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4. Git submodules maintenance
-These instructions are for developers working on code in this repository. End users do not need to be
-concerned with the procedures described below. The description applies to each of the submodules used
-by mono. To list the submodules in use run:
- git submodule
-If you have write access to the submodule repository do your work on it in a separate location, do not ever
-do any work in the mono copy of the submodule.
-All submodules should reside under the external/ directory off the top level Mono directory. If you want to add
-a new submodule, issue the following command from the Mono topmost directory:
- git submodule add REPOSITORY_URL external/MODULE_NAME
-After that commit and push the changes to .gitmodule and the submodule itself.
-4.1 Submodule repository of origin maintenance
-The submodule repository of origin (at the REPOSITORY_URL above) must always be modified outside the Mono directory.
-The repository may be a fork or clone of yet another GIT repository, either on github or elsewhere. If this is the case,
-you must configure your clone of it by adding a remote reference to the upstream repository:
- git remote add upstream UPSTREAM_URL
-When there exist upstream changes you need to merge, the following command needs to be used:
- git fetch upstream/master
-followed by
- git merge upstream/BRANCH_NAME
-and as soon as all the possible confilits are resolved, push the freshly integrated changes back to our repository
- git push origin/BRANCH_NAME
-4.2 Submodule maintenance in Mono repository
-When the submodule repository of origin is ready to be used by Mono, you need to go to the top level directory of
-Mono repository clone and make sure the submodules are checked out and up to date:
- git submodule init
- git submodule update --recursive
-Then in order to integrate changes from the submodule repository of origin:
- cd external/MODULE_NAME
- git pull
-you can, of course, use a a specific commit in the 'git pull' above instead of the default HEAD. When the changes are
-checked out, commit the changes to the Mono repository:
- cd ../..
- git add external/MODULE_NAME
- git commit -m "Module MODULE_NAME updated"
- git push
-It is _extremely_ important not to end the 'external/MODULE_NAME' reference above with a / since that will make git remove
-the submodule reference and commit all its contents as normal files to Mono directory. It is also required that you _always_
-push the submodule changes _before_ any and all work requiring the changes is done in the Mono repository.
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