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Parser and pretty printer for the Apache Pig scripting language ( The current version is implemented using Parsec parser combinators.


Cabal project, now on hackage, so the usual

cabal install language-pig

Or from source

git clone ...
cd language-pig
cabal install


Parse an expression:

parseString :: [Char] -> Root

Returns an AST (type Root is the root node).

Parse a file:

parseFile :: FilePath -> IO PigFile

PigFile contains the Root (of AST) and the file name. If you want just the AST, parseFileForAST would do it.

Pretty print the produced tree:

putStrLn $ prettyPrint tree

So to round it up, if you want to parse and pretty print the parsed AST of a Pig file (using Control.Applicative (<$>))

prettyPrint <$> parseFileForAST "example.pig" >>= putStrLn