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Note: This project is not actively maintained, but open to any pull requests

A simple responsive Octopress theme

There isn't a very wide choice of Octopress themes out there, so I decided to make my own. It's inspired heavily by Simon Foster's blog (, relying mostly on typography (all typographical elements are stored as variables for simple customization).

The theme makes use of bourbon for SASS mixins, lettering.js for typography, and prettify.js and zclip.js for displaying code blocks.




From your Octopress root directory:

# git clone .themes/Pageturner
# rake install['Pageturner']
# rake generate


sass/_variables.scss allows for a lot of customization.


I experimented with a lot of fonts and didn't bother removing the ones I didn't like so there's a lot to choose from. See sass/_typography.scss for a full list of fonts that come with this theme.

Code blocks and syntax highlighting

The theme comes with Prettify.js for syntax highlighting. My color scheme of choice for Prettify was Hemisu from To use a different color scheme, add the css file to sass/. change the stylesheet name in the <head> section of source/_layouts/default.html (this is the base layout that all other pages use). You will need to save the css file as .scss, otherwise rake generate won't pick it up.

Using Prettify does not require any special markdown syntax. You simply begin a code block with the usual indentation or grave characters.

Of course, the the standard of using Pygments and {% codeblock %} should work as well, but this theme does not include styling for any {% codeblock %} elements.


  • zclip.js error PPB_Graphics2D.PaintImageData: Rectangle is outside bounds.
  • _responsive.scss mixins are causing syntax errors. This is probably caused by the way rake compiles sass files. Using regular @media queries instead until fixed.
  • No styling for Octopress codeblock and gist plugins yet
  • If you've enabled like buttons or disqus comments in your _config.yml, you will need to add relevant tags and styling


An Octopress theme




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