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My emacs config

Originally based on Sean Miller's emacs config

With some additions from Setting up Emacs as Ruby development environment on OSX

And a few pieces stolen directly and indirectly from Ryan Davis

And mostly rewritten by me at this point. ;-)


Emacs (duh)

If you've previously used emacs...

Make a backup of your .emacs.d and then get rid of it.

Clone this repo

git clone ~

Install Cask (package management for Emacs)

Super duper quick and dirty Cask install (FWIW, I used it):

curl -fsSkL | python

Install the packages

cd ~/.emacs.d
cask install

Some basic tips

Finding files (Projectile)

C-x p brings up a file chooser

C-u C-u C-x p invalidates Projectile's cache and then brings up the file chooser. You'll want to do this after you delete or create a new file.

Multi-term (Thanks, Avdi!)

C-x m spawns a terminal in your current window

Scrolling behaves basically the same as scrolling in a normal emacs Window

Window numbering (Thanks, Sean!)

C-x 3 creates a vertical window split

C-x 2 creates a horizontal window split

Windows are numbered! See the first character in the bottom left!

M-window_number_here jumps you to the numbered window


M-x ag prompts for a search term and a search directory

Move the cursor to the desired result, hit return, and enjoy the navigational awesomeness