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" Font for gui
set guifont=Droid\ Sans\ Mono\ 9
set linespace=1
set guioptions-=R
set guioptions-=r
set guioptions-=l
set guioptions-=L
set guioptions-=T
set guioptions-=m
set guioptions+=c
" Paste SELECTION with S-Insert
inoremap <S-Insert> <MiddleMouse>
cnoremap <S-Insert> <MiddleMouse>
" font size
command! -bar -nargs=0 Bigger :let &guifont = substitute(&guifont,'\d\+$','\=submatch(0)+1','')
command! -bar -nargs=0 Smaller :let &guifont = substitute(&guifont,'\d\+$','\=submatch(0)-1','')
noremap <M--> :Smaller<CR>
noremap <M-=> :Bigger<CR>
" Tab tooltip format
set gtt=%F
set vb t_vb= " no visual nor audio bell
" exe "colors " . colors_name
" colors Sunburst
" colors Twilight
" colors Monokai
" colors jellybeans
autocmd VimEnter * call s:CdIfDirectory(expand("<amatch>"))
" If the parameter is a directory, cd into it
function! s:CdIfDirectory(directory)
let explicitDirectory = isdirectory(a:directory)
let directory = explicitDirectory || empty(a:directory)
if explicitDirectory
exe "cd " . a:directory
" Load local config
if filereadable(expand("~/.gvimrc.local"))
source ~/.gvimrc.local
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