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Where's My Coffee?

A Starbucks Store Locator Web Application

Use it to locate nearby stores. Applies within a 5km radius, and only supports addresses inside the USA.

Project Structure

Aside from the WebContent and src folders, this project contains these:

  • db - Contains the embedded JavaDB database (using Derby's embedded driver).
  • lib - Used to store the derby.jar.
  • resources - additional required assets, e.g. initial data to populate the database on startup.


Tested succesfully on a Win32 XP OS, on the following browsers:

  • Chrome 21.0 beta-m
  • Safari 5.0.4
  • Opera 12.0
  • Firefox 13.0


This project relies on the following:

Run Configuration

Currently only runs from within Eclipse.

  • Create a system environment variable named STARBUCKS_LOCATOR_HOME and set its value to the intended project's path.
  • fork this repo and clone / import as a project in your workspace.
  • Set the apache instance as its targeted runtime. See the how-to entry on the Eclipse docs for a quick reference.


Use the JDK6 builder and compiler. Automated build for distribution is not being used at the moment.

Issue Tracking

To submit bugs, feature requests, patches, or to open new issues, please refer to this github account's issues list.


  • Bind list and map operations
  • Implement JS faux scrollbars
  • Integrate build system
  • Integrate testing framework (Selenium?)


Eliran Malka

Contact Details

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