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# application main params
# where all path and following file are located
basedirectory: '.'
# following directories or files a under "basedirectory"
shared: 'shared'
neo4j: "data/neo4j"
mongodb: "localhost"
processes: 2
# extraction settings
# the following values are some document object attr:
- 'content'
- 'label'
# extraction size
ngramMin: 2
ngramMax: 2
minWordSize: 3
# under "basedirectory" directory, delete this file to regenerate a new one
tagger: "tagger.pickle"
# Reg Expression for NGram extraction
#postag_valid: '^((VB,|VBD,|VBG,|VBN,|CD.?,|JJ.?,|\?,){0,2}?(N.?,|\?,)+?(CD.,)?)+?((PREP.?|DET.?,|IN.?,|CC.?,|\?,)((VB,|VBD,|VBG,|VBN,|CD.?,|JJ.?,|\?,){0,2}?(N.?,|\?,)+?)+?)*?$'
postag_valid: '^((VBD,|VBG,|VBN,|JJ.?,|\?,){0,2}?(N.?.?,|\?,)+?)+?((PREP.?|DET.?,|IN.?,|CC.?,|\?,)((VBD,|VBG,|VBN,|JJ.?,|\?,){0,2}?(N.?.?,|\?,)+?)+?)*?$'