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Graphic stand-alone administration for memcached to monitor and debug purpose

This program allows to see in real-time (top-like) or from the start of the server, stats for get, set, delete, increment, decrement, evictions, reclaimed, cas command, as well as server stats (network, items, server version) with googlecharts and server internal configuration

You can go further to see each server slabs, occupation, memory wasted and items (key & value).

Another part can execute commands to any memcached server : get, set, delete, flush_all, as well as execute any commands (like stats) with telnet

Feature list


  • Stats for each or all memcached servers, items, evicted, reclaimed ...
  • Stats for every command : set, get, delete, incr, decr, cas ...
  • Slabs stats (Memory, pages, memory wasted, items)
  • Items stats (View items in slabs, then data for each key)
  • Network stats (Traffic, bandwidth)


  • Execute commands : get, set, delete, flush_all on servers to administrate or debug it
  • Get data with key on servers
  • Delete keys on servers
  • Flush servers
  • Execute telnet command directly from phpMemcachedAdmin
  • Search for specific pattern into all keys

Live Stats

  • Top-like real time stats with configurable alerts


  • Edit configuration directly from web page
  • phpMemcachedAdmin can use socket communication, PECL Memcache or Memcached API
  • Organize your servers into cluster


phpMemcachedAdmin does not provide any security system, you need to add this feature by yourself.


Download latest release Unzip/Untar & Give files permissions

You have to give Read & Execute right to all files, and Read, Write & Execute to configuration files and temporary directory.

More information in

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