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Xccessors (cross-browser accessors) is a JavaScript shim that implements the legacy or standard methods for defining and looking up accessors (getters and setters) of objects.

Please note: Internet Explorer 8 only supports getters and setters on the DOM, its prototypes (document, Element.prototype, etc.), and the window object. As long as you are setting an accessor on the window object, a DOM element, or a DOM prototype, Xccessors should work fine in every browser.

Xccessors Standard

Xcessors Standard implements ECMAScript 5's (formerly 3.1) Object.defineProperty, Object.defineProperties, and Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor in browsers that support the legacy non-standard accessor methods. Everything behaves according to the ECMAScript 5 standard except the configurable, enumerable, and writable options if set to false. It is impossible to implement these options without native support for Object.defineProperty. The good news is that you are never going to use them if you are changing a JavaScript program from the legacy to standard methods.

Xccessors Legacy

Xccessors Legacy implements the legacy accessor methods (object.__define[GS]etter__ and object.__lookup[GS]etter__) in browsers that support the standard ECMAScript 5 accessor methods.

Supported Platforms

  • SpiderMonkey (Firefox, all Gecko browsers)
  • JavaScriptCore (Safari, many WebKit-based browsers)
  • V8 (Google Chrome, Chromium)
  • Futhark (Opera 9.5)
  • Carakan (Opera 10.5)
  • JScript 1.5 (Internet Explorer 8; DOM elements and prototypes only)
  • Chakra (Internet Explorer 9)
  • Rhino
  • Narcissus

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