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Variable font fork of the Changa typeface (Latin, Arabic)
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The Changa Fonts Project (Eli's Fork)

This information should be distributed along with the Changa fonts and any derivative works.

Changa is a typeface family intended for headlines, titles and other display settings and supports the Latin and Arabic scripts.

The Latin was developed with a singular height so that you can create display texts with minimum line spacing. The lowercase has short ascenders and descenders and the letters are inscribed within a square. The uppercase is also sturdy and squat. The counter shapes are rectangular, featuring small curves in opposite vertexes which accompany and break the shapes, evoking a contemporary style.

The Arabic was also drawn by Eduardo Tunni in Buenos Aires in collaboration with M. Gaber in Cairo.

Changa could be expanded to support other styles and scripts.

Changa is available from Google Fonts at

Source files are available from

To contribute to the project, please visit


28 June 2016 (Eduardo Tunni)

  • Minor fixes in arabic letters "yeh" and "yehHamzaabove-ar.init"

3 March 2016 (Eduardo Tunni, Dave Crossland) Changa v2.001

  • Minor metadata fixes

27 February 2015 (Eduardo Tunni) Changa v2.001

  • Expanded to 7 weights
  • Expanded to Arabic script with consulting from Gaber

31 October 2012 (Eduardo Tunni) Changa v1.001

  • Initial release of Regular as a single weight family

2 Sept 2011 (Eduardo Tunni) Changa One v1.001

  • Initial release of ExtraBold as a single weight family


If you make modifications be sure to add your name (N), email (E), web-address (if you have one) (W) and description (D). This list is in alphabetical order.

N: Eduardo Tunni
D: Original Type Designer

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