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Welcome is a free cross-platform, multi-lingual Bible study application that has extensive features for serious study of the Bible.

UBA is able to run in several modes - webtop mode, desktop mode, web server mode, CLI mode, and telnet server mode.

For iOS / Android users, you may either:

- use our native mobile apps

- use our web interface (available OFFLINE):

Development Team

Eliran Wong is a full-time christian minister, serving a local church in London (UK).

Oliver Tseng is a Christian with a calling in integrating faith and technology.

Program Interface Translators

More screenshots

Latest changes

Latest changes


Optional Configuration





Built-in Resources

  • Marvel resources
  • Hebrew & Greek resources
  • Commentaries
  • Dictionary
  • Lexicon
  • Cross References
  • Bible Encyclopedia
  • Treasury of Scripture Knowledge
  • Discourse Analysis
  • Harmonies and Parallels
  • Bible Promises
  • Timelines
  • Bible Characters and Locations
  • Hymn Lyrics


Command line startup options

UBA Modules

Additional modules are available for download from user Github repos:

These can be installed directly via the menu.

Third-Party Resources

UBA can import modules from other formats such as e-Sword, MySword, MyBible, OSIS, and Zefania.


Create your own data

Mobile Versions: Android / iOS



Development Notes

Creating/modifying interface language file


Frequently Asked Questions

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials


If you have a general question, post in the discussions.

If you have a feature request or found a bug in UBA, create a ticket. For defects, please also provide debugging info to help diagnose your issue.


Please consider a donation via our PayPal account: