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Neuropixels case for chronic recordings in freely moving mice.
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Figure 1 Probe Schematic-01.png
Neuropixel 2019.SLDPRT
Stereotax adaptor v4.ipt
Stereotax adaptor v4.stp
im_neuropixel 1_0.SLDPRT
im_neuropixel 1_0.STL
neuropixel 1_0 and im.SLDASM

This code is associated with the paper from Juavinett et al., "Chronically implanted Neuropixels probes enable high-yield recordings in freely moving mice". eLife, 2019.

Neuropixels AMIE implant for chronic recordings in freely moving mice


alt text

The Neuropixel AMIE allows for chronic implantation and re-use of Neuropixels probes and recordings in freely moving mice. There are three parts to the design: the internal mount, the external casing, and a stereotax adapter. All files are designed in Solidworks ( STL files are included for 3D printing.

3D Printing The internal mount (IM) and external casing (EC) can be printed at Shapeways:

Machining The stereotax adapter (SA) is machined from alumnium. We recommend machining the SA through protolabs:

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions:

Ashley Juavinett: George Bekheet: Anne Churchland:

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