Workshop for React Fundamentals
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React Fundamentals Workshop


React Fundamentals Workshop


Facebook's React library is one of the major choices when creating a Single Page Application (SPA). In this workshop, we will combine lecture along with hands-on labs to reinforce the concepts that we cover.

Initially, we will start by describing what React is, who uses it, and why it's a compelling choice to use. After taking a high-level overview of React components, we will start building an application over the duration of the workshop.

Unlike some of React's competitors, it's fairly small and not complex on its own. For a comprehensive SPA, you'll need much more than just React alone. We will introduce other libraries and technologies that complement React and that are readily used by the React community.

As we build our React application we will continue to add new features and refactor our approach as the app gets more complex. In addition, we will address how to detect performance bottlenecks, talk about unit testing tools, build a basic pattern library, and discuss various approaches when styling components.

This workshop will have some hands-on aspects. Please bring your own fully charged laptop.