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Star Trek Armada 1

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Star Trek Armada 1


Supported on Windows 10

I am using the retail CD version of Star Trek Armada 1 (upgraded to version 1.3)


The first problem I had with Star Trek Armada 1 was that it crashed when I tried to run it on Windows 10. Then once I got it to run I could not get it to run in high resolution. The game was stuck at 640x480 resolution.

Star Trek Armada 1 crash


I created a DirectDraw wrapper that allows me to intercept DirectX7 APIs. I found the issue was with SetCooperativeLevel API and exclusive mode. I made two changes that fix this.

  1. When SetCooperativeLevel is called and the DDSCL_EXCLUSIVE flag is set I also set the DDSCL_ALLOWMODEX flag.
  2. When SetDisplayMode is called if the color is 16-bit I change it to 32-bit.

However there were still some missing animations in the menu screen. After running a few tests I found out that enabling DDrawCompat solved that problem.

This fix allows Star Trek Armada 1 to be fully functional on Windows 10.

Star Trek Armada 1 1920x1080


In order to install the Windows 10 patch for Star Trek Armada 1 you can follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have installed both Armada patch 1.2 and Armada patch 1.3. Patch 1.2 needs to be installed first.
  2. Download the fix below.
  3. Unzip the files to your Star Trek Armada 1 installation folder (where the Armada.exe file exists).
  4. Start the game and enjoy!

If you run into issues check the compatibility settings. I am running with the following compatibility settings:

Compatibility Settings


Here is the Download for the patch to fix Star Trek Armada 1 on Windows 10.

This download contains 3 files:

  • ddraw.dll
  • dxwrapper.dll
  • dxwrapper.ini
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