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Club Manager

PM: Elina Hvirtsman | Sharon Lin, Sachal Malick, Shaeq Ahmed

View Club Manager here.


The Club Manager allows users to easily create pages for student organizations, and for users to easily receive updates and track attendance for different clubs, as well as to join different pages for new organizations. It also allows any user to create their own organization, and to easily keep track of stats regarding their membership and updates.


  • Users can create new clubs
  • Clubs display description, attendance, updates
  • Attendance is displayed in a dynamic pie chart
  • Users can see updates via cards on a dashboard
  • Attendance is tracked for all members in a club
  • Admins have sole access to attendance record and updates


  • Flask
  • SQLite3

To download necessary dependencies, install $ pip install <dependency>

Running Locally

  • Clone the repo
  • Run the database builder $ python utils/
  • Run the Flask app $ python
  • Open a browser to localhost:5000

Usage of Site

  • Create an account via registration
  • Go to 'Add a Club' to add a club
  • Input club name and description
  • Add updates and increase/decrease attendance as necessary
  • Go to 'Home' to join new clubs
  • Navigate to new club page
  • Click 'Join Club' to join a club
  • Go to 'Settings' to change user settings