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Go client for Tent.io

What is Tent.io?

See http://tent.io/ for details about the latest addition to decentralized social networking!


go get "github.com/elimisteve/go.tent/tent"

Simple Config

Open sample-client.go in your favorite text editor, then set TENT_SERVER and CURRENT_AUTH_DETAILS.

The correct value for CURRENT_AUTH_DETAILS is some JSON embedded in the page source of your Tent.is page -- e.g., https://elimisteve.tent.is for me since my username elimisteve. To view source, right-click anywhere on the page then select "View Page Source" or similar and look for the line that begins with CURRENT_AUTH_DETAILS. Copy and paste the string within that line's call to JSON.parse.

The resulting values should look something like this:

TENT_SERVER = "elimisteve.tent.is"
CURRENT_AUTH_DETAILS = `{"mac_key_id":"u:...","mac_key":"...","mac_algorithm":"hmac-sha-256"}`


go run simple-client.go

See the calls to client.GetFollowings(), client.GetStatuses(), and client.PostStatus(), following client, err := tent.NewClientWithAuthStr(...), in sample-client.go. ...actually, I'll just make it easy:

	const (
		USERNAME             = "your_username_here"
		TENT_SERVER          = USERNAME + ".tent.is"
		CURRENT_AUTH_DETAILS = `{"mac_key_id":"u:...,"mac_key":"...,"mac_algorithm":"hmac-sha-256"}`


	// Construct a client
	client, err := tent.NewClientWithAuthStr(TENT_SERVER, CURRENT_AUTH_DETAILS)

	// Get user's recent statuses
	posts, err := client.GetStatuses()
	for _, post := range posts {
		fmt.Printf("%s: %s\n", post.Entity, post.Content.Text)

	// Get entities that the user follows
	followings, err := client.GetFollowings()
	for _, f := range followings {
		fmt.Printf("%s\n", f.Entity)

	// Post new status update to TENT_SERVER
	statusPost, err := client.PostStatus("Hello, Tent!")
	fmt.Printf("You just posted to Tent.is! See it at https://%s/posts/%s\n",
		TENT_SERVER, statusPost.Id)