] Fixing frozen video when remote user turns off camera
[Bug Fix] Fixing some meters wrong colors in Navy theme
[Bug Fix] Fixing stereo inverse empty icon when creating new channel/subchannel
[Bug Fix] Fixing Mute and Solo buttons cropped in horizontal layout

[Standalone - Bug fix] Fixing some VSTi making Jamtaba crash at restart

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