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Add TODO file until we have a issue tracker.

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Jamie Love authored
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+# Quick TODO list, until I get a issue tracker running for R-Node
+Configuration of file upload has it's own 'R tmp'/'our tmp' directory
+configuration. This needs to use the generic one.
+The code in the R handler to download files to the client needs to be
+moved into the main codebase to support generic file download, linked
+to session.
+The client needs to allow the choice between:
+ client graph generation with server fallback
+ always use server graph generation.
+The server side graphs generated need to support interactive creation
+of graphs over multiple commands.
+Such graphs also should be shown like client drawn graphs - though
+downloaded differently.
+The client UI should have an interface to save and load sessions, saved
+to a per-username. Only available when users must log in.
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