⛔️ Research and writing on preservation and vacant houses in Baltimore, Maryland.
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Vacant Vernacular

This repository is a collection of materials related to an ongoing research project into the preservation issues surrounding vacancy and vacant houses in Baltimore, Maryland.

What is this project?

This project is a lot of little things that I am still in the process of gathering into a more coherent whole. All of this materials is presented as-is and may or may not be useful at this point. This project is also serving as a pilot for the exploration of online visualization tools and engagement strategies for the Local Preservation School project.

Research (July 2014 – ongoing)

Vacant Housing and Preservation Workshop (November 2015)

Additional Related Material

What is the history of this project?

I started this project in July 2014 as a presentation for the National Alliance of Preservation Comissions (NAPC) Forum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania along with several colleagues from the Preservation Rightsizing Network. I presented a paper based on this same research at the Vernacular Archiecture Forum in Chicago, Illinois together with Michael Allen from St. Louis, Missouri.

I am currently developing an interactive on the topic of vacant housing for presentation at the Baltimore Musuem of Art in November 2015. I'm hoping to develop this into a larger toolkit or resource guide for dealing with vacancy issues in Baltimore and/or other legacy cities.

Who is working on this project?

I (Eli Pousson) am a preservationist and historian working for Baltimore Heritage (also here on GitHub). You can reach me on Twitter @elipousson or by email at pousson@baltimoreheritage.org. This project has involved formal and informal collaboration with colleagues including:

  • Johns Hopkins
  • Michael Allen
  • Cara Bertron
  • Emilie Evans
  • Katie Bachler
  • Carol Ott
  • Andy Cook
  • Max Pollock
  • Marian Glebes

And others! Please let me know if you should be on this list and I missed including you by name.