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2011-04-19 gettextize <>
* m4/gettext.m4: New file, from gettext-0.18.1.
* m4/iconv.m4: New file, from gettext-0.18.1.
* m4/lib-ld.m4: New file, from gettext-0.18.1.
* m4/lib-link.m4: New file, from gettext-0.18.1.
* m4/lib-prefix.m4: New file, from gettext-0.18.1.
* m4/nls.m4: Upgrade to gettext-0.18.1.
* m4/po.m4: Upgrade to gettext-0.18.1.
* m4/progtest.m4: Upgrade to gettext-0.18.1.
* m4/ (EXTRA_DIST): Add the new files.
* (AC_CONFIG_FILES): Add po/
2010-08-05 Andrés G. Aragoneses <>
* scripts/.gitignore: added mono-abi-info.
* scripts/ added mono-abi-info autofoo.
2010-07-16 Zoltan Varga <>
* Remove the 'LLVM backend is experimental' warning.
2010-07-08 Neale Ferguson <>
* Add sgen_supported=true for s390x.
2010-07-05 Rolf Bjarne Kvinge <>
* Restore the AM_CONDITIONAL debugger supported, we need it to
include/exclude assembler files from the build in the makefile.
2010-06-29 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add a define for the full LLVM version to config.h.
2010-06-26 Zoltan Varga <>
* Make sgen_supported default to false to fix non-x86 builds.
2010-06-25 Zoltan Varga <>
* scripts/ Fix this up after the build changes.
2010-06-23 Miguel de Icaza <>
* By default, we will now also buils an SGen-aware
VM by default. This can be turned off by using the
--with-sgen=no command line option.
Two binaries are produced now: mono and mono-sgen
--- First Pass ---
* Remove redundant setting of variables in non-Boehm
First pass at supporting the compilation of both
the Boehm-powered Mono VM and the Sgen-powered one.
The Boehm configuration flags are no longer part of the config.h
that we generate, but instead they are part of the CFLAGS
variables that are used for the following components:
* io-layer/ because it uses the pthread APIs that are
wrapped by using utils/gc_wrapper.h
* metatada/ because we have plenty of GC-specific code
* mini/ the VM itself
The patch currently only changes the way that Boehm is compiled,
no changes for Sgen have been done yet.
We now pass Boehm CFLAG settings as "BOEHM_DEFINES" which need to
be added to the three Makefiles above.
When building the bundled and modified libgc, we also need to pass
MONO_DEBUGGER_SUPPORTED as it triggers some special features in
the libgc.
Simplify the build also by removing the AM_CONDITIONAL debugger
supported, we now merely check this on the source file and wrap
the entire debug-debugger.c in an ifdef.
2010-06-05 Mark Probst <>
* tools/sgen/sgen-grep-binprot.c: Updated for degraded and pinned
2010-06-02 Zoltan Varga <>
* Check whenever we are using mono's LLVM branch.
2010-05-31 Robert Jordan <>
* Windows: mcs_topdir_from_srcdir must not be
converted to a Win32 path unless it's already a cygwin path.
Fixes --with-mcs-docs for in-tree mcs builds.
2010-05-28 Robert Jordan <>
* Fix mcs_topdir* for the Windows build.
2010-05-28 Mark Probst <>
* tools/sgen/sgen-grep-binprot.c (main): Use strtoul(), not
strtol(), to parse addresses from the command line.
2010-05-20 Miguel de Icaza <>
* drop again the pkg.m4 dependency and for eglib
cases (and not-Windows) make it entirely optional.
2010-05-11 Andrew Jorgensen <>
* scripts/mono-find-*.in: Look for, not
and set MONO_PATH to ensure that mscorlib.dll can be found
2010-04-29 Andreas Färber <>
* Check for -lm necessity.
Fixes linking on Haiku.
Contributed under MIT/X11 license.
2010-04-27 Mark Probst <>
* scripts/mono-heapviz: If the major sections are too small, use a
larger width.
2010-04-27 Zoltan Varga <>
* Switch to eglib by default.
2010-04-26 Geoff Norton <>
* Allow cross compiling osx for 64-bit
2010-04-26 Zoltan Varga <>
* Applied patch from Robert Nagy ( Add
sys/param.h dependencies to a few checks.
2010-04-25 Mark Probst <>
* tools/sgen/sgen-grep-binprot.c: Support for major Mark&Sweep
2010-04-20 Jonathan Pryor <>
* Check for the asm/sigcontext.h header.
2010-04-20 Andrés G. Aragoneses <>
* README: Replace --with-profile2 with --with-profile4.
2010-04-20 Jonathan Pryor <>
* On OpenBSD, remove duplicate -pthread options in
libmono_ldflags. Change from Robert Nagy <>.
2010-04-20 Jonathan Pryor <>
* For Linux hosts, remove libmono_ldflags="-lpthread".
It's unnecessary (for !target_win32, pthreads are checked again
later in, and it breaks Android (which doesn't have
libpthread, but DOES have pthreads in libc).
2010-04-19 Jonathan Pryor <>
* Disable AC_CHECK_LIB() for pthread, as this breaks
autoconf on BSD platforms. (Why? Who knows -- it's AutoConf!)
2010-04-19 Jonathan Pryor <>
* Use AC_CHECK_LIB() to check for pthread instead of
just blindly linking to -lpthread, as Android includes pthread
support within libc and doesn't provide a separate libpthread.
Android's <string.h> pulls in <malloc.h> (unlike glibc), resulting
in a build error in mono/utils/mono-codeman.c due to
`struct mallinfo` re-declaration. Define HAVE_USR_INCLUDE_MALLOC_H
if /usr/include/malloc.h is present to avoid this.
2010-04-19 Jonathan Pryor <>
* Add header, structure member, and function checks as
Android doesn't provide all the headers, structure members, and
functions that a "full" Linux distro includes.
2010-04-19 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add a --enable-minimal=normalization option to disable support
for string normalization.
2010-04-16 Marek Habersack <>
* added a check for sysconf(3)
2010-04-14 Miguel de Icaza <>
* turn the AC_MSG_ERROR into a AC_MSG_WARN since in
Andrew's configuration this aborts the build:
host=i686-pc-linux-gnu != target=i586-suse-linux
And I no longer remember why I added that error in the first
place (we need to determine perhaps the arch/OS but it is
difficult with those strings).
2010-04-08 Andreia Gaita <>
* Add an extra "only" option to --with-moonlight. This
will configure mono to only build moonlight-specific stuff and
nothing else. --with-moonlight=yes now just adds the moon profile to
the build
* Add moonlight-specific rules that only build what
moon needs. These are called directly from moon, to do fast
moon+mono+mcs builds
* runtime/ Change the build rules to have a moonlight-only
build configuration, as well as a normal build that optionally includes
2010-04-07 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ ($(tmpinst)/bin/dmcs): Add.
2010-04-06 Andreia Gaita <>
* add --with-mcs-path option to specify where the mcs
source can be found, if not on ./mcs or ../mcs.
Only touch the mcs and/or olive dirs and config files if we're
actually building them
2010-04-05 Zoltan Varga <>
* Append -lgc to libmono_ldflags if using an external libgc.
2010-04-04 Andreas Färber <>
* Fix typo.
Set default for with_moonlight to fix "Moon Profile:" output.
Contributed under MIT/X11 license.
2010-04-03 Zoltan Varga <>
* Applied some openbsd changes from Robert Nagy
2010-04-03 Marek Habersack <>
when cross-compiling with MinGW
* include the 4.0 profile in the zip.
Remove cross-compilation environment bin path from PATH before
compiling native Mono.
Remove autotools cache directory before each compilation phase.
2010-04-02 Marek Habersack <>
* include -lkernel32 in LDFLAGS when cross-compiling
with MINGW or compiling on Cygwin.
* some changes to make the compilation work
better on non-SuSE systems.
2010-04-01 Mark Probst <>
* scripts/mono-heapviz: Process and output detailed pinning
2010-03-29 Andreas Färber <>
* Add support for Haiku
Contributed under MIT/X11 license.
2010-03-26 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add a --enable-system-aot option to control the generation of
AOT images during the build.
2010-03-26 Zoltan Varga <>
* Apply some openbsd changes from openbsd ports.
2010-03-23 Neale Ferguson <>
* Change ACCESS_UNALINGED to "yes" for s390/s390x.
2010-03-22 Andreia Gaita <>
* fix build when doing with-mcs-docs=no on a clean tree
2010-03-19 Zoltan Varga <>
* Pass -Wno-portability to automake to quiet some warnings.
2010-03-16 Jb Evain <>
* runtime/, rename
the net_2_1 profile to moonlight.
2010-03-10 Andrew Jorgensen <>
* configure eglib even when we are not building
it (fixes dist)
Fri Mar 5 18:58:15 CET 2010 Paolo Molaro <>
* introduce the --enable-small-config option
to reduce runtime requirements (and capabilities).
2010-03-04 Zoltan Varga <>
* (DIST_SUBDIRS): Add eglib.
* Run eglib's too.
2010-03-02 Rolf Bjarne Kvinge <>
* mono/ Only build some subdirs when configured for
* If configured --with-moonlight=yes, define MOONLIGHT and
use that variable instead of INSTALL_2_1.
* runtime/ If configured for moonlight, only build
2010-03-02 Mark Probst <>
* tools/sgen-grep-binprot.c: Tool for searching through the binary
protocol files generated by SGen.
2010-02-26 Miguel de Icaza <>
* Make the scripts default to 4.0 now.
2009-05-21 Miguel de Icaza <>
* Check for sys/select.h as well
Wed Feb 24 15:47:16 CET 2010 Paolo Molaro <>
*, data/, data/,
samples/embed/*: increase the API version.
2010-02-18 Marek Habersack <>
* scripts/ added
* scripts/ added mono-configuration-crypto targets
2010-01-27 Zoltan Varga <>
* Fix the setting of LLVM_CXXFLAGS.
2010-01-22 Andrés G. Aragoneses <>
* Improve r150055 by checking for CXX=g++ as well, according to
2010-01-22 Zoltan Varga <>
* Disable the solaris tar check on !solaris platforms.
2010-01-22 Zoltan Varga <>
* Check whenever g++ is installed, since libtool requires it
even if no c++ files will be compiled.
See BNC#572871.
2010-01-22 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add -fno-rrti to CXXFLAGS.
2010-01-20 Rolf Bjarne Kvinge <>
* Add support for disabling mdb support.
2010-01-15 Zoltan Varga <>
* Don't define TARGET_WIN32 when --target is used.
2010-01-15 Zoltan Varga <>
* scripts/ New file. Contains a script to download and setup
the dependencies needed for compiling mono on cygwin.
2010-01-06 Rodrigo Kumpera <>
* scripts/ Add peverify script.
* scripts/ Added.
2009-12-22 Geoff Norton <>
* Fix invalid escaping. Patch from Spina from
2009-12-21 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add an LLVM_CFLAGS automake variable.
2009-12-18 Zoltan Varga <>
* Remove the check for valgrind/memcheck.h, we include the file
in our sources now.
2009-12-11 Zoltan Varga <>
* Applied patch from Matt McClellan ( Add a check
for 2 parameter sched_setaffinity in older glibc versions. Fixes
2009-11-22 Zoltan Varga <>
* Disable visibility attributes on cygwin.
2009-11-18 Mark Probst <>
* scripts/ Put mono-heapviz into EXTRA_DIST as well.
2009-11-18 Mark Probst <>
* scripts/ mono-heapviz is not a managed executable.
2009-11-18 Mark Probst <>
* Allow SGen without __thread.
2009-11-17 Marek Habersack <>
* runtime/ (TEST_SUPPORT_FILES): added bin/al2 - needed
for System.Web tests.
2009-11-17 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add a --enable-minimal=soft-debug option.
2009-11-15 Andreas Faerber <>
* (DTrace): Add missing -s switch for dtrace -h.
Fixes BNC #445074.
Contributed under MIT/X11 license.
2009-11-12 Zoltan Varga <>
* acinclude.m4 (dolt_supported): Handle 'i686-pc-cygwin' too.
2009-11-12 Mark Probst <>
* scripts/mono-heapviz: New script for generating SGen heap
* scripts/ mono-heapviz added.
2009-11-11 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add checks for link.h and dl_iterate_phdr.
2009-11-10 Jonathan Chambers <>
* winconfig.h: Bump version string to 2.7.
Contributed under MIT/X11 license.
2009-11-09 Zoltan Varga <>
* Define LLVM_MAJOR/MINOR_VERSION defines to allow working
around changes in LLVM APIs.
* Remove the MONO_ARCH_REGPARMS define.
2009-11-08 Rodrigo Kumpera <>
* Add check for FreeBSD/ppc64.
Patch by Justin Hibbits <>.
2009-11-05 Miguel de Icaza <>
* Add configure check for xbox360
2009-11-04 Zoltan Varga <>
* acinclude.m4 (dolt_supported): Applied patch from Kornél Pál
<>. Enable dolt on cygwin.
2009-11-03 Zoltan Varga <>
* Check for netinet/in.h.
2009-11-02 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* add a few missing header file checks.
2009-11-01 Zoltan Varga <>
* Make the LLVM warning a bit more up-to-date.
* Pass -mno-cygwin to CXX too on windows. Enable AC_PROG_CXX
since it now works on windows too.
2009-10-27 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add support for cross-compiling to ppc.
2009-10-22 Rodrigo Kumpera <>
* Add check for the deprecated attribute.
2009-10-12 Zoltan Varga <>
* data/ (gdb_DATA): Install alongside the mono executable.
* data/gdb-pre7.0: New directory, containing the mono support files for
gdb versions before 7.0.
2009-10-10 Zoltan Varga <>
* */CMakeLists.txt: Update this to latest autoconf files.
2009-10-06 Zoltan Varga <>
* Bump version to 2.7.
2009-10-01 Raja R Harinath <>
* scripts/ Use 'mv -f' instead of 'mv'.
2009-09-30 Marek Safar <>
* runtime/, Don't build 1.1 profile
2009-09-29 Ankit Jain <>
* Add Microsoft.WebApplication.targets
2009-08-29 Jonathan Pryor <>
* man/mdoc-export-html.1: Document --with-profile, --with-version.
2009-09-08 Zoltan Varga <>
* acinclude.m4 (dolt_supported): Enable this for mips.
2009-08-29 Jonathan Pryor <>
* man/mdoc.5: Document the new <format/> element.
2009-08-18 Zoltan Varga <>
* scripts/ Applied patch from Hib Eris (
Add $(SCRIPT_SUFFIX) to the name of the 'mod' tool.
2009-08-04 Miguel de Icaza <>
* Start the split between PLATFORM_WIN32 and TARGET_WIN32.
PLATFORM_WIN32 should be used to configure the runtime while
building it. TARGET_WIN32 is used for target execution.
This is used by Mono's AOT cross compiler when running on Windows,
but targetting a different operating system. So we have to tell
those two apart.
2009-07-24 Jb Evain <>
* scripts/ generate a dmcs script for the 4.0 compiler
when building the net_4_0 profile.
2009-07-24 Jb Evain <>
* runtime/
* data/ create a and populate a configuration folder
for the net_4_0 profile.
2009-07-21 Jb Evain <>
* add a --with-monotouch option.
* runtime/ use it to trigger the mcs monotouch build.
2009-07-14 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add more libraries needed by the llvm backend.
2009-07-02 Jb Evain <>
* scripts/ monolinker is now a 2.0 assembly.
2009-07-02 jonas echterhoff <>
* Add linker flag on Mac OS X to allow access to other
processes, needed for debugging. Enable debugging on OS X.
2009-06-21 Zoltan Varga <>
* (TARGET_BYTE_ORDER): New define containing the byte order of
the target.
2009-06-18 Marek Habersack <>
* data/browscap.ini: applied Mono modifications to the upstream
version. Fixes three tests failing in System.Web. Fixes bug #513965
Added ecmascriptversion, msdomversion and w3cdomversion to the IE
8.0 entry. Fixes bug #513965
2009-06-16 Raja R Harinath <>
* (--with-profile2): Simplify slightly.
(--with-profile4, --with-moonlight): Likewise.
2009-06-15 Miguel de Icaza <>
* Changed the default to not build the 4.0 profile
unless explicitly enabled.
2009-06-15 Zoltan Varga <>
* CMakeLists.txt: Add mips support.
2009-06-14 Zoltan Varga <>
* scripts/CMakeLists.txt: New file.
* samples/CMakeLists.txt: New file, currently empty.
2009-06-12 Andreia Gaita <>
* data/ add libcups dllmap entry
2009-06-11 Zoltan Varga <>
* Disable dtrace support if dtrace doesn't support the
-h option.
2009-06-10 Marek Safar <>
* runtime/, Make net_4_0 profile optional.
2009-06-07 Marek Safar <>
* runtime/ Enabled net_4_0 for compilation.
2009-05-27 Zoltan Varga <>
* Disable USE_MUNMAP on ppc to work around #504411.
2009-05-26 Zoltan Varga <>
* CMakeLists.txt: Implement AC_OUTPUT, creation of config.make, etc.
* CMakeLists.txt: implement arm fpu detection, add vfp detection as
* CMakeLists.txt: Add arm support.
2009-05-24 Miguel de Icaza <>
* Disable mono/docs build if we disabled the mcs build.
2009-05-24 Zoltan Varga <>
* */CMakeLists.txt: Add beginnings of a cmake based build system.
2009-05-22 Zoltan Varga <>
* acinclude.m4 (dolt_supported): Enable dolt on sparc linux.
2009-05-17 Zoltan Varga <>
2009-05-09 Miguel de Icaza <>
* Instead of reporting the various disabled features
in a loop, where a keyword might fail, report the actual disabled
features in the sections that handle them
2009-05-08 Zoltan Varga <>
* acinclude.m4 (dolt_supported): Add powerpc64.
2009-05-07 Rodrigo Kumpera <>
* runtime/ (mcs-compileall): Pass --security=validil
to the runtime so the assemblies are not required to be verifiable.
2009-05-06 Raja R Harinath <>
* (compiler-tests): Rewrite to re-build the moon
assemblies after mcs/ is built.
* runtime/ (build_profiles) [INSTALL_2_1]: Build only
the net_2_1_raw profile.
(test_profiles): New. Mention net_2_1 profile.
(moon-do-build): New.
2009-05-05 Miguel de Icaza <>
* Fix the bug reported on the mailing list by
Koushik K Dutta: do not build docs when --disable-mcs-builds is
2009-05-05 Miguel de Icaza <>
* Reduce configure-time dependencies by using
pkg-config the way it was originally intended to be used, and not
with the incredibly lame and painful inducing pkg.m4 file.
I am on a quest to remove this gratuitous dep on pkg.m4 that is
making people's lives miserable around the globe, just because
someone can not be bothered to learn the shell if construct.
2009-04-28 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add an option to disable the solaris tar check.
* Define a TARGET_<ARCH> preprocessor symbol for some
2009-04-23 Jb Evain <>
* scripts/ add a pdb2mdb script.
2009-04-22 Jeffrey Stedfast <>
* Check for a stable version of glib-2.0 as opposed
to an unstable development version (we don't want people
unfamiliar with glib versioning to install an unstable development
version of glib).
2009-04-13 Zoltan Varga <>
* Quiet 'copying selected object files' messages from
newer libtool versions as well.
* Disable AC_PROG_CXX for now to fix the windows build.
In mono/mini:
* Comment out the cpp files as f@#%$ automake complains even
if they are inside a conditional.
2009-04-03 Zoltan Varga <>
* scripts/ Process LTCXXCOMPILE too.
2009-04-02 Zoltan Varga <>
* Move the call to AC_PROG_CXX earlier and enable it again.
* Disable the call to AC_PROG_CXX for now.
2009-04-02 Marek Habersack <>
* data/ added system.web.mvc.pc{.in}
* added data/system.web.mvc.pc to AC_OUTPUT
* data/ added
2009-04-02 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add an ENABLE_LLVM autoconf define.
* Add --enable-llvm argument to enable the experimental
LLVM back end.
2009-03-31 Jb Evain <>
* scripts: Remove smcs, which is handled by moon now.
* data: ditto.
2009-03-20 Zoltan Varga <>
* mono/os: Remove this now empty directory.
* mono/ (SUBDIRS): Remove 'os'.
2009-03-16 Atsushi Enomoto <>
* scripts/ : mono-xmltool uses 2.0.
2009-03-12 Jonathan Pryor <>
* scripts/ Add sqlmetal.
2009-03-10 Zoltan Varga <>
* README: Remove the comment about --with-moonlight being pre-alpha.
2009-03-10 Atsushi Enomoto <>
* scripts/ : added svcutil.
2009-02-26 Marek Habersack <>
* data/ added. Fixes bug #479760
* data/ added mono.pc{.in} wherever necessary
2009-02-07 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* include stdio so that NULL is defined when checking
for ifreq.
2009-02-06 Miguel De Icaza <>
* Disable parallel marking on OSX as it hangs during collections
in the bootstrap stage of Mono.
As we find more platforms that hang, we should disable it there as
2009-02-03 Miguel de Icaza <>
* (PLATFORM_NO_SYMLINKS): New define that replaces
2009-02-02 Rodrigo Kumpera <>
* Add --with-mcs-docs to make it possible to disable building of documentation under mcs.
2009-01-29 Zoltan Varga <>
* Remove -Wcast-align from the warning list, it leads to a lot of
useless warnings which can only be fixed by casting a pointer to (void*).
2009-01-29 Miguel de Icaza <>
* Add a couple of new AM conditionals for POSIX and
DARWIN, these are used to conditionally include some files in
2009-01-27 Jb Evain <>
* bump Mono's version to 2.5 now that 2.4
has been branched.
2009-01-25 Zoltan Varga <>
* acinclude.m4 (dolt_supported): Handle ARM as well.
2009-01-23 Zoltan Varga <>
* Make --enable-parallel-mark=yes the default.
2009-01-17 Zoltan Varga <>
* Complete the OPROFILE checks.
2009-01-16 Zoltan Varga <>
* Avoid error messages in the quiet code if libgc/Makefile
does not exist yet. Fixes #466814.
2009-01-09 Zoltan Varga <>
* Check for the existence of the gettext executables.
2008-01-08 Christian Prochnow <>
* Check for sys/statfs.h and sys/mount.h
2009-01-07 Geoff Norton <>
* Provide platform information to the mcs build tree
2009-01-06 Jb Evain <>
* scripts/ don't generate a script for the now
dead mono-api-diff.
2008-12-05 Jonathan Pryor <>
* scripts/mdassembler, scripts/monodocer, scripts/monodocs2html:
Properly quote parameters as they may contain spaces.
2008-12-05 Jonathan Pryor <>
* man/mdoc-update.1: Document -fno-assembly-versions.
2009-01-05 Zoltan Varga <>
* Disable sigaltstack on freebsd as it doesn't seem to work.
2008-12-16 Marek Habersack <>
* data/ added
* data/ (EXTRA_DIST): added Also added to
* added data/system.web.extensions_1.0.pc to
2008-12-16 Bill Holmes <>
* winconfig.h : Defining the SIZEOF_REGISTER variable for the MSVC builds.
Code is contributed under MIT/X11 license.
2008-12-15 Marek Habersack <>
* data/ (EXTRA_DIST): added Also added to pkgconfig_DATA
* data/ added. This file serves
the purpose of making MonoDevelop see the 1.0 version of the
System.Web.Extensions assembly in the project references
editor. This will also make legacy 2.0 ASP.NET apps not fail when
they reference the 1.0 version of the assembly in their project
* added data/system.web.extensions_1.0.pc to AC_OUTPUT
2008-12-11 Mark Mason <>
* introduce SIZEOF_REGISTER - usually ==SIZEOF_VOID_P, except on mips/n32
2008-12-05 Marek Habersack <>
* check whether round (3) and rint (3) are present
in the C library.
2008-12-05 Jonathan Pryor <>
* man/mdoc-update.1: Document new parameters such as --exceptions.
2008-12-04 Mark Probst <>
* Disabling the sibling call optimization doesn't
work, so we're using -mminimal-toc.
2008-12-03 Mark Probst <>
* Disable sibling call optimization on PPC64 as it
seems to trip up GCC on the build bot.
2008-11-28 Atsushi Enomoto <>
* data/ : add new 2.4.8 files.
2008-11-21 Jb Evain <>
* scripts/ use only one mono-api-info pointing to the cecil one
which is mscorlib agnostic.
2008-11-21 Zoltan Varga <>
* Only enable AOT on linux. Fixes #447265.
2008-11-19 Jonathan Pryor <>
* Remove mono/monoburg/Makefile; fixes the build.
2008-11-14 Andreas Färber <>
* Add preprocessor defines for ppc(64).
Suggested by Paolo and Mark.
Contributed under MIT/X11 license.
2008-11-12 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add an ENABLE_AOT variable to config.make, currently only
enabled for AMD64.
2008-11-11 Zoltan Varga <>
* Bump version to 2.3.
Mon Nov 10 17:37:08 CET 2008 Paolo Molaro <>
* check for sys/user.h and struct kinfo_proc members.
2008-11-07 Bill Holmes <>
* winconfig.h : Removing HAVE_DIRENT_H, HAVE_STDINT_H,
Code is contributed under MIT/X11 license.
2008-11-05 Bill Holmes <>
* : Adding a auto configure check for dirent.h.
Code is contributed under MIT/X11 license.
2008-10-30 Jonathan Pryor <>
* Build `docs` after `runtime`, so that it can depend
upon mdoc.exe for it's operation.
2008-10-30 Jonathan Pryor <>
* man/mdoc-assemble.1: Document //node use within .source files.
2008-10-27 Jb Evain <>
* data/ update version.
2008-10-22 Zoltan Varga <>
* scripts/ Add gacutil1 script.
2008-10-21 Atsushi Enomoto <>
* data/ : added too.
2008-10-21 Atsushi Enomoto <>
* data/net_2_0/web.config : added new assemblies and namespaces in
pages and compilation sections.
2008-10-21 Atsushi Enomoto <>
* data/ : added new assemblies (dlinq, abstractions,
routing, dynamic data).
2008-10-20 Jonathan Pryor <>
* scripts/ Remove bash-isms.
2008-10-18 Jonathan Pryor <>
* Generate data/monodoc.pc.
2008-10-18 Jonathan Pryor <>
* data/ Add monodoc.pc to $(pkgconfig_DATA), $(DISTCLEANFILES).
2008-10-18 Jonathan Pryor <>
* data/ Fixup sourcesdir.
* data/ (EXTRA_DIST): Add
2008-10-17 Jonathan Pryor <>
* scripts/ Install scripts for mdoc-compat commands.
* scripts (svn:ignore): Ignore generated files.
* mdassembler, mdvalidater, monodocer, monodocs2html,
monodocs2slashdoc: Added; "compatibility" scripts, converting the
previous commands into mdoc commands.
2008-10-17 Jonathan Pryor <>
* scripts/ Create scripts for mdoc sub-commands.
2008-10-17 Jonathan Pryor <>
* scripts/ Add mod.
2008-10-16 Jonathan Pryor <>
* scripts/ Move mono-shlib-cop to scripts_2_0.
2008-10-15 Jonathan Pryor <>
* Add checks for `struct flock`, `struct timespec`.
2008-10-14 Jonathan Pryor <>
* data/ We're not installing Mono.Options.dll into
the GAC anymore, we're just concerned `pkg-config --variable=Source`
2008-10-14 Jonathan Pryor <>
* data/ Add a Sources variable so that
`pkg-config --variable Sources mono-options` can be used to grab the
sources to Mono.Options (useful for embedding).
2008-10-13 Jonathan Pryor <>
* Generate data/mono-options.pc.
* data/ Support and mono-options.pc.
* data/ Added.
Mon Oct 13 11:26:19 CEST 2008 Paolo Molaro <>
* check for shm_open ().
2008-10-12 Zoltan Varga <>
* Only process Makefiles with which have a
2008-10-11 Zoltan Varga <>
* Make --enable-minimal=reflection_emit turn on
--enable-minimal=reflection_emit_save too.
* README: Add docs for the option.
* Add --enable-minimal=reflection_emit_save option.
2008-10-10 Atsushi Enomoto <>
* data/net_2_0/web.config: add UrlRouting.axd handler (forbidden).
2008-10-08 Zoltan Varga <>
* (dist-hook): Use 'net_1_1' instead of 'default'.
* runtime/ Rename 'default' profile to 'net_1_1'.
2008-10-07 Atsushi Enomoto <>
* data/ : there seems a couple more of required changes.
2008-10-07 Atsushi Enomoto <>
* scripts/ : one more dist fix is needed.
2008-10-07 Atsushi Enomoto <>
* : fix missing change for previous change.
2008-10-07 Atsushi Enomoto <>
* scripts/, data/
move former to latter.
* scripts/ : remove packaging info.
* data/ : add mono-nunit.pc too.
2008-10-03 Rodrigo Kumpera <>
* Add simd intrinsics to the disable set.
2008-10-01 Jb Evain <>
* scripts/ add mono-cil-strip.
2008-09-29 Zoltan Varga <>
* scripts/ Handle the ifs used by some versions of
2008-09-25 Luis Ortiz <>
* Big arrays are only supported on 64 bit systems.
Fixes #430022
2008-09-24 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add --enable-minimal=attach option.
2008-09-22 Raja R Harinath <>
* scripts/ Skip Makefiles that've already been
patched. Handle automake 1.10a.
2008-09-18 Mark Probst <>
* docs/generic-sharing: More generic sharing porting
2008-09-17 Raja R Harinath <>
* (EXTRA_DIST): Update.
* nls.m4, progtest.m4: Really add from Gettext 0.17.
2008-09-15 Raja R Harinath <>
* (AC_CONFIG_FILES): Put po/mcs/ in its
own stanza.
(AC_OUTPUT): Don't list po/mcs/Makefile, it's automatically
handled by AM_PO_SUBDIRS.
2008-09-14 Miguel de Icaza <>
* Added some infrastructure to start the translation of the
compiler error messages.
Currently the compiler does not yet use the infrastructure,
that needs a bit of work, but the PO infrastructure is in place.
2008-09-14 gettextize <>
* (SUBDIRS): Add po/mcs.
(DIST_SUBDIRS): Add po/mcs.
(EXTRA_DIST): Add config.rpath.
* (AC_CONFIG_FILES): Add po/mcs/
2008-09-14 gettextize <>
* gettext.m4: New file, from gettext-0.17.
* iconv.m4: New file, from gettext-0.17.
* lib-ld.m4: New file, from gettext-0.17.
* lib-link.m4: New file, from gettext-0.17.
* lib-prefix.m4: New file, from gettext-0.17.
* nls.m4: New file, from gettext-0.17.
* po.m4: New file, from gettext-0.17.
* progtest.m4: New file, from gettext-0.17.
* (EXTRA_DIST): Add the new files.
2008-09-12 Zoltan Varga <>
* scripts/ Remove an obsolete comment. Change the Makefile so
this script is rerun if changes.
2008-09-11 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add a DISABLE_JIT automake conditional too.
* Add a --enable-minimal=jit option to disable jit, only
allowing full-aot execution.
2008-09-10 Zoltan Varga <>
* Move the computation of export_ldflags after libtool has
been created.
2008-09-08 Massimiliano Mantione <>
* Added DISABLE_PROFILER automake conditional.
2008-08-29 Geoff Norton <>
* Rollup our unrolled FreeBSD support so that we properly
build and compile on FreeBSD6+. (FreeBSD5 is 2004)
2008-08-28 Geoff Norton <>
* iPhone lies about HAVE_MMAP as well.
2008-08-26 Geoff Norton <>
* Update build-iphone to not wget old inssel's, and build
out of the box with teh current SDK.
2008-08-28 Zoltan Varga <>
* scripts/ (scripts_2_0): Add gacutil2.
* scripts/gacutil2: New file.
2008-08-22 Jb Evain <>
* data/
* data/
* add a new wcf.pc for assemblies recently moved
from olive to mcs.
2008-08-12 Bill Holmes <>
* winconfig.h: Updating the config file for MSVC builds to match
the config file used when compiling with gcc in Cygwin.
Contributed under MIT/X11 license.
2008-08-09 Rodrigo Kumpera <>
* docs/generic-sharing: Some updates from an irc talk with Mark.
2008-08-06 Zoltan Varga <>
* (EXTRA_DIST): Add and
* scripts/ (EXTRA_DIST): Add
2008-08-05 Marek Habersack <>
* use the PKG_CONFIG_PATH only when cross-compiling.
2008-08-05 Marek Habersack <>
* added support for cross-compilation
2008-08-05 Marek Habersack <>
* added a script to build Mono for Windows on a
Linux host using mingw.
2008-08-05 Marek Habersack <>
* scripts/ added support for cross-compilation,
including .bat generation for windows targets.
2008-08-05 Marek Habersack <>
* scripts/, scripts/,
scripts/ added .bat templates.
2008-08-05 Marek Habersack <>
* runtime/ mingw cross-compilation support.
2008-08-05 Andreas Färber <>
* Suppress arguments warning for NOCONFIGURE.
Contributed under MIT/X11 license.
2008-08-02 Zoltan Varga <>
* Enable dtrace by default on platforms which support it.
2008-07-27 Zoltan Varga <>
* scripts/ Make the libtool --quiet flag configurable by
V=1 as well.
2008-07-24 Zoltan Varga <>
* Patch libtool to avoid the
'copying selected object files ...' messages.
2008-07-24 Rodrigo Kumpera <>
* Change USED_GC_NAME to show if parallel mark is used.
This is shown in mono --version.
2008-07-22 Mark Probst <>
* New configure option (--with-malloc-mempools) to
make mempools use malloc for every single allocation, which makes
it easier to use debugging/profiling tools like Valgrind.
2008-07-21 Zoltan Varga <>
* Invoke using AC_CONFIG_COMMANDS so it
runs during a reconfigure too.
2008-07-13 Zoltan Varga <>
* docs/aot-compiler.txt: Update docs.
2008-07-09 Zoltan Varga <>
* scripts/ Another try to fix this on osx.
* scripts/ Use \\t to encode \t.
* scripts/ Remove a stray \t.
2008-07-10 Raja R Harinath <>
* (enable_quiet_build): Work better on a non-srcdir build.
(mono_cv_sizeof_sunpath): Rename cacheval from 'cv_mono_sizeof_sunpath'
to placate autoconf.
2008-07-07 Zoltan Varga <>
* Make the patching done by --enable-quiet quiet.
2008-07-07 Zoltan Varga <>
* scripts/ Make this more precise.
2008-07-06 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add an --enable-quiet-build option.
* (patch-quiet): New target.
* acinclude.m4: Handle --quiet.
2008-07-05 Mark Probst <>
* docs/generic-sharing: Docs about porting generic sharing.
2008-07-04 Zoltan Varga <>
* scripts/ (src): Fix verbose mode.
2008-07-03 Mark Probst <>
* docs/generic-sharing: New documentation file about generic code
sharing. Currently contains information about examining stack
frames of generic shared code.
2008-07-03 Zoltan Varga <>
* scripts/ New helper script.
2008-07-02 Gert Driesen <>
* data/net_1_1/machine.config: Ignore section.
* data/net_2_0/machine.config: Define section.
2008-06-30 Alp Toker <>
* acinclude.m4: Remove concatenation syntax from doltlibtool to support
old versions of bash and re-enable dolt.
2008-06-26 Alp Toker <>
* acinclude.m4: Prospective dolt fix for the build bot. Fix syntax to work
with older bash versions.
2008-06-26 Alp Toker <>
* acinclude.m4: Update dolt to the latest git version 5e9eef10. (The one we
had wasn't in fact the latest version and had a known bug.)
2008-06-25 Zoltan Varga <>
* Enable dolt by default as an experiment.
* acinclude.m4: Update dolt to the latest git version.
2008-06-23 Andreas Färber <>
* data/ (EXTRA_DIST): Distribute mono.d.
Contributed unter MIT/X11 license.
2008-06-11 Zoltan Varga <>
* Remove -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 from the CPPFLAGS passed to
libgc on sparc. Fixes #323138.
2008-06-05 Andreas Färber <>
* Add configure option for DTrace.
* New file, helper script for DTrace builds.
* data/mono.d: New file, defines the DTrace 'mono' provider.
Contributed unter MIT/X11 license.
2008-05-31 Andreas Färber <>
* (big-arrays): Output fix.
Display "no" in absence of --enable-big-arrays.
Contributed unter MIT/X11 license.
2008-05-27 Rodrigo Kumpera <>
* Add configure option for big arrays.
Patch by Luis F. Ortiz.
Contributed under X11 license.
2008-05-23 Wade Berrier <>
* scripts/ remove mbas script since we don't ship it anymore
(fixed bnc#393903)
2008-05-22 Marek Safar <>
* Distribute 2.0 profile specific files.
2008-05-21 Zoltan Varga <>
* acinclude.m4: New file, contains a snapshot of dolt.
* Add support for the DOLT libtool replacement.
2008-05-19 Zoltan Varga <>
* Change the way CPPFLAGS/CFLAGS are passed to libgc one more
time. This time, we collect them in two variables and pass these to libgc
configure instead of using the standard CPPFLAGS/CFLAGS, to prevent problems
during reconfiguring. Also pass '-mno-tls-direct-segment-refs' to libgc
configure, hopefully fixing #385006.
2008-05-15 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add a check for sgen and __thread. Fixes #347171.
2008-05-14 Atsushi Enomoto <>
*, data/, data/dotnet35.pc :
add new package for .net framework 3.5 libs.
2008-05-12 Raja R Harinath <>
* scripts/ Undo 2008-05-08. '2>&1' is not a bash-ism.
2008-05-09 Zoltan Varga <>
* (get-monolite-latest): Create mcs/lib if not existing.
2008-05-08 Robert Jordan <>
* scripts/ Replace bash-ism with `sh' syntax.
2008-05-07 Sebastien Pouliot <>
* data/net_[1_1|2_0]/machine.config: Add entry to remap the public
key used by Silverlight 2.0 platform assemblies. Needed in both
profiles since SN uses 1.0.
2008-05-05 Andreas Färber <>
* Detect ppc64 target architecture.
Contributed unter MIT/X11 license.
2008-04-29 Kornél Pál <>
* Check for sys/utime.h.
* winconfig.h: Define HAVE_SYS_UTIME_H, undef HAVE_UTIME_H.
2008-04-28 Zoltan Varga <>
* Use lowercase for 'integrity of package' for consistency.
2008-04-28 Geoff Norton <>
* Some updates to work with the latest SDK.
2008-04-24 Zoltan Varga <>
* Use the three argument form of AC_DEFINE everywhere since it is
required by autoheader for parameters not in acconfig.h.
* acconfig.h: Removed, all the parameters are defined in now.
2008-04-24 Rodrigo Kumpera <>
* runtime/ (mcs-compileall): Turn on the verifier.
2008-04-18 Wade Berrier <>
* scripts/ Add env var to ignore scanning
of .config files.
Fix extra whitespace when no config reqs are found.
2008-04-17 Zoltan Varga <>
* Enable the valgrind header check on amd64 too.
2008-04-16 Wade Berrier <>
* scripts/ Fix extraneous whitespace that makes
some reqs from .config be on the same line as the monodis reqs.
2008-04-16 Jb Evain <>
*, data/ add a smcs.pc file,
that moonlight can use to locate smcs.exe.
2008-04-11 Atsushi Enomoto <>
* scripts/ : we need genxs2 for generating 2.0 based
2008-04-08 Dean Brettle <>
*, runtime/ create a symlink at
mono/runtime/etc/mono/2.0/Browsers/Compat.browser similar to machine.config
2008-03-26 Massimiliano Mantione <>
* Added PLATFORM_LINUX automake conditional.
2008-03-25 Zoltan Varga <>
* runtime/ (mcs-compileall): Skip net 2.1 assemblies for now.
2008-03-22 Zoltan Varga <>
* Pass CPPFLAGS to libgc configure using ac_configure_args instead
of exporting it. Fixes #373113.
2008-03-20 Geoff Norton <>
2008-03-20 Kornél Pál <>
* Added Windows version macros to CPPFLAGS and export
CPPFLAGS for libgc configure to ensure Windows version compatibility.
* winconfig.h: Added compile-time feature detection and support for
64-bit Windows versions. Updated VERSION to 1.9.
2008-03-19 Zoltan Varga <>
* Fix a typo.
2008-03-17 Geoff Norton <>
* Fix a typo.
2008-03-12 Atsushi Enomoto <>
* scripts/ : added xsd2.
2008-03-12 Geoff Norton <>
* A autogen/make wrapper to define everything to build
mono for the iphone.
* Add support for arm-apple-darwin (iPhone).
2008-03-05 Wade Berrier <>
* scripts/ fix typo so that 'scripts_defaults' scripts get
Fix sed command so that 'scripts_defaults' scripts work.
Add some files to the cleanup list.
2008-03-02 Miguel de Icaza <>
* No need to detect mcs1, as we are going to keep
mcs as the 1.0 compiler and gmcs as the 2.0 compiler. Since
making mcs a 2.0 compiler caused too many problems.
2008-02-29 Miguel de Icaza <>
* Detect if there is an mcs1 command installed as
the external c# compiler, and if this is the compiler, pick this
to bootstrap.
You need to after the first installation of mono
with the new scripts.
2008-02-28 Miguel de Icaza <>
* scripts/ Implement new defaults for the Mono 2.0
release, 2.0 profile executables are now the defaults (al, ilasm,
mkbundle, mono-api-info, monop, resgen, wsdl and mcs).
Old commands running under the 1.0 profile are still available
by having the number 1 appended to their command name (al1,
ilasm1, mcs1, mkbundle1, mono-api-info1, monop1, resgen1, wsdl1).
2008-02-05 Zoltan Varga <>
* runtime/ Update after the changes to mcs/Makefile.
2008-02-03 Zoltan Varga <>
* runtime/ (clean-local): Use mono --wapi=semdel instead of the
nonexistent semdel utility.
* runtime/ Delete.
2008-01-28 Wade Berrier <>
* version bump -> 1.9
2008-01-26 Zoltan Varga <>
* docs/mini-porting.txt: Add some info about the order the JIT regression
tests should be run.
2008-01-26 Daniel Nauck <>
* scripts/ fix compability with the dash shell,
it doesn't like the use of >& without a file descriptor
2008-01-09 Zoltan Varga <>
* runtime/ (mcs-compileall): Remove some whitespace after
a backslash.
2008-01-05 Zoltan Varga <>
* (DIST_SUBDIRS): Use $(eglib_dir) instead of eglib to
fix make dist.
2008-01-05 Andreas Faerber <>
* Add support for building with eglib and VPATH.
Fixes #351893.
2008-01-05 Andreas Faerber <>
* Define eglib_dir.
* Add eglib to subdirectory lists.
2007-12-31 Jonathan Chambers <>
* winconfig.h: Define HAVE_GETPROCESSID.
Contributed under MIT/X11 license.
2007-12-28 Everaldo Canuto <>
* Add support for oprofile.
2007-12-08 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add check for sys/mkdev.h.
2007-12-05 Dick Porter <>
* Define PLATFORM_SOLARIS for solaris builds, needed
by fix for bug 323524.
2007-11-21 Dick Porter <>
* No need to check for glib functions any more
2007-11-19 Atsushi Enomoto <>
* : fix win32 build.
2007-11-16 Zoltan Varga <>
* Make --with-moonlight=yes the default.
2007-11-15 Dick Porter <>
* Check for g_strsplit_set() and g_strv_length()
2007-11-10 Alp Toker <>
* samples/embed/teste.c: Add a newline at the end of this printf()
2007-11-08 Wade Berrier <>
* add sysconfdir for mcs config.make
version bump -> 1.2.6
2007-11-07 Geoff Norton <>
* Add a check for sockaddr_in(6).sin(6)_len
2007-11-05 Geoff Norton <>
with eglib as well
2007-10-30 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ ($(tmpinst)/bin/gmcs): Update rule to point
to location of 'gmcs.exe'.
2007-10-29 Raja R Harinath <>
* (olive_topdir): Look for $olivedir in the source tree.
2007-10-19 Marek Habersack <>
* scripts/ (scripts_2_0): added mconfig to the list
2007-10-09 Wade Berrier <>
* Split up the mono version that goes into Consts.cs
to make sure each segment is no longer than 4 digits.
This allows svn revisions to be used.
2007-10-02 Miguel de Icaza <>
* scripts/mono-test-install: (temp_exe): Add tests for dynamic
libraries that libgdiplus might be missing
Add detection and diagnostics for
broken System.Drawing installations.
2007-09-19 Jb Evain <>
* if there's a olive directory in the same folder
as mono, we now override its config.make, so that we don't build
the olive moonlight assemblies if mono is not build with moonlight
2007-09-18 Andreas Faerber <>
* Add support for building on Linux/ppc64 host.
2007-09-18 Marek Habersack <>
* added additional Makefile to be generated in the
mono/tests/assemblyresolve/ subdir.
2007-09-17 Zoltan Varga <>
* docs/memory-management.txt: A new file describing metadata memory management.
2007-09-14 Jonathan Chambers <>
* winconfig.h: Define WINVER and _WIN32_WINNT for VS
Contributed under MIT/X11 license.
2007-09-14 Jonathan Chambers <>
* winconfig.h: Don't define HAVE_UNISTD_H on MSVC build.
Contributed under MIT/X11 license.
2007-09-03 Atsushi Enomoto <>
* : On windows, require advapi32.dll.
2007-08-23 Robert Jordan <>
* add get|setpriority detection.
Mon Aug 20 15:23:01 CEST 2007 Paolo Molaro <>
* use more symbol renaming fo OSX (bug #82463).
2007-08-20 Jb Evain <>
* scripts/ use --runtime=moonlight instead of
forcing MONO_PATH.
Mon Aug 20 12:34:36 CEST 2007 Paolo Molaro <>
* check for gerusage().
Mon Jul 30 17:59:04 CEST 2007 Paolo Molaro <>
* Enable sigaltstack handling check by default to get
wider testing.
2007-07-26 Jb Evain <>
* scripts/ use smcs.exe.
2007-07-24 Wade Berrier <>
* version bump -> 1.2.5
2007-07-17 Jb Evain <>
* scripts/ new monolinker script.
2007-07-11 Jb Evain <>
* scripts/, scripts/ new smcs script.
2007-07-05 Wade Berrier <>
* scripts/ add special 64bit case for ia64.
(rpm used to provide libname as well as libname()(64bit) on ia64, but
now it only provides the first.)
2007-06-28 Jonathan Pryor <>
* Add a check for `struct utimbuf'; needed by MonoPosixHelper.
2007-06-15 Wade Berrier <>
* scripts/ revert back to using package names
for .config file dep scanning. This is because noarch packages can be
built on either 32 or 64 bit arches, depending on either a 32bit or 64bit
library, which is wrong.
2007-06-13 Randolph Chung <>
* Add hppa-linux target.
Contributed under the X11 license (
2007-06-13 Randolph Chung <>
* Add AM_PROG_AS, needed for handling assembly file
2007-06-09 Wade Berrier <>
* scripts/ use lib name instead of package name
for deps found in .config files. suse's rpmlint prefers it that way.
2007-05-29 Robert Jordan <>
* data/ add mono_win32_compat entries.
2007-05-11 Raja R Harinath <>
* (get-monolite-latest): Redirect wget output too.
2007-05-07 Wade Berrier <>
* scripts/ don't use length() on arrays;
doesn't work on older gawk versions. Calculate size manually instead.
2007-05-07 Raja R Harinath <>
Fix parallel make.
* runtime/ (test-support-file): Remove. Move rules ...
(_tmpinst/bin/mcs, _tmpinst/bin/gmcs, _tmpinst/bin/ilasm): ... here.
Reported by "Stephen A. Jazdzewski" <>
2007-05-05 Wade Berrier <>
* scripts/ don't use 'which' anymore (never solved
anything since it broke symlinks)
* scripts/ also don't use 'which'
Parse .config files to look for native libs. Honor 'os' attributes for
dllmaps. Query rpm db for package that provides this lib. Support 64bit
rpm configurations, as well as 32bit running on 64bit.
2007-04-27 Marek Habersack <>
* data/net_2_0/web.config: use fully qualified assembly names in
2007-04-19 Wade Berrier <>
* version bump -> 1.2.4
2007-04-15 Marek Habersack <>
* data/net_2_0/web.config: add the default build providers
2007-04-06 Andreas Faerber <>
* Added support for Solaris/amd64. Fixes bug #81325
2007-04-06 Marek Habersack <>
* data/net_2_0/machine.config: corrected the xhtmlConformance
entry to reference correct type.
* data/net_2_0/web.config: siteMap must be enabled by
default. Fixes bug #80611
2007-04-05 Marek Habersack <>
* data/browscap.ini: updated to the latest version.
Applied Mono-specific changes.
2007-03-28 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ (PATH): Include _tmpinst/bin. Ensure
that library invocations of 'mcs' and 'gmcs' pick the in-tree versions.
* runtime/ (mcs-do-run-test-profiles): Don't set PATH.
(all-local, install-local): Depend on TEST_SUPPORT_FILES too.
(test-support-files): Move creation of _tmpinst/bin directory ...
($(tmpinst)/bin/mono): ... here.
($(tmpinst)/bin/mbas, $(tmpinst)/bin/pedump): Remove.
(test-support-file): Depend on $(tmpinst)/bin/mono.
2007-03-22 Marek Habersack <>
* data/net_2_0/machine.config: added a few missing sections, added
missing allowDefinition and allowLocation attributes.
2007-03-16 Wade Berrier <>
* version bump -> (RaceToLinux special release)
2007-03-16 Marek Habersack <>
* data/net_2_0/machine.config: added default profile provider
2007-03-15 Marek Habersack <>
* runtime/ add browscap.ini to symlinks
* make sure browscap.ini is symlinked to from
runtime/etc/ so that no web tests that depend on the file's
presence fail.
2007-03-15 Jonathan Chambers <>
* winconfig.h: Don't use MONO_XEN_OPT on windows.
Contributed under MIT/X11 license.
2007-03-14 Marek Habersack <>
* data/net_2_0/machine.config: add two missing section handlers.
2007-03-13 Wade Berrier <>
* msvc/
Update EXTRA_DIST to take into account .vcproj file moves
2007-03-13 Jonathan Chambers <>
* mono.sln, libmono.vcproj, mono.vcproj, genmdesc.vcproj, winsetup.bat,
mono/monodiet.vcproj, mono/pedump.vcproj: Move to msvc directory.
2007-03-13 Jonathan Chambers <>
* libmono.vcproj, mono.vcproj, genmdesc.vcproj, mono/monodiet.vcproj,
mono/pedump.vcproj: Fix Release build target, add define to remove CRT warnings,
structure output folders a bit better, begin WIN64 port, and change
libmono to build a DLL instead of a static library.
* mono.sln: Begin x64 target support.
Fri Mar 9 18:57:47 CET 2007 Paolo Molaro <>
*,, msvc: add msvc directory to the
* msvc/, msvc/mono.def: added def file for exported
2007-03-09 Zoltan Varga <>
* docs/aot-compiler.txt: Update 'future work'.
2007-03-07 Zoltan Varga <>
* docs/aot-compiler.txt: Add into about the PLT.
* docs/aot-compiler.txt: Update a bit to reflect recent changes.
2007-02-24 Raja R Harinath <>
* data/ (odbc32.dll) [os=osx]: Fix misplaced ".
2007-02-20 Wade Berrier <>
* scripts/ Add api-info and api-diff wrappers
2007-02-15 Marek Habersack <>
* data/net_2_0/machine.config: add default provider factories.
2007-02-01 Geoff Norton <>
* Support NetBSD GC.
Thu Feb 1 12:29:23 CET 2007 Paolo Molaro <>
* include LIBS in libmono_ldflags on all archs.
*,, removed extra -lm.
2007-02-01 Miguel de Icaza <>
* Naive attempt at getting -ldl in mono.pc
2007-01-31 Marek Habersack <>
* data/net_2_0/machine.config: prepare the configuration for the
Mainsoft.Web administrative application.
2007-01-31 Atsushi Enomoto <>
* : w32 build fix; add -lwinmm as Tor suggested.
Mon Jan 29 12:04:38 CET 2007 Paolo Molaro <>
put back the flag to export symbols from the binary which is
no more provided by gmodule (thanks to Robert Jordan <>
for noticing).
2007-01-29 Robert Jordan <>
* libmono.vcproj, winconfig.h: Reflect recent changes.
2007-01-12 Gert Driesen <>
* scripts/ Added 'al2'.
2007-01-11 Dick Porter <>
* acconfig.h:
2007-01-11 Marek Habersack <>
* data/net_2_0/machine.config: Added the DbProviderFactories
section, together with the first entry - for SQLite.
2007-01-03 Wade Berrier <>
* scripts/
* scripts/ error out if monodis isn't
functioning properly. Otherwise when building rpms,
the provides/requires isn't generated correctly if monodis
isn't present.
Fixes: bnc #227362
2007-01-01 Miguel de Icaza <>
* (darwin.CPPFLAGS): Temporary workaround for the bug
reported in 77324. When we get a linker script for MacOS we can
take this out, but for now lets keep it in here.
* scripts/ (debug): Add --debug, --no-daemonize and
make sure that this works with 2.0 (wrong binary was being
Fixes: #80309
Mon Dec 18 18:19:50 CET 2006 Paolo Molaro <>
* fixed compiler/linker options when
configuring under hpux/ia64 (patch from
(Warren Smith)).
Mon Dec 18 15:28:49 CET 2006 Paolo Molaro <>
* detection code for dlopen ().
Mon Dec 11 10:23:18 CET 2006 Paolo Molaro <>
*,, */ istall the header
files in a API version specific directory.
2006-12-07 Vladimir Krasnov <>
* data/browscap.ini: added msdomversion for ie6/7,
fixed ecmascriptversion in ie6/7
2006-11-28 Marek Habersack <>
* data/net_2_0/web.config: Added the imported namespaces statement
for ASP.NET compilation.
2006-11-17 Wade Berrier <>
* version bump to 1.2.1
Thu Nov 16 12:59:50 CET 2006 Paolo Molaro <>
* added --disable-mcs-build for use
with embedded systems or other cases where we don't want
or can't to spend time compiling the managed part of the runtime.
2006-11-02 Wade Berrier <>
* version bump to 1.2
2006-11-02 Michael Hutchinson <>
* data/net_2_0/machine.config: defaultProxy section is no longer
necessary, so remove.
2006-11-01 Jonathan Pryor <>
* Add type checks for blkcnt_t, blksize_t, suseconds_t. Some
versions of Mac OS X don't define these, needed by support/map.c.
2006-10-26 Jonathan Pryor <>
* Add type checks for structs pollfd, stat, timeval, timezone.
This is so that support/map.c can use HAVE_STRUCT_... wrappers around
structure conversion functions, allowing them to be omitted from the Win32
2006-10-16 Kornél Pál <>
* libmono.vcproj: Removed unicode.h and unicode.c. Changed absolute
path in AdditionalLibraryDirectories to relative.
2006-10-13 Joe Shaw <>
* samples/size/size.c: Flesh this out quite a bit more so that
its results are more accurate.
* samples/size/sample.cs: Add a few more test cases.
2006-10-12 Zoltan Varga <>
* Disable visibility("hidden") on cygwin as well.
2006-10-10 Zoltan Varga <>
* Get rid of --with-nptl.
Sat Sep 30 12:11:56 CEST 2006 Paolo Molaro <>
* link to libnsl only if needed.
2006-09-19 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ (etc/mono/config): Fix rule to avoid writing
into a symlink created by the 2006-09-13 change below.
2006-09-17 Zoltan Varga <>
* docs/thread-safety.txt: Moved here from mono/metadata.
2006-09-16 Zoltan Varga <>
* Avoid non-static build warning on windows.
2006-09-16 Raja R Harinath <>
Fix srcdir!=builddir issue.
* (runtime/etc/mono/config): Remove erroneous code.
* runtime/ (etc/mono/config): Rename from wrapper-config.
* runtime/ Update.
2006-09-15 Jonathan Pryor <>
* Remove check for setkey(3).
2006-09-13 Jonathan Pryor <>
* Add command to create runtime/etc/mono/config. This is
needed so that programs which use the bootstrap mono build get the
appropriate <dllmap/> entries (in particular, the mono-shlib-cop unit
tests requires that a $prefix/etc/mono/config be present to run).
* runtime/ Create runtime/etc/mono/config.
2006-09-11 Zoltan Varga <>
* mono.vcproj: Fix VC build.
2006-09-01 Zoltan Varga <>
* More alpha updates from Sergey Tikhonov <>.
2006-08-31 Zoltan Varga <>
* samples/embed/test-invoke.vcproj samples/embed/teste.vcproj: Fix include paths for newer glib versions.
* genmdesc.vcproj: Fix include paths for newer glib versions.
* libmono.vcproj: Add further missing sources, fix include paths for newer glib versions.
* libmono.vcproj: Add aot-compiler.c and aot-runtime.c as source files.
* README.vsnet: Fix a typo.
2006-08-31 Zoltan Varga <>
* (PLATFORM_WIN32): Add -mno-cygwin to libmono_cflags/ldflags. Fixes
2006-08-15 Miguel de Icaza <>
* Add support for an altenative version of glib.
2006-08-29 Wade Berrier <>
* Add required CFLAGS for s390[x] (-mbackchain)
2006-08-23 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* check for mkstemp.
2006-08-22 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ (mcs-compileall): Remove mention of Microsoft.VisualBasic.
2006-07-25 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* add check for sys/syscall.h. Remove aio_* detection as
it has not been used for a while now.
2006-07-19 Wade Berrier <>
* scripts/ Remove support for only scanning files in the gac.
The problem is that mono apps are often broken up into subpackages, and deps can only
be resolved if the assemblies are in the gac, even when they sometimes shouldn't be.
2006-07-19 Zoltan Varga <>
* Applied patch from Sergey Tikhonov <>. Beginning
of alpha support.
2006-07-17 Wade Berrier <>
* scripts/ Change rpm requires to >= 1.0.3300.0 instead of
=, since we don't explicitly provide 1.0.3300.0 versions.
2006-07-09 Zoltan Varga <>
* docs/exception-handling.txt: Update libunwind status since it is not really
* docs/exception-handling.txt: Note the changes in the handling of SIGSEGV
received while in native code.
2006-07-04 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add the contents of LIBS to libmono_ldflags on sol-x86 too.
2006-07-01 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add the contents of LIBS to libmono_ldflags instead on solaris.
2006-06-30 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add -lsocket -lnsl to libmono_ldflags on solaris to fix the
mkbundle tests.
2006-06-27 Zoltan Varga <>
* Disable --with-tls=__thread on solaris/x86.
2006-06-24 Zoltan Varga <>
* Always pass CPPFLAGS to libgc configure.
2006-06-22 Sebastien Pouliot <>
* Add the Makefile to create in order to run the CAS
2006-06-14 Sebastien Pouliot <>
* README.vsnet: Make it clear that building Mono under cygwin is a
pre-requirement to using the VS.NET solution (with the supplied
2006-06-01 Zac Bowling <>
*, fix typo breaking build (test instead of text on last
2006-05-24 Andrew Skiba <>
*, runtime/ create a symlink at
mono/runtime/etc/mono/2.0/web.config similar to machine.config
2006-05-24 Raja R Harinath <>
* scripts/ (scripts_1_0, scripts_2_0): Move
nunit-console ...
(scripts_nunit): ... here.
(REWRITE1_DEBUG, REWRITE2_DEBUG): New defines that pass a --debug
to the mono runtime.
(nunit-console, nunit-console2): New targets. Use them.
2006-05-23 Zoltan Varga <>
* libatomic_ops: Remove this, as using it didn't work out.
2006-05-23 Martin Baulig <>
* Disable the debugger if we're not using the
included gc.
2006-05-10 Atsushi Enomoto <>
* data/net_2_0/machine.config : updated webRequestModules,
defaultProxy and connectionManagement handlers.
2006-05-10 Zoltan Varga <>
* Disable usage of visibility(hidden) on solaris x86.
2006-05-07 Zoltan Varga <>
* data/mono.supp: Applied patch from Matt Hargett (
Generalize path to the mono executable.
2006-05-02 Jonathan Chambers <>
* Add oleaut32 on Win32 builds for BSTR support
2006-05-01 Chris Toshok <>
* data/net_2_0/machine.config: add connectionStringName's
parameters to the role/membership providers.
2006-04-30 Raja R Harinath <>
* (mcs-do-clean, mcs-do-compiler-tests): Clean
and run tests in mono/tests too.
2006-04-25 Wade Berrier <>
* scripts/ Only scan files that are in the gac.
This allows packages to contain private assemblies that won't conflict
with other packages. Fixes #144655.
2006-04-21 Alp Toker <>
* scripts/ Usage info fixes:
Lock file was referred to as .log instead of .lock. Fixes #75724.
$0 was in single-quoted, so not interpreted.
2006-04-13 Chris Toshok <>
* data/net_2_0/machine.config: add section listing the
SqlClient provider. Also add system.web section listing the
membership and role providers. This is here instead of in
web.config because the providers are meant to be available to
non-web applications as well.
2006-04-11 Chris Toshok <>
* data/net_2_0/web.config: add the builtin expression builders.
2006-04-11 Gert Driesen <>
* scripts/ (scripts_2_0): Add 'resgen2'.
2006-04-07 Chris Toshok <>
* data/net_2_0/machine.config: oh, and
2006-04-07 Chris Toshok <>
* data/net_2_0/machine.config: add system.web/membership and
system.web/xhtmlConformance config sections.
2006-04-04 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add a check and a helpful error message when 'ar' is not found on solaris.
2006-04-01 Zoltan Varga <>
* data/mono.supp: Add "Use of uninitialized value of size 8" too.
2006-03-31 Massimiliano Mantione <>
* docs/tree-mover.txt: Added tree mover documentation.
Wed, 29 Mar 2006 20:54:05 +0200 Paolo Molaro <>
*, mono/ remove the now unused handles dir
from the build.
2006-03-22 Chris Toshok <>
* data/net_2_0/web.config: add RoleManagerModule to httpModules.
* data/net_2_0/machine.config: add system.web/roleManager section
2006-03-20 Zoltan Varga <>
* libmono.vcproj: Add some newly added source files.
2006-03-17 Zoltan Varga <>
* libmono.vcproj: Remove os/win32/util.h.
2006-03-09 Vladimir Krasnov <>
* Added data/net_1_1/DefaultWsdlHelpGenerator.jvm.aspx
with removed proxy class generation for Grasshopper
2006-03-08 Chris Toshok <>
* data/net_2_0/web.config: add a default siteMap section with the
AspNetXmlSiteMapProvider provider.
* data/net_2_0/machine.config: add system.web/siteMap section
2006-03-03 Zoltan Varga <>
* mono/os: Merge the contents of libmonoos to metadata/assembly.c and
get rid of os/unix and os/win32.
Wed Mar 1 12:37:43 CET 2006 Paolo Molaro <>
* added checks for visibility attribute,
option to disable generics, disabled options string define.
2006-02-27 Raja R Harinath <>
* (runtime/etc/mono/{1.0,2.0}/machine.config):
Fix m4-quoting.
Sat Feb 25 11:53:30 CET 2006 Paolo Molaro <>
* more feature for --enable-minimal flags.
2006-02-24 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* define PLATFORM_BSD.
2006-02-17 Zoltan Varga <>
* Avoid installing mint.pc if mint is not compiled.
2006-02-07 Chris Toshok <>
* data/net_2_0/ (EXTRA_DIST): add web.config
(mono_DATA): same.
* data/net_2_0/machine.config: remove the system.web section from
* data/net_2_0/web.config: and add it here.
2006-02-02 Carlos Alberto Cortez <>
* data/net_2_0/machine.config: Add FtpRequestCreator
to create new instances of System.Net.FtpWebWebRequest.
2006-02-01 Sebastien Pouliot <>
* libmono.vcproj: Added new files to the VS.NET build.
* README.vsnet: Updated VS.NET build instructions.
2006-01-26 Chris Toshok <>
* data/net_2_0/machine.config: ignore runtime and startup
2006-01-25 Chris Toshok <>
* data/net_2_0/machine.config: ignore mscorlib,
system.runtime.remoting, and strongNames sections.
2006-01-25 Chris Toshok <>
* data/net_2_0/machine.config: for system.web, add default
<authorization> section that allows everything. also, add
System.Configuration to system.web/compilation/assemblies.
2006-01-23 Chris Toshok <>
* data/net_2_0/machine.config: add System.Configuration to the
list of assemblies in system.web/compilation.
2006-01-23 Martin Baulig <>
* Added configure check whether the Mono Debugger is
supported on this platform; AC_DEFINE(MONO_DEBUGGER_SUPPORTED) and
also added a `MONO_DEBUGGER_SUPPORTED' automake conditional.
2006-01-13 Raja R Harinath <>
* data/net_2_0/machine.config: Fix a couple of typos in type names.
2006-01-10 Raja R Harinath <>
* scripts/ (scripts_2_0): Add nunit-console2.
2006-01-09 Chris Toshok <>
* data/net_2_0/machine.config: switch over to the 2.0
configuration sections for System.Web and System.Web.Services.
Also, add the configProtectedData stuff so we can encrypt config
2006-01-08 Robert Jordan <>
* man/mkbundle.1: Documented environment variables and Windows issues.
2006-01-06 Jonathan Pryor <>
* data/ s/libintl/intl/g. Mono.Unix.Catalog DllImports "intl"
now, as intl.dll is the file actually shipped/available on Windows.
2006-01-04 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add a CFLAGS_FOR_BUILD autoconf variable.
2006-01-03 Jonathan Pryor <>
* Add check for lutimes(2). Mac OS X doesn't provide this.
2005-12-28 Kornél Pál <>
* runtime/ (all-local): Enclose CC by apostrophes to fix
build when CC contains spaces.
2005-12-27 Jonathan Pryor <>
* Add check for <sys/mman.h>. Fixes #77091.
Thanks to Ben Gamari for the patch.
2005-12-26 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add support for solaris/x86.
* runtime/ (all-local): Pass CC to the mcs makefile.
2005-12-21 Wade Berrier <>
* use $prefix/lib instead of $libdir,
otherwise the cairo.dll can't be found on 64 bit architectures
2005-12-18 Raja R Harinath <>
* (config.make): Don't blindly copy over $INSTALL,
since it can be relative to the mono tree. Use the same trick as
ac_INSTALL, but against an absolute path.
2005-12-16 Wade Berrier <>
This caused some weird monodis linking errors
2005-12-12 Mike Kestner <>
* pkgconfig support for Mono.Cairo. Mono.Cairo.dll
and this file can be extracted post-build to be packaged separately
on win32.
* expand mono-cairo.pc
* dist and install mono-cairo.pc
2005-12-01 Jonathan Pryor <>
* Check for setkey(3) in -lcrypt and define CRYPT_LIBS
2005-12-01 Mike Kestner <>
* scripts/ support policy assemblies.
2005-11-29 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
2005-11-24 Dick Porter <>
* Test for GetProcessId() on windows
2005-11-21 Raja R Harinath <>
* scripts/ (bin_SCRIPTS): Move 'gmcs' to ...
(scripts_2_0): ... here.
(gmcs): Remove special-case rule.
2005-11-09 Michael Hutchinson <>
* data/net_1_1/machine.config, data/net_2_0/machine.config: Set
default values for http proxy
2005-11-07 Zoltan Varga <>
* docs/jit-regalloc: Merge forgotten documentation updates from
the mini-xp-local-regalloc branch.
2005-10-28 Wade Berrier <>
*,, Make these relocatable.
* scripts:
Make all the wrappers relocatable.
2005-10-21 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add test for execinfo.h.
2005-10-20 Raja R Harinath <>
* (DISTCHECK_CONFIGURE_FLAGS): New. Make 'distcheck'
compile with the 'monolite' in the distribution tarball.
(compiler-tests-net_2_0): Avoid deleting
2005-10-20 Robert Jordan <>
* data/net_2_0/machine.config: Added IPC channel templates.
2005-10-11 John Luke <>
* man/monop.1: update for new monop options
2005-10-04 Zoltan Varga <>
* Fix up problems with the latest libtool on win32.
2005-10-04 Zoltan Varga <>
* Remove 'Globalization:' entry from final message.
2005-09-27 Raja R Harinath <>
* (BUILD_MCS): New automake conditional. Used to
disable building the mcs/ tree if cross-compiling.
(CROSS_COMPILING): New automake conditional.
($mcsdir/build/config.make): Don't clobber when cross-compiling.
Define even when cross-compiling.
* runtime/ (all-local, install, uninstall, clean-local):
Disable building in the mcs/ tree if !BUILD_MCS.
2005-09-22 Raja R Harinath <>
* (MONO_VERSION): Emit it into config.make. Don't
build Consts.cs.
2005-09-19 Zoltan Varga <>
* docs/exception-handling.txt: Add section about libunwind.
* docs/exception-handling.txt: New file.
2005-09-16 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ (all-local, install-exec, uninstall)
(mcs-do-test-profiles, mcs-do-run-test-profiles, mcs-compileall):
Don't call semdel-wrapper.
2005-09-06 Chris Toshok <>
* data/browscap.ini: Add the ecmascriptversion/w3cdomversion
attributes required for ASP.Net client side validation to the
capabilities for Mozilla 1.[78], IE 5.5 & 6.0, Safari, and Firefox
0.9 & 1.0 browsers.
2005-08-26 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add ability to cross-compile from linux to win32.
2005-08-26 Kornél Pál <>
* Generating Consts.cs from instead of MonoVersion.cs.
2005-08-25 Zoltan Varga <>
* Use CC instead of gcc for __thread tests.
2005-08-25 Zoltan Varga <>
* Pass --enable-win32-dllmain to libgc configure. Build the runtime as a dll under windows.
2005-08-24 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add -lunwind to ldflags on IA64.
2005-08-22 Zoltan Varga <>
* Patch libtool to get rid of 'cyg' prefixes in library names.
2005-08-11 Zoltan Varga <>
* libmono.vcproj: Fix VC build.
Thu Aug 4 19:55:33 BST 2005 Paolo Molaro <>
* enable the ARM jit port.
2005-08-02 Zoltan Varga <>
* acconfig.h Applied patch from Julien Puydt ( Add check for IPV6_PKTINFO.
2005-07-19 Zoltan Varga <>
* Fix definition of LIBC for ia64.
2005-07-12 Daniel Drake <>
* Add check for libattr's <attr/attr.h>
2005-07-11 Raja R Harinath <>
* scripts/ Add @framework_version@ blank.
* scripts/ Remove.
* scripts/ Update. Use wsdl.exe for wsdl2 and
monop.exe for monop2.
2005-07-04 Raja R Harinath <>
* (EXTRA_DIST): Distribute
(noinst_DATA): Build mono-uninstalled.pc.
* (Libs): Avoid ${pc_top_builddir}.
(Cflags): Likewise. Let $(srcdir) to be absolute.
2005-07-03 Ben Maurer <>
* scripts/ (bin2_SCRIPTS): Add monop2
2005-07-01 Daniel Drake <>
* Add check for FreeBSD's sys/extattr.h
2005-07-01 Raja R Harinath <>
Avoid resource leakage on 'make clean' (see #75424).
* (AC_CONFIG_FILES): Add runtime/semdel-wrapper.
* runtime/ New.
* runtime/ (clean-local): Use the semdel program before
nuking the .wapi directory.
(noinst_SCRIPTS): Add semdel-wrapper.
(MYDISTFILES, distdir): Use automake variable to get the list of
files to distribute.
(all-local, install-exec, uninstall): Call semdel-wrapper.
(mcs-do-test-profiles, mcs-do-run-test-profiles, mcs-compileall):
2005-06-27 Geoff Norton <>
* Add support for X86 darwin.
2005-06-22 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add support for ia64.
2005-06-20 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* enabled the use of mmap/munmap for solaris and linux.
It seems to help with memory usage.
2005-06-15 Ben Maurer <>
* Another attempt at the portable "find"
Hopefully, this one has no code paths where we are worse off than
what we had before any of this mess.
* What I hope is a more portable version hack.
2005-06-14 Ben Maurer <>
* echo the version number to
mcs/build/common/MonoVersion.cs. This allows us to not need to
update AssemblyInfo.cs every time we bump the version number.
* pc file that handles mono when it is not
installed. This lets us have mkbundle work inside the tree.
* Create the .pc file above.
2005-06-13 Jonathan Pryor <>
* man/mono-shlib-cop.1: Add man page for mono-shlib-cop program.
2005-06-13 Jonathan Pryor <>
* data/ Fix generated XML.
2005-06-13 Jonathan Pryor <>
* scripts/ Add mono-shlib-cop.
2005-06-09 Ben Maurer <>
* Handle more gracefully if objdump or X isn't
there. Warn the user about possible breakage.
2005-06-08 Ben Maurer <>
* read the SONAME from libX11. This is the same
thing as will be used by a shared library, so it will really
This will have us get rather than
2005-06-07 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* make automake 1.9 happy about LARGE_FILES.
2005-06-06 Jonathan Pryor <>
* Add checks for mremap, remap_file_pages.
2005-06-06 Ben Maurer <>
* Remove. This is horribly out of date. A real spec
file is generated in the release module.
* scripts/ Add mono-find-*
* scripts/mono-find-*.in: provides/requires stuff for rpm is now
done with monodis. This makes packaging easier as it doesn't
depend on the gac ind DESTDIR.
* changes for the above
2005-05-30 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* added test for SIOCGIFCONF.
2005-05-26 Sebastien Pouliot <>
* README.vsnet: Instructions about the VS.NET build.
* mono.sln: Mono solution file for VS.NET 2005.
* genmdesc.vcproj: Project file for genmdesc.
* libmono.vcproj: Project file for libmono.
* mono.vcproj: Project file for mono executable.
2005-05-25 Ben Maurer <>
* Do a test for that really works :-).
2005-05-22 Ben Maurer <>
* Add config stuff for libsqlite{,3} and
* data/ Add dllmaps for above mentioned libs. This means
that the devel packages are not needed.
2005-05-17 Zoltan Varga <>
* man/mono.1: Document the new MONO_DEBUG options.
2005-05-16 Raja R Harinath <>
* (AC_OUTPUT): Add mono/arch/ia64/Makefile.
2005-05-08 Ben Maurer <>
* scripts/ (bin_SCRIPTS): monoresgen.exe is not
installed, therefore, don't make a script for it.
2005-05-05 Zoltan Varga <>
* Applied patch from Jakub Bogusz <>.
Fix library names on sparc-linux and alpha-linux.
2005-05-04 Zoltan Varga <>
* runtime/ Pass the prefix to the mcs makefiles.
2005-04-28 James Willcox <>
* man/mkbundle.1: add --config-dir flag
2005-04-27 Raja R Harinath <>
2005-04-25 Ben Maurer <>
* Version bumpage
2005-04-25 Raja R Harinath <>
Fix #74692.
* ($mcsdir/build/config.make): Point RUNTIME and
ILDISASM to the in-tree versions of mono and monodis. Propagate
value of INSTALL to mcs too.
* runtime/ Avoid passing RUNTIME and ILDISASM to each
sub-make, now that 'configure' sets up the 'mcs' tree.
2005-04-23 Zoltan Varga <>
* doc: Remove unused directory.
* Remove --with-icu option to prevent people from using
it by mistake.
2005-04-21 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ Update. Pass 'monodis-wrapper' as ILDISASM
to sub-makes.
(mcs-compileall): Verify the fixed-up dll too.
* runtime/ New file.
* (runtime/monodis-wrapper): Create.
($mcsdir/build/config.make): Don't be over-eager in the definition
and evaluation of '$exec_prefix'.
2005-04-20 Rafael Teixeira <>
* data/net_1_1/machine.config, data/net_2_0/machine.config:
added ' explicit="true" strict="false" ' to system.web/compilation
element as in MS. Part of fix for Bug #74671
2005-04-19 Jonathan Pryor <>
* Add check for <sys/xattr.h>.
Thanks to Daniel Drake <> for the patch.
2005-04-18 Zoltan Varga <>
* Applied another freebsd patch from Bill Middleton (
2005-04-16 Miguel de Icaza <>
* (PTHREAD_POINTER_ID): Patch from Jonathan Pryor to
fix the Mono build on Solaris (bug #72818)
2005-04-16 Bill Middleton <>
* (PREVIEW): Allow --without-preview to work.
From #74615.
2005-04-15 Zoltan Varga <>
* Applied another freebsd patch from Bill Middleton (
2005-04-14 Raja R Harinath <>
* mono/ (DIST_SUBDIRS): Add 'handles' directory.
* (AC_OUTPUT): Add back 'mono/handles' directory.
2005-04-13 Raja R Harinath <>
* (AC_OUTPUT): Remove 'mono/handles' directory.
2005-04-12 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* added checks for epoll().
2005-04-12 Geoff Norton <>
* Disable -O2 on PPC until #74562 is fixed.
2005-04-11 James Willcox <>
* man/mkbundle.1: add --static option
2005-04-11 Zoltan Varga <>
* Applied some freebsd patch from Bill Middleton <>.
2005-04-09 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add --with-large-heap option to enable support for
GC heaps larger than 3GB. Hopefully fixes #73882.
2005-04-08 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* define FD_SETSIZE=1024 on windows (the default is only
64). Re-add aio_* stuff. Shouldn't have removed it.
2005-04-07 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* no more checks for aio_*.
2005-04-05 Zoltan Varga <>
* Fix isinf detection on solaris.
2005-04-02 Raja R Harinath <>
* (pkg_config_path): Rename from PKG_PATH. Fix build
with pkgconfig 0.16.0.
2005-04-01 Zoltan Varga <>
* Fix sigaltstack detection on solaris.
2005-03-27 Raja R Harinath <>
* Define mono_libdir using $(exec_prefix), seeing
that it uses .../lib.
2005-03-26 Ben Maurer <>
* Use mono_libdir rather than libdir in
config.make. This fixes confusion for amd builds in buildbuddy.
*, */ fix up lib/lib64 type stuff
2005-03-24 Raja R Harinath <>
* (libgdiplus): Make more intuitive.
* runtime/ (wrapper-config): Remove temporary file.
Update to change.
2005-03-23 Raja R Harinath <>
Allow testing of System.Drawing with a libgdiplus snapshot.
* (libgdiplus): New --with-libgdiplus option. Allow
the location of libgdiplus to be overridden.
* runtime/ (wrapper-config): Override location of
libgdiplus if requested.
2005-03-14 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ (clean_profiles): Remove.
(clean-local): Use $(build_profiles).
(install-local, uninstall-local): Don't override $(prefix).
(SUPPORT_FILES): New. List of dependencies from ...
(all-local): ... here. Use it.
(install-local): Depend on $(SUPPORT_FILES).
2005-03-02 Zoltan Varga <>
* docs/aot-compiler.txt: Add some more documentation.
2005-02-25 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ (centum_nunit_tests): Remove. The
functionality has been moved to mcs/Makefile.
(test_select): Set ONLY_CENTUM_TESTS.
Thu Feb 24 15:16:18 CET 2005 Paolo Molaro <>
* add a check for compiler support of the
tls_model sttribute.
Mon Feb 21 17:14:34 CET 2005 Paolo Molaro <>
* don't imply that enabling ICU support is a good
thing to do.
2005-02-21 Michal Moskal <>
Raja R Harinath <>
* Emit exec_prefix and libdir into mcs/build/config.make.
2005-02-17 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ (cur_dir_cmd): New. Use cygpath to get the
current directory in non-Cygwin form.
value on cygwin.
(mcs-compileall): Use them.
2005-02-15 Raja R Harinath <>
* scripts/ ($(bin_SCRIPTS)): Depend on Makefile, so
that it picks up any changes in $prefix.
($(bin2_SCRIPTS)): Likewise.
2005-02-13 Zoltan Varga <>
* scripts/dtd2xsd: Remove generated file from SVN.
2005-02-12 Cesar Lopez Nataren <>
* scripts/ (bin_SCRIPTS): added mjs
2005-02-12 Ben Maurer <>
* runtime/ (centum_nunit_tests): Add corlib! Thanks to
nickd, miguel, et al.
2005-02-07 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add -Wdeclaration-after-statement option to CFLAGS if
gcc supports it to weed out pre ISO C99 code.
2005-02-07 Lluis Sanchez Gual <>
* data/net_1_1/DefaultWsdlHelpGenerator.aspx:
* data/net_2_0/DefaultWsdlHelpGenerator.aspx: Don't use databinding where
not needed.
2005-02-04 Zoltan Varga <>
* Check for curses.h.
2005-02-04 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* define SOLARIS_CURSES when compiling for *solaris.
* mono/metadata/console-io.c: <curses.h> is needed by term.h on solaris.
2005-02-04 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ (wrapper-config): Elevated from being a test
support file called $(tmpinst)/config.
($(tmpinst)/bin/mono): Simplify.
(mcs-do-compiler-tests,mcs-compileall): Update.
* runtime/ Use wrapper-config.
* (DIST_SUBDIRS): Sync with $(SUBDIRS).
* runtime/ (verify_profiles): Remove.
(mcs-compileall): Use $(build_profiles) directly. It now works on
the net_2_0 profile too.
2005-02-01 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ (test-support-files): New target.
(mcs-do-compiler-tests): Use it.
(mcs-compileall): Likewise. Set MONO_PATH. Remove
reference to #71963, since it's fixed, and it's breaking elsewhere.
Don't exit out on the first failing DLL.
($(tmpinst)/config): Update to changes in data/
2005-01-31 Jonathan Pryor <>
* data/ Add libraries msvcrt and MonoPosixHelper for use by
2005-01-31 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* check for term.h and termios.h
2005-01-30 Zoltan Varga <>
* runtime/ (mcs-compileall): Disable this for the 2.0
profile because of bug #71963.
2005-01-28 Zoltan Varga <>
* runtime/ (mcs-compileall): New test to compile all methods
in our assemblies.
2005-01-25 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ ($(tmpinst)/config): New test support file.
Map 'MonoPosixHelper' to in-tree version.
($(tmpinst)/bin/mono): Use it.
(mcs-do-run-test-profiles): Use $(tmpinst)/bin/mono as the RUNTIME.
2005-01-20 Jonathan Pryor <>
* runtime/ (centum_nunit_tests): Add class/Mono.Posix and
class/System, both of which pass all their unit tests.
2005-01-20 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ (centum_nunit_tests): New. List of NUnit
tests that are currently passing 100%.
(test_select): Run those on 'make check'.
2005-01-20 Atsushi Enomoto <>
* : removed which has been 404 for a while.
2005-01-19 Zoltan Varga <>
* (DIST_SUBDIRS): Distribute ikvm-native.
2005-01-15 Zoltan Varga <>
* scripts/ (bin_SCRIPTS): Remove whitespace after \.
2005-01-13 Zoltan Varga <>
* Resurrect ikvm-jni.
* ikvm-native: New directory which contains a copy of the 'native'
module in IKVM cvs.
2005-01-05 Jonathan Pryor <>
* Add check for <checklist.h>.
2005-01-04 Jonathan Pryor <>
* Add check for vsnprintf.
2005-01-04 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ (TEST_SUPPORT_FILES): Add $(tmpinst)/bin/mono.
($(tmpinst)/bin/mono): New.
2005-01-03 Ben Maurer <>
* Add mono-nunit to output
2005-01-03 Jonathan Pryor <>
* Change build order so that support is built before runtime.
This is primarily so that I don't have to wait N hours for mcs to finish
building to find out if I broke the sparc build (again).
2005-01-03 Jonathan Pryor <>
* Add checks for getdomainname and setdomainname.
2005-01-03 Jonathan Pryor <>
* Add checks for <fstab.h> and <sys/vfstab.h>.
2005-01-02 Zoltan Varga <>
* ikvm-jni Remove ikvm-jni, since IKVM CVS
now includes its own version.
2004-12-29 Duncan Mak <>
* man/monop.1: Add docs on the new "--search" flag.
2004-12-28 Jonathan Pryor <>
* Add header & function checks for MonoPosixHelper.
2004-12-20 Raja R Harinath <>
* Change from 'pax' format to 'ustar' format for the
tarfile, so that we can create packages on SuSE 9.0.
2004-12-15 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* isinf can be a macro and the test from AC_CHECK_FUNCTION
#undefines it before testing...
2004-12-15 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* check for ieeefp.h and isinf.
2004-12-15 Raja R Harinath <>
* ($mcsdir/build/config.make): Use $mcsdir relative
to the $srcdir. Fix definition of 'prefix'.
2004-12-14 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ (MONO_SHARED_DIR): Set. Ensures that
state isn't shared between an installed runtime and the in-tree
runtime, and also ensure that both 'make check' and 'make
distcheck' can run in parallel.
* runtime/ (clean-local): Remove the .wapi directory.
2004-12-09 Raja R Harinath <>
* README: Update with details about the new build setup.
2004-12-08 Raja R Harinath <>
* (get-monolite-latest): Update to new location of
bootstrap files in the mcs/ tree.
2004-12-07 Raja R Harinath <>
* Set 'tar-pax' option for automake-1.9.
2004-12-07 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ (uninstall): New.
2004-12-06 Zoltan Varga <>
* Disable -Wcast-align on sparc.
Mon Dec 6 15:00:53 CET 2004 Paolo Molaro <>
* add option to disable some features of
the runtime to create a smaller binary.
2004-12-03 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ (check-local): Use it to disable nunit
tests. Ensure that the test dlls are always built, however.
2004-12-03 Raja R Harinath <>
* (dist-hook): Ensure we use the 'default' profile.
* mono/ (HANDLES): New. Disable 'handles' dir on Win32.
(SUBDIRS): Use it. Move 'cil' before 'metadata'.
* runtime/ (install-exec): Pass
2004-12-01 Neale Ferguson <>
* : Add a flag for systems which pass parameters in
registers as well as the stack.
2004-11-30 Raja R Harinath <>
* (AC_OUTPUT): Move runtime/Makefile to the end to
workaround a bug in automake 1.7.x.
* runtime/ ($(symlinks)): Don't depend on config.status.
2004-11-27 Miguel de Icaza <>
* Removed support for configured-based bundles.
2004-11-26 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ ($(symlinks)): Depend on config.status too.
* (runtime/etc/mono/1.0/machine.config): Use custom
command to create.
(runtime/etc/mono/2.0/machine.config): Likewise.
* (get-monolite-latest): Update to new style of
handling the "basic" profile.
2004-11-25 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ (all-local): Make mcs/ tree writeable if
(distdir): New. Using 'cygnus' option disables the automake rule.
2004-11-25 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ (check-local): Use $(mkinstalldirs).
2004-11-24 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ (AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS): Set to 'cygnus'.
Prevent a redundant 'make all' pass during 'make check'.
(build_profiles): Rename from install_profiles.
(check_profiles): New.
(TEST_SUPPORT_FILES): Don't include 'gmcs' if we're not building
the .NET2.0 profile.
(all-local,check-local): Use them.
(install,install-exec,install-data): Override automake rules to
prevent a redundant 'make all' pass.
2004-11-23 Chris Toshok <>
* (bootstrap): echo -> @echo.
2004-11-23 Raja R Harinath <>
Simplify 'make all' build.
* (mono_build_root, mono_runtime, mono_cfg_dir):
New AC_SUBSTed variables.
(runtime/mono-wrapper): New generated file.
(runtime/etc/mono/1.0/machine.config, runtime/etc/mono/2.0/machine.config):
New symlinks.
(AC_OUTPUT): Don't mention runtime/net_1_1 and runtime/net_2_0.
* (SUBDIRS): Remove '.'.
(tmpinst): Remove.
(get-monolite-latest): Update.
(populate-runtime-subdirs): Remove.
(all-local, check-local): Move rules related to building in the mcs/ tree ...
* runtime/ ... here. Completely re-write file.
(install-exec-local): Transfer ownership of installing .exes and
.dlls to the Makefiles in the mcs/ tree.
(_tmpinst): Use tmpinst tree only during testing.
(SUBDIRS): Remove.
* runtime/ New. Template for generated file.
* runtime/net_1_1/, runtime/net_2_0/ Remove.
2004-11-22 Raja R Harinath <>
* (bootstrap): Add a transitional target.
2004-11-19 Raja R Harinath <>
Integrate bootstrap build into 'make all'. Most of the bootstrap
targets are gone.
* (SUBDIRS): Build current directory before 'runtime'.
(tmpinst): Change location.
(all-local): New. Just invokes the build in mcs.
(check-local): New. Invokes 'run-test-profiles' in mcs.
(get-monolite-latest): Update. Move the unpacking code here,
since 'monolite-bootstrap' is no more.
(mcs-do-full-build): Don't set PATH.
(tmpinst-dir-contents): Remove mcs.
($(tmpinst)/bin/mcs): Now used only during 'make check'.
($(tmpinst)/bin/mono): Don't set MONO_PATH.
* README: Update to changes.
2004-11-18 Zoltan Varga <>
* Disable static linking of mono if --disable-static is
given. Fixes #69466.
2004-11-15 Martin Baulig <>
* runtime/net_2_0/ (gac_assemblies_list): Added Mono.C5.
Fri Nov 12 17:56:26 CET 2004 Paolo Molaro <>
*, mono/mini/ control static
linking of the mono binary with a configure option.
2004-11-12 Jonathan Pryor <>
* Check for `struct dirent' members which don't
exist across all Unix platforms.
2004-11-08 Jonathan Pryor <>
* Add new function/header/type checks for use by
MonoPosixHelper (the support directory).
2004-11-08 Raja R Harinath <>
* (mcs_topdir, mcs_topdir_from_srcdir): New 'subst'ed
variables. Used to support both an in-tree mcs/ and a sibling
mcs/ directory.
* (mcs_topdir): Remove.
(dist-hook): Distribute mcs/ as a subdirectory.
* runtime/ ($(monoone_DATA) $(monotwo_DATA) $(monobins_DATA)):
Use mcs_topdir and mcs_topdir_from_srcdir.
* runtime/net_1_1/ (mscorlib.dll $(gac_assemblies) $(mdb_files)):
(all-local): Depend on $(mdb_files) too.
* runtime/net_2_0/ Likewise.
2004-11-05 Zoltan Varga <>
* runtime/net_2_0/ (install-data-local):
* runtime/net_1_1/ (install-data-local): Applied patch
from Götz Waschk ( Make this work
2004-10-31 Zoltan Varga <>
* Fix up --with-jit=no so it actually works. Fixes
2004-10-29 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* man/mono.1: documented MONO_THREADS_PER_CPU.
2004-10-29 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add INCLUDED_LIBGC automake conditional.
2004-10-24 Jonathan Pryor <>
* man/mono.1: Add documentation for the MONO_TRACE environment variable.
2004-10-14 Joe Shaw <>
* man/mono.1: Fix the syntax of the M: trace syntax
2004-10-10 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add some checks for cygwin weirdness.
2004-10-08 Zoltan Varga <>
* support/ (libMonoPosixHelper_la_SOURCES): Do not build
zlib_macros if zlib.h is not found.
* Add check for zlib.h.
2004-09-28 Neale Ferguson <>
* mini-s390.c: Fix AND_IMM/OR_IMM/DIV_IMM/REM_IMM
2004-09-28 Raja R Harinath <>
* ($(tmpinst)/bin/pedump): New.
(mcs-do-run-test-profiles): Depend on it.
2004-09-27 Raja R Harinath <>
* (mono-do-testjit): New target, unused for now. Runs
the mono testsuite in tests/.
(tmpinst-dir): Create etc/mono/2.0.
($(tmpinst)/bin/ilasm, $(tmpinst)/etc/mono/2.0/machine.config): New.
2004-09-21 Neale Ferguson <>
* Cater for S/390 on Linux
2004-09-21 <>
* Link with ole32 on windows.
2004-09-20 Jackson Harper <>
* support/map.c/h: Add poll events map functions. Use values
instead of names for defines.
2004-09-17 Martin Baulig <>
* (mcs-do-compiler-tests): Reverted Raja's latest
change in this target.
2004-09-14 Raja R Harinath <>
* (mcs-do-full-build): Pass NO_SIGN_ASSEMBLIES=yes to
reduce the number of passes. We will get the assemblies signed in
the 'populate-runtime-subdir' phase.
(mcs-do-run-test-profiles): Rename from mcs-do-run-tests. Use
'test-profiles' to test all profiles.
(mcs-do-compiler-tests): Use 'compiler-tests' target in mcs/.
(bootstrap-check): Update.
* runtime/ ($(monoone_DATA) $(monotwo_DATA) $(monobins_DATA)):
2004-09-10 Zoltan Varga <>
* (populate-runtime-subdir): Avoid -path argument to find
since it is not supported on solaris.
2004-09-03 Martin Baulig <>
* (bootstrap-world): New target.
2004-09-02 Martin Baulig <>
* runtime/net_1_1/ (install-data-local): Install
mscorlib.dll.mdb into $(corlibdir).
* runtime/net_2_0/ Likewise.
2004-08-30 Zoltan Varga <>
* scripts/ Remove obsolete comment.
2004-08-27 Lluis Sanchez Gual <>
* data/net_1_1/DefaultWsdlHelpGenerator.aspx: Little fix.
* data/net_2_0/DefaultWsdlHelpGenerator.aspx: Added information about
basic profile compliance.
* data/net_2_0/machine.config: Use 2.0 assembly versions.
2004-08-26 Raja R Harinath <>
* (mcs-do-run-test): Depend on '$(tmpinst)/bin/mbas'.
($(tmpinst)/bin/mbas): Create temporary wrapper file, so that the
testcases pick the built 'mbas.exe'.
2004-08-17 Zoltan Varga <>
* mono/os/gc_wrapper.h: Only use thread local alloc if using the included libgc, since the
stock one has broken headers.
* (PLATFORM_WIN32): Make the included libgc the default on windows.
2004-08-17 Dick Porter <>
* Correct intl library for FreeBSD and OpenBSD.
Fixes bug 62884, patch by Tom McLaughlin (
2004-08-16 Zoltan Varga <>
* Set new automake variable LIBGC_STATIC_LIBS.
2004-08-14 Zoltan Varga <>
__thread works.
2004-08-11 Zoltan Varga <>
* Fix __thread test.
2004-08-07 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add proper checks for the 'undefined reference to '__tls_get_addr' problem.
2004-08-06 Geoff Norton <>
* Add a kqueue check
2004-08-03 Neale Ferguson <>
* Enable S/390 64-bit JIT.
2004-07-31 Zoltan Varga <>
* Enable AMD64 JIT.
2004-07-30 Martin Baulig <>
* The symbol writer is now called
2004-07-30 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ (monoone_DATA): Add mcs.exe.config.
(gmcs_exe): Add gmcs.exe.config.
($(monoone_DATA) $(monotwo_DATA) ...): Add location of the .config
files too.
2004-07-29 Lluis Sanchez Gual <>
* Copy machine.config in the correct _tmpinst subdirectory.
2004-07-28 Lluis Sanchez Gual <>
* Added data/net_1_1 and data/net_2_0 to the build.
* data/ Removed installation of machine.config and
DefaultWsdlHelpGenerator.aspx. Those now are in a version-specific
* data/net_1_1/, data/net_2_0/ new makefiles for
installing 1.1 and 2.0 makefiles.
* runtime/net_1_1/, runtime/net_2_0/ Install mscorlib
at the correct version specific directory.
2004-07-27 John Merryweather Cooper <>
* Disable __thread test (TLS) for FreeBSD as
it succeeds on FreeBSD 5.x when it should fail. Fix pthread
library detection for FreeBSD 4.x since pthread is embedded
in libc_r on this platform. Fix some typos in my host
regexes for freebsd.
2004-07-23 Dick Porter <>
* Changes for FreeBSD thread support by John
Merryweather Cooper <>.
2004-07-15 Jackson Harper <>
* man/gacutil.1: MONO_GAC_PREFIX not MONO_GAC_PATH
2004-07-12 Massimiliano Mantione <>
* docs/abc-removal.txt: Updated documentation for ABC removal.
2004-07-12 Massimiliano Mantione <>
* mono/mini/abcremoval.c: Rewritten most of ABC removal.
* mono/mini/abcremoval.h: Rewritten most of ABC removal.
* mono/mini/ Deleted (unneeded after the rewrite).
* mono/mini/propagated_relations_table.def: Deleted (unneeded after the rewrite).
2004-07-03 Zoltan Varga <>
* Add --with-tls option to replace the misnamed
--with-nptl option.
2004-07-02 Raja R Harinath <>
* (mcs-do-basic-build, mcs-do-short-build):
Pass NO_SIGN_ASSEMBLY=yes to sub-make.
($(tmpinst)/bin/mono) [PLATFORM_WIN32]: Make it work.
2004-07-02 Zoltan Varga <>
* man/mono.1: Added 'aot' to trace options.
2004-06-30 Zoltan Varga <>
* Fix trunc check + add SPARC64 defines.
2004-06-29 Jackson Harper <>
* man/gacutil.1: Update man with new command line options.
2004-06-29 Raja R Harinath <>
Atsushi Enomoto <>
* runtime/net_1_1/ (GAC_ROOT_DIR): Renamed from GAC_DIR.
(GAC_DIR): New define that doesn't include $(DESTDIR).
(install-data-local,uninstall-local): Use them. Use in-tree mono
runtime, not the installed one.
2004-06-29 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ (gmcs_exe): New. Set only if not W32.
(monotwo_DATA): Use it.
From Atsushi Enomoto.
2004-06-24 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/net_2_0/ (gac_assemblies_list): Put back
ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib, not that it has a different version.
2004-06-24 Raja R Harinath <>
* (MCS_DIRS, MCS_FILES): Add back Mono.CSharp.Debugger.
(tmpinst-dir-contents, $(tmpinst)/bin/mono.bat): Remove mono.bat
in W32. Use 'mono' and 'mcs' in W32 too.
(bootstrap) [PLATFORM_WIN32]: Back to single stage bootstrap.
* runtime/net_2_0/ (gac_assemblies_list): Don't mention
nunit.*, IBM.Data.DB2, ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.
Fix for #60443, the GAC .DLL-Hell.
2004-06-22 Raja R Harinath <>
* (bootstrap) [PLATFORM_WIN32]: Make two-stage.
2004-06-18 Jackson Harper <>
* man/mono.1: Add MONO_LOG_LEVEL and MONO_LOG_MASK. Add
instructions on setting multiple mask values.
Fri Jun 18 19:39:09 CEST 2004 Paolo Molaro <>
* process data before runtime, so the config file is
installed and gacutil has a chance to work (finding symlink).
2004-06-18 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ ($(monoone_DATA) $(monotwo_DATA) $(monobins_DATA)):
Test if files exist in the mcs/ tree before creating symlinks.
Remove symlinks before creating them again.
* runtime/net_1_1/ (mscorlib.dll $(gac_assemblies)): Likewise.
* runtime/net_2_0/ (mscorlib.dll $(gac_assemblies)): Likewise.
2004-06-18 Raja R Harinath <>
* scripts/ (REWRITE): New. Common rewriting 'sed' command.
(bin_SCRIPTS): Unify all the script generating rules into one.
2004-06-16 Raja R Harinath <>
* (bootstrap) [PLATFORM_WIN32]: Open code. Don't
build and populate net_2_0 profile.
(populate-runtime-subdir): Make into subroutine that takes list of
profiles to populate.
(faststrap): Update.
Avoid automake conditional/+= problems.
(populate-runtime-subdir): Rewrite sanity check.
2004-06-16 Raja R Harinath <>
Include prototype completely-untested 'make bootstrap' support for W32.
* (bootstrap): Define to fasterstrap for W32.
(MCS_DIRS, MCS_FILES): Don't refer to Mono.CSharp.Debugger in W32.
(tmpinst-dir): Change sub-make invoke to ...
(tmpinst-dir-contents): ... this. Build 'mono.bat' in W32 instead
of 'mono' and 'mcs'.
($(tmpinst)/bin/mono.bat): New.
2004-06-15 Dick Porter <>
* Check for struct ip_mreqn and struct ip_mreq on
windows too. Fixes bug 55040.
Mon Jun 14 18:38:34 CEST 2004 Paolo Molaro <>
* better explain that --with-nptl is not related to
NPTL, but to __thread support. Set sigaltstack support to off by
2004-06-12 Raja R Harinath <>
* (populate-runtime-subdir): Add _tmpinst directory
to the PATH.
2004-06-11 Jackson Harper <>
* runtime/net_2_0/
* runtime/net_1_1/ Remove signing patches
2004-06-11 Jackson Harper <>
* man/mono.1: Add documentation for MONO_GAC_PREFIX.
* runtime/net_2_0/
* runtime/net_1_1/ Sign assemblies before
installing. Do not sign ziplib, npgsql, or nunit assemblies. Sign mscorlib.
2004-06-11 Raja R Harinath <>
* (populate-runtime-subdir): New target. Does a
controlled "make install" in the 'mcs/' directory to populate the
'runtime' directory.
(fasterstrap): Use it.
2004-06-10 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/ ($(monoone_DATA),$(monotwo_DATA),$(monobins_DATA)):
Don't copy from prefix. Use $(LN_S) to point to the mcs/ tree.
* runtime/net_1_1/ (mscorlib.dll,$(gac_assemblies)):
Use $(LN_S) to point to the mcs/ tree, rather than copying.
* runtime/net_2_0/ (mscorlib.dll,$(gac_assemblies)): Likewise.
2004-06-10 Raja R Harinath <>
Support the new assembly signing setup in mcs/.
* (mcs-do-basic-build): Pass 'USE_BOOT_COMPILE' to sub-makes.
($(tmpinst)/etc/mono/machine.config): New target.
(tmpinst-dir.stamp): Remove and rewrite into ...
($(tmpinst)/bin/mcs): ... this and ...
($(tmpinst)/bin/mono): ... this. Update to use the in-tree machine.config.
(tmpinst-dir): Rewrite to invoke above $(tmpinst)/... targets directly.
* (AC_PROG_LN_S): New check to define $(LN_S).
Thu Jun 3 14:39:17 CEST 2004 Paolo Molaro <>
* libc setting for NetBSD (patch from
2004-06-01 Raja R Harinath <>
* (bootstrap,faststrap,fasterstrap): Refactor.
Fix 'faststrap' to be corlib-version-change-safe.
(one-stage-strap,two-stage-strap,three-stage-strap): Remove.
(monolite-bootstrap): Update.
2004-05-31 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* fixlets for windows.
2004-05-29 Zoltan Varga <>
* export CC instead of passing it to libgc/configure.
2004-05-28 Duncan Mak <>
* runtime/
* scripts/ Include mono-find-provides and
* scripts/
* scripts/ New wrapper scripts.
2004-05-27 Zoltan Varga <>
* Pass CC to libgc configure.
2004-05-27 Gert Driesen (
* monowiz.win32.nsi: normalized line-endings to unix (LF)
2004-05-27 Gert Driesen (
* monowiz.win32.nsi: do not include mono subdirectory in
MonoConfigDir registry key, to match batch files
2004-05-26 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* data/DefaultWsdlHelpGenerator.aspx: fixed querystring attribute
values. Now they are URlEncoded.
* data/browscap.ini.gz: updated.
2004-05-26 Raja R Harinath <>
* (mcs-do-basic-build): No need to set MCS here.
* runtime/net_1_1/ (gac_assemblies_list): Update to
reflect new names for nunit.util and nunit.framework. Add
* runtime/net_2_0/ (gac_assemblies_list): Likewise.
2004-05-25 Ben Maurer <>
* remove
2004-05-25 18:30 CET Patrik Torstensson <>
* Check for trunc instead of truncl (HAVE_TRUNC)
2004-05-21 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* monowiz.win32.nsi: improved windows installer script.
2004-05-21 Raja R Harinath <>
* README: Update to include instructions for the various new
bootstrap-like targets.
2004-05-20 Raja R Harinath <>
* (get-monolite-latest, monolite-bootstrap):
New bootstrap targets to build from monolite.
Based on idea from Jaroslaw Kowalski <>.
2004-05-20 Raja R Harinath <>
* (AC_OUTPUT): Add tools/Makefile and
* (SUBDIRS): Remove tools.
(DIST_SUBDIRS): Add 'tools'.
(bootstrap): Rewrite so that we get two new targets.
(faststrap): New two-stage build.
(fasterstrap): New one-stage build.
2004-05-19 Jackson Harper <>
* tools/
* tools/ Add tools directory
* tools/locale-builder: Add the locale-builder tool, this tool is
not built by default as it is only needed by people that wish to
moidify culture data.
* Add tools to build
Wed May 19 13:22:19 EDT 2004 Paolo Molaro <>
* make MacOSX default to use the included libgc.
2004-05-18 Zoltan Varga <>
2004-05-19 Raja R Harinath <>
* Use proper autoconf idiom to pass additional
arguments to libgc/configure.
* acconfig.h: Update to reflect changes.
2004-05-17 Raja R Harinath <>
* (tmpinst-dir): Creates _tmpinst tree if
necessary. Move body ...
(tmpinst-dir.stamp): ... here.
(stage3): Don't remove _tmpinst tree.
(bootstrap-clean, bootstrap-check): New rules. They run the
corresponding rules in the mcs/ tree.
2004-05-14 Raja R Harinath <>
* Revert unlogged unexplained changes.
(stage3): Make 'all-profiles' since the mono source tarball
carries all the net_2_0 preview dlls.
2004-05-11 Jackson Harper <>
* runtime/net_1_1/
* runtime/net_2_0/ cscompmgd.dll is lowercase now.
2004-05-10 Raja R Harinath <>
* (tmpinst-dir): Always add $tmpinst/lib to MONO_PATH.
Fix quoting of commands.
2004-05-08 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* monowiz.win32.nsi: some changes i made to build the 0.91 win32 setup
2004-05-07 Bernie Solomon <>
* man/mono.1: mention MONO_EGD_SOCKET
2004-05-07 Raja R Harinath <>
Goodbye 'fullbuild', hello 'bootstrap'.
* (bootstrap): New target for building from CVS. New
improved version of 'fullbuild' -- does not install any files.
(fullbuild): Obsolete target. Bootstraps and installs tree.
(tmpinst-dir,tmpinst-runtime): New targets used to implement a
two-stage bootstrap.
2004-05-05 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* scandir check is no longer needed.
2004-05-05 Bernie Solomon <>
* set LIBC on HPUX
2004-05-05 Zoltan Varga <>
* Detect JNI headers in GNU classpath sources as well.
2004-05-05 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/net_2_0/ (install-data-local, uninstall-local):
Only disable this if INSTALL_2_0 is disabled.
2004-05-05 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* data/DefaultWsdlHelpGenerator.aspx: add any cookie in the request to
the request we do for the actual web service.
2004-05-04 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* check for SIGEV_THREAD being defined before checking
for AIO support. Fixes compilation under FreeBSD.
2004-05-04 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/net_1_1/ (mono_runtime): Use USE_JIT, not
(install-data-local, uninstall-data-local): Run runtime with
* runtime/net_2_0/ Likewise.
Report from Urs C Muff <>.
2004-05-03 Jackson Harper <>
* man/gacutil.1: Basic man page for gacutil. This doesn't include
the new non-standard options yet.
2004-05-03 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>
* data/machine.config: added version and publickeytoken.
2004-05-01 Duncan Mak <>
* runtime/net_1_1/
* runtime/net_2_0/ (gac_assemblies_list): Add NUnit
dlls here.
(non_gac_assemblies): Removed, every thing is migrated over to gac_assemblies.
(EXTRA_DIST): Include only gac_assemblies.
(dist_assemblies_DATA): It's referring to $(non_gac_assemblies)
and that is no gone now. So remove as well.
($(non_gac_assemblies)): Bye bye.
2004-05-01 Duncan Mak <>
* runtime/net_1_1/ (gac_assemblies_list): Add
System.Web.Services. Someone accidentally took the line out.
2004-04-30 Jackson Harper <>
* runtime/net_1_1/
* runtime/net_2_0/ These assemblies are signed now.
2004-04-30 Raja R Harinath <>
* runtime/net_1_1/ (gac_assemblies_list): Remove .dll
(gac_assemblies, non_gac_assemblies, corlibdir, dist_corlib_DATA):
New variables. Use Automake idioms.
(dist-hook): Remove.
(install-local, uninstall-local): Use mscorlib.dll from current
tree when running gacutil.
(mono_runtime): New variable. Points to either JIT compiler or
Report from Bernie Solomon <>
* runtime/net_2_0/ Likewise.
* runtime/ (dist_monobins_DATA): Rename from
(EXTRA_DIST): Remove.
* (fullbuild): Update to changes.
2004-04-30 Jackson Harper <>
* runtime/net_2_0/
* runtime/net_1_1/ /lib/mono/gac. Dont forget the mono.
2004-04-30 Duncan Mak <>
* runtime/ ($(monobins_DATA)): Add sn.exe and sn.
2004-04-29 Duncan Mak <>
* scripts/ New file.
gmcs script.
2004-04-29 Jackson Harper <>