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This project re-implements [eventsourcing-example]( based on the Eligosource [Eventsourced]( library.
This project re-implements [eventsourcing-example]( based on the Eligosource [Eventsourced]( library. Regarding library usage, it demonstrates how to
- implement command-sourcing (for managing state of invoices)
- implement event-sourcing (for managing state of payment processes and for recording usage statistics)
- implement domain services (to handle requests via UI and XML/JSON API)
- implement business processes (to deal with long-running background activities)
- recover from crashes (incl. recovery of business processes)
Compared to the [old implementation](, domain events are now decoupled from the immutable domain model. Web UI and XML/JSON API are built on top of [Jersey](, [Scalate]( and [JAXB]( A [Play]( version will follow (which supports asynchronous responses in contrast to Jersey).
First checkout and build the [Eventsourced]( library
git clone git://
cd eventsourced
sbt publish-local
Then checkout the example application run it
git clone git://
cd eventsourced-example
sbt 'run-nobootcp org.eligosource.eventsourced.example.server.Webserver'
Then go to [http://localhost:8080](http://localhost:8080) and create some invoices.
Finally go to [http://localhost:8080](http://localhost:8080) and create some invoices.
@@ -20,6 +20,8 @@ class PaymentService(invoiceComponent: Component) extends Actor {
// because payments may take several days to arrive ...
Future { invoiceComponent.inputChannel ! Message(InvoicePaymentReceived(invoiceId, amount)) }
// here we assume that an external payment service will
// retry notifying us should this app be not available

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