Easy-first dependency parser based on Hierarchical Tree LSTMs
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Easy-first Parser

Easy-first dependency parser based on Hierarchical Tree LSTMs

The techniques behind the parser are described in the paper Easy-First Dependency Parsing with Hierarchical Tree LSTMs. Further materials could be found here.

Required software

Train a parsing model

The software requires having a training.conll and development.conll files formatted according to the CoNLL data format.

To train a parsing model with for either parsing architecture type the following at the command prompt:

python src/parser.py --outdir [results directory] --train training.conll --dev development.conll [--extrn path_to_external_embeddings_file]

We use the same external embedding used in Transition-Based Dependency Parsing with Stack Long Short-Term Memory which can be downloaded from the authors github repository and directly here.

Note 1: The reported test result is the one matching the highest development score.

Note 2: The parser calculates (after each iteration) the accuracies excluding punctuation symbols by running the eval.pl script from the CoNLL-X Shared Task and stores the results in directory specified by the --outdir.

Note 3: The external embeddings parameter is optional and could be omitted.

Parse data with your parsing model

The command for parsing a test.conll file formatted according to the CoNLL data format with a previously trained model is:

python src/parser.py --predict --outdir [results directory] --test test.conll [--extrn extrn.vectors] --model [trained model file] --params [param file generate during training]

The parser will store the resulting conll file in the out directory (--outdir).


If you make use of this software for research purposes, we'll appreciate citing the following:

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                Yoav Goldberg},
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This software is released under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0.


For questions and usage issues, please contact elikip@gmail.com


Eliyahu Kiperwasser

Yoav Goldberg