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Contact me

If you have any issues with any of the cogs, join my support Discord or open an issue on GitHub.

How to install

Type [p]repo add SauriCogs to add the repo.

Type [p]cog install SauriCogs <cog> to install your desired cog.


Click on the cog names to get to my wiki page and learn about them.

Name Description
advancedlock Lock @everyone from sending messages in channels or the entire guild, and only allow Moderators to talk. This version has some advanced settings.
application Receive and moderate staff applications with customizable questions.
cookies Collect cookies and steal from others.
cookiestore Additional store with redeemable items to my Cookies cog.
counting Make a counting channel with goals.
economyraffle Simple cog that gives a pre-specified amount of credits to a randomly picked user.
forwarding Forward all DMs sent to the bot to the bot owner (or a specified channel), including messages with attachments.
gallery Set channels as galleries, deleting all messages that don't contain any attachments.
lock Lock @everyone from sending messages in channels or the entire guild, and only allow Moderators to talk.
lvlupcookies Set cookie rewards for users that level up!
marriage Marry, divorce, and give gifts to other members.
mentionable Very simple way to make unmentionable roles mentionable.
pick Pick a random user, or a user with a specified role.
pingable Make unpingable roles pingable by regular users with commands.
reacttickets Reaction based assignable support tickets with custom cases (reasons).
suggestion Per guild, as well as global, suggestion box voting system.
uniquename Deny members' names to be the same as your Moderators'.
userlog Log when users join/leave into a specified channel.


Random cogs for Red V3 that I needed and couldn't find so instead of paying someone, I learned how to do it on my own.