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File: meps_full_list_with_twitter_accounts.csv

This file gathers together all the Twitter accounts of the Members of the European Parliament in office. Please help us keeping it up to date, in order to have a valid instrument for research/political activity/information purposes.

The file contains the name of each MEP, political affiliation, country and the Twitter account. We are using the list to perform some of the analyses you can find on ThinkingAboutEU.

Thank you to @raimondiand for sharing a list on his blog. We merged it with our list, to produce the (hopefully) complete list we are publishing here.

NOTE: if you wish to have your account removed from this list, please contact us at


This database (meps_full_list_with_twitter_accounts.csv) is made available under the Open Database License:

Any rights in individual contents of the database are licensed under the Database Contents License:

Javascript format:

You can find a Javascript version of this list (and the script that fetches the CSV and transforms it into a JavaScript file) here: (thanks to @marado).