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Canonicalized Names

This is a listing of canonicalized card names for app authors to check their output against (for all cards released by 14th Oct 2014).

Implementation authors should not rely on this listing to be updated promptly upon the release of new content. It is intended to be a useful check of an implementation's canonicalization routines.

This information is also provided as part of the xws-spec bower package. See the window.xws.pilot_faction2ship2pilot2obj_dict and window.xws.upgrade_slot2key2obj_dict variables.

Subfactions and Factions

Subfaction Faction
First Order Imperial
Galactic Empire Imperial
Rebel Alliance Rebel
Resistance Rebel
Scum and Villainy Scum

Canonicalization Special Cases

Name Canonical
Advanced Homing Missiles advhomingmissiles
Advanced Proton Torpedoes advprotontorpedoes
Advanced Targeting Computer advtargetingcomputer
Astromech Droid amd
Black Eight Squadron Pilot blackeightsqpilot
Elite Pilot Talent ept
Modification mod
Original Core Set core
Salvaged Astromech Droid samd
TIE Advanced Prototype tieadvprototype
The Force Awakens Core Set core2

Upgrade Slots

Name Canonical
Astromech Droid amd
Bomb bomb
Cannon cannon
Cargo cargo
Crew crew
Elite Pilot Talent ept
Hardpoint hardpoint
Illicit illicit
Missile missile
Modification mod
Salvaged Astromech Droid samd
System system
Team team
Tech tech
Title title
Torpedo torpedo
Turret turret

Astromech Droid Upgrades

Name Canonical
BB-8 bb8
M9-G8 m9g8
R2 Astromech r2astromech
R2-D2 r2d2
R2-D6 r2d6
R2-F2 r2f2
R3 Astromech r3astromech
R3-A2 r3a2
R4-D6 r4d6
R5 Astromech r5astromech
R5-D8 r5d8
R5-K6 r5k6
R5-P9 r5p9
R5-X3 r5x3
R7 Astromech r7astromech
R7-T1 r7t1
Targeting Astromech targetingastromech

Bomb Upgrades

Name Canonical
Cluster Mines clustermines
Conner Net connernet
Ion Bombs ionbombs
Proton Bombs protonbombs
Proximity Mines proximitymines
Seismic Charges seismiccharges
Thermal Detonators thermaldetonators

Cannon Upgrades

Name Canonical
"Mangler" Cannon manglercannon
Autoblaster autoblaster
Flechette Cannon flechettecannon
Heavy Laser Cannon heavylasercannon
Ion Cannon ioncannon
Tractor Beam tractorbeam

Cargo Upgrades

Name Canonical
Backup Shield Generator backupshieldgenerator
Broadcast Array broadcastarray
Cluster Bombs clusterbombs
Comms Booster commsbooster
Docking Clamps dockingclamps
EM Emitter ememitter
Engine Booster enginebooster
Expanded Cargo Hold expandedcargohold
Frequency Jammer frequencyjammer
Ionization Reactor ionizationreactor
Shield Projector shieldprojector
Slicer Tools slicertools
Tibanna Gas Supplies tibannagassupplies

Crew Upgrades

Name Canonical
"Chopper" chopper
"Gonk" gonk
"Leebo" leebo
"Zeb" Orrelios zeborrelios
4-LOM 4lom
Admiral Ozzel admiralozzel
Agent Kallus agentkallus
Azmorigan azmorigan
Baze Malbus bazemalbus
Bistan bistan
BoShek boshek
Boba Fett bobafett
Bodhi Rook bodhirook
Bombardier bombardier
Bossk bossk
C-3PO c3po
Captain Needa captainneeda
Captain Rex captainrex
Carlist Rieekan carlistrieekan
Cassian Andor cassianandor
Chewbacca chewbacca
Cikatro Vizago cikatrovizago
Construction Droid constructiondroid
Darth Vader darthvader
Dash Rendar dashrendar
Dengar dengar
Emperor Palpatine emperorpalpatine
Ezra Bridger ezrabridger
Finn finn
Fleet Officer fleetofficer
Flight Instructor flightinstructor
General Hux generalhux
Grand Moff Tarkin grandmofftarkin
Greedo greedo
Gunner gunner
Han Solo hansolo
Hera Syndulla herasyndulla
Hotshot Co-pilot hotshotcopilot
IG-88D ig88d
Inspiring Recruit inspiringrecruit
Intelligence Agent intelligenceagent
Jan Dodonna jandodonna
Jan Ors janors
Jyn Erso jynerso
K4 Security Droid k4securitydroid
Kanan Jarrus kananjarrus
Ketsu Onyo ketsuonyo
Kyle Katarn kylekatarn
Kylo Ren kyloren
Lando Calrissian landocalrissian
Latts Razzi lattsrazzi
Leia Organa leiaorgana
Luke Skywalker lukeskywalker
Mara Jade marajade
Mercenary Copilot mercenarycopilot
Moff Jerjerrod moffjerjerrod
Navigator navigator
Nien Nunb niennunb
Operations Specialist operationsspecialist
Outlaw Tech outlawtech
R2-D2 r2d2-swx22
Raymus Antilles raymusantilles
Rear Admiral Chiraneau rearadmiralchiraneau
Rebel Captive rebelcaptive
Recon Specialist reconspecialist
Rey rey
Sabine Wren sabinewren
Saboteur saboteur
Shield Technician shieldtechnician
Systems Officer systemsofficer
Tactician tactician
Tail Gunner tailgunner
Targeting Coordinator targetingcoordinator
Toryn Farr torynfarr
Unkar Plutt unkarplutt
WED-15 Repair Droid wed15repairdroid
Weapons Engineer weaponsengineer
Ysanne Isard ysanneisard
Zuckuss zuckuss

Elite Pilot Talent Upgrades

Name Canonical
A Score to Settle ascoretosettle
Adaptability adaptability
Adrenaline Rush adrenalinerush
Attanni Mindlink attannimindlink
Bodyguard bodyguard
Calculation calculation
Cool Hand coolhand
Crack Shot crackshot
Daredevil daredevil
Deadeye deadeye
Decoy decoy
Determination determination
Draw Their Fire drawtheirfire
Elusiveness elusiveness
Expert Handling experthandling
Expertise expertise
Expose expose
Fearlessness fearlessness
Intimidation intimidation
Juke juke
Lightning Reflexes lightningreflexes
Lone Wolf lonewolf
Marksmanship marksmanship
Opportunist opportunist
Outmaneuver outmaneuver
Predator predator
Push the Limit pushthelimit
Rage rage
Ruthlessness ruthlessness
Snap Shot snapshot
Squad Leader squadleader
Stay On Target stayontarget
Swarm Leader swarmleader
Swarm Tactics swarmtactics
Trick Shot trickshot
Veteran Instincts veteraninstincts
Wingman wingman
Wired wired

Hardpoint Upgrades

Name Canonical
Dual Laser Turret duallaserturret
Heavy Laser Turret heavylaserturret
Ion Cannon Battery ioncannonbattery
Quad Laser Cannons quadlasercannons
Single Turbolasers singleturbolasers

Illicit Upgrades

Name Canonical
"Hot Shot" Blaster hotshotblaster
Black Market Slicer Tools blackmarketslicertools
Burnout SLAM burnoutslam
Cloaking Device cloakingdevice
Dead Man's Switch deadmansswitch
EMP Device empdevice
Feedback Array feedbackarray
Glitterstim glitterstim
Inertial Dampeners inertialdampeners
Rigged Cargo Chute riggedcargochute
Scavenger Crane scavengercrane

Missile Upgrades

Name Canonical
Advanced Homing Missiles advhomingmissiles
Assault Missiles assaultmissiles
Chardaan Refit chardaanrefit
Cluster Missiles clustermissiles
Concussion Missiles concussionmissiles
Homing Missiles homingmissiles
Ion Pulse Missiles ionpulsemissiles
Proton Rockets protonrockets
XX-23 S-Thread Tracers xx23sthreadtracers

Modification Upgrades

Name Canonical
Advanced Cloaking Device advancedcloakingdevice
Advanced SLAM advancedslam
Anti-Pursuit Lasers antipursuitlasers
Automated Protocols automatedprotocols
Autothrusters autothrusters
B-Wing/E2 bwinge2
Captured TIE capturedtie
Combat Retrofit combatretrofit
Countermeasures countermeasures
Engine Upgrade engineupgrade
Experimental Interface experimentalinterface
Guidance Chips guidancechips
Gyroscopic Targeting gyroscopictargeting
Hull Upgrade hullupgrade
Integrated Astromech integratedastromech
Ion Projector ionprojector
Lightweight Frame lightweightframe
Long-Range Scanners longrangescanners
Maneuvering Fins maneuveringfins
Munitions Failsafe munitionsfailsafe
Optimized Generators optimizedgenerators
Ordnance Tubes ordnancetubes
Shield Upgrade shieldupgrade
Smuggling Compartment smugglingcompartment
Spacetug Tractor Array spacetugtractorarray
Stealth Device stealthdevice
Stygium Particle Accelerator stygiumparticleaccelerator
Tactical Jammer tacticaljammer
Targeting Computer targetingcomputer
Twin Ion Engine Mk. II twinionenginemkii
Vectored Thrusters vectoredthrusters

Salvaged Astromech Droid Upgrades

Name Canonical
"Genius" genius
Overclocked R4 overclockedr4
R4 Agromech r4agromech
R4-B11 r4b11
R5-P8 r5p8
Salvaged Astromech salvagedastromech
Unhinged Astromech unhingedastromech

System Upgrades

Name Canonical
Accuracy Corrector accuracycorrector
Advanced Sensors advancedsensors
Advanced Targeting Computer advtargetingcomputer
Collision Detector collisiondetector
Electronic Baffle electronicbaffle
Enhanced Scopes enhancedscopes
Fire-Control System firecontrolsystem
Reinforced Deflectors reinforceddeflectors
Sensor Jammer sensorjammer

Team Upgrades

Name Canonical
Engineering Team engineeringteam
Gunnery Team gunneryteam
Ordnance Experts ordnanceexperts
Sensor Team sensorteam

Tech Upgrades

Name Canonical
Comm Relay commrelay
Hyperwave Comm Scanner hyperwavecommscanner
Pattern Analyzer patternanalyzer
Primed Thrusters primedthrusters
Sensor Cluster sensorcluster
Targeting Synchronizer targetingsynchronizer
Weapons Guidance weaponsguidance

Title Upgrades

Name Canonical
"Heavy Scyk" Interceptor heavyscykinterceptor
"Light Scyk" Interceptor lightscykinterceptor
A-Wing Test Pilot awingtestpilot
Adaptive Ailerons adaptiveailerons
Alliance Overhaul allianceoverhaul
Andrasta andrasta
Assailer assailer
BTL-A4 Y-Wing btla4ywing
Black One blackone
Bright Hope brighthope
Concord Dawn Protector concorddawnprotector
Dauntless dauntless
Dodonna's Pride dodonnaspride
Dutyfree dutyfree
Ghost ghost
Hound's Tooth houndstooth
IG-2000 ig2000
Impetuous impetuous
Instigator instigator
Jaina's Light jainaslight
Kylo Ren's Shuttle kylorensshuttle
Merchant One merchantone
Millennium Falcon millenniumfalcon
Millennium Falcon millenniumfalcon-swx57
Mist Hunter misthunter
Moldy Crow moldycrow
Outrider outrider
Phantom phantom
Pivot Wing pivotwing
Punishing One punishingone
Quantum Storm quantumstorm
Requiem requiem
Royal Guard TIE royalguardtie
ST-321 st321
Sabine's Masterpiece sabinesmasterpiece
Shadow Caster shadowcaster
Slave I slavei
Special Ops Training specialopstraining
Suppressor suppressor
TIE Shuttle tieshuttle
TIE/D tied
TIE/v1 tiev1
TIE/x1 tiex1
TIE/x7 tiex7
Tantive IV tantiveiv
Vector vector
Virago virago

Torpedo Upgrades

Name Canonical
Advanced Proton Torpedoes advprotontorpedoes
Bomb Loadout bombloadout
Extra Munitions extramunitions
Flechette Torpedoes flechettetorpedoes
Ion Torpedoes iontorpedoes
Plasma Torpedoes plasmatorpedoes
Proton Torpedoes protontorpedoes
Seismic Torpedo seismictorpedo

Turret Upgrades

Name Canonical
Autoblaster Turret autoblasterturret
Blaster Turret blasterturret
Dorsal Turret dorsalturret
Ion Cannon Turret ioncannonturret
Twin Laser Turret twinlaserturret


Name Canonical
Imperial imperial
Rebel rebel
Scum scum

Imperial Ships

Name Canonical
Firespray-31 firespray31
Gozanti-class Cruiser gozanticlasscruiser
Lambda-Class Shuttle lambdaclassshuttle
Raider-class Corvette raiderclasscorvette
TIE Advanced Prototype tieadvprototype
TIE Advanced tieadvanced
TIE Bomber tiebomber
TIE Defender tiedefender
TIE Fighter tiefighter
TIE Interceptor tieinterceptor
TIE Phantom tiephantom
TIE Punisher tiepunisher
TIE Striker tiestriker
TIE/fo Fighter tiefofighter
TIE/sf Fighter tiesffighter
Upsilon-class Shuttle upsilonclassshuttle
VT-49 Decimator vt49decimator

Imperial Firespray-31 Pilots

Name Canonical
Boba Fett bobafett
Bounty Hunter bountyhunter
Kath Scarlet kathscarlet
Krassis Trelix krassistrelix

Imperial Gozanti-class Cruiser Pilots

Name Canonical
Gozanti-class Cruiser gozanticlasscruiser

Imperial Lambda-Class Shuttle Pilots

Name Canonical
Captain Kagi captainkagi
Captain Yorr captainyorr
Colonel Jendon coloneljendon
Omicron Group Pilot omicrongrouppilot

Imperial Raider-class Corvette Pilots

Name Canonical
Raider-class Corvette raiderclasscorvette

Imperial TIE Advanced Pilots

Name Canonical
Commander Alozen commanderalozen
Darth Vader darthvader
Juno Eclipse junoeclipse
Lieutenant Colzet lieutenantcolzet
Maarek Stele maarekstele
Storm Squadron Pilot stormsquadronpilot
Tempest Squadron Pilot tempestsquadronpilot
Zertik Strom zertikstrom

Imperial TIE Advanced Prototype Pilots

Name Canonical
Baron of the Empire baronoftheempire
Sienar Test Pilot sienartestpilot
The Inquisitor theinquisitor
Valen Rudor valenrudor

Imperial TIE Bomber Pilots

Name Canonical
"Deathfire" deathfire
Captain Jonus captainjonus
Gamma Squadron Pilot gammasquadronpilot
Gamma Squadron Veteran gammasquadronveteran
Major Rhymer majorrhymer
Scimitar Squadron Pilot scimitarsquadronpilot
Tomax Bren tomaxbren

Imperial TIE Defender Pilots

Name Canonical
Colonel Vessery colonelvessery
Countess Ryad countessryad
Delta Squadron Pilot deltasquadronpilot
Glaive Squadron Pilot glaivesquadronpilot
Maarek Stele maarekstele
Onyx Squadron Pilot onyxsquadronpilot
Rexler Brath rexlerbrath

Imperial TIE Fighter Pilots

Name Canonical
"Backstabber" backstabber
"Chaser" chaser
"Dark Curse" darkcurse
"Howlrunner" howlrunner
"Mauler Mithel" maulermithel
"Night Beast" nightbeast
"Scourge" scourge
"Wampa" wampa
"Winged Gundark" wingedgundark
"Youngster" youngster
Academy Pilot academypilot
Black Squadron Pilot blacksquadronpilot
Obsidian Squadron Pilot obsidiansquadronpilot

Imperial TIE/fo Fighter Pilots

Name Canonical
"Epsilon Ace" epsilonace
"Epsilon Leader" epsilonleader
"Omega Ace" omegaace
"Omega Leader" omegaleader
"Zeta Ace" zetaace
"Zeta Leader" zetaleader
Epsilon Squadron Pilot epsilonsquadronpilot
Omega Squadron Pilot omegasquadronpilot
Zeta Squadron Pilot zetasquadronpilot

Imperial TIE Interceptor Pilots

Name Canonical
"Fel's Wrath" felswrath
Alpha Squadron Pilot alphasquadronpilot
Avenger Squadron Pilot avengersquadronpilot
Carnor Jax carnorjax
Kir Kanos kirkanos
Lieutenant Lorrir lieutenantlorrir
Royal Guard Pilot royalguardpilot
Saber Squadron Pilot sabersquadronpilot
Soontir Fel soontirfel
Tetran Cowall tetrancowall
Turr Phennir turrphennir

Imperial TIE Phantom Pilots

Name Canonical
"Echo" echo
"Whisper" whisper
Shadow Squadron Pilot shadowsquadronpilot
Sigma Squadron Pilot sigmasquadronpilot

Imperial TIE Punisher Pilots

Name Canonical
"Deathrain" deathrain
"Redline" redline
Black Eight Squadron Pilot blackeightsqpilot
Cutlass Squadron Pilot cutlasssquadronpilot

Imperial TIE/sf Fighter Pilots

Name Canonical
"Backdraft" backdraft
"Quickdraw" quickdraw
Omega Specialist omegaspecialist
Zeta Specialist zetaspecialist

Imperial TIE Striker Pilots

Name Canonical
"Countdown" countdown
"Duchess" duchess
"Pure Sabacc" puresabacc
Black Squadron Scout blacksquadronscout
Imperial Trainee imperialtrainee
Scarif Defender scarifdefender

Imperial Upsilon-class Shuttle Pilots

Name Canonical
Kylo Ren kyloren
Lieutenant Dormitz lieutenantdormitz
Major Stridan majorstridan
Starkiller Base Pilot starkillerbasepilot

Imperial VT-49 Decimator Pilots

Name Canonical
Captain Oicunn captainoicunn
Commander Kenkirk commanderkenkirk
Patrol Leader patrolleader
Rear Admiral Chiraneau rearadmiralchiraneau

Rebel Ships

Name Canonical
A-Wing awing
ARC-170 arc170
Attack Shuttle attackshuttle
B-Wing bwing
CR90 Corvette cr90corvette
E-Wing ewing
GR-75 Medium Transport gr75mediumtransport
HWK-290 hwk290
K-Wing kwing
T-70 X-Wing t70xwing
TIE Fighter tiefighter
U-Wing uwing
VCX-100 vcx100
X-Wing xwing
Y-Wing ywing
YT-1300 yt1300
YT-2400 yt2400
Z-95 Headhunter z95headhunter

Rebel ARC-170 Pilots

Name Canonical
Braylen Stramm braylenstramm
Norra Wexley norrawexley
Shara Bey sharabey
Thane Kyrell thanekyrell

Rebel Attack Shuttle Pilots

Name Canonical
"Zeb" Orrelios zeborrelios
Ezra Bridger ezrabridger
Hera Syndulla herasyndulla
Sabine Wren sabinewren

Rebel A-Wing Pilots

Name Canonical
Arvel Crynyd arvelcrynyd
Gemmer Sojan gemmersojan
Green Squadron Pilot greensquadronpilot
Jake Farrell jakefarrell
Prototype Pilot prototypepilot
Tycho Celchu tychocelchu

Rebel B-Wing Pilots

Name Canonical
Blue Squadron Pilot bluesquadronpilot
Dagger Squadron Pilot daggersquadronpilot
Ibtisam ibtisam
Keyan Farlander keyanfarlander
Nera Dantels neradantels
Ten Numb tennumb

Rebel CR90 Corvette Pilots

Name Canonical
CR90 Corvette cr90corvette

Rebel E-Wing Pilots

Name Canonical
Blackmoon Squadron Pilot blackmoonsquadronpilot
Corran Horn corranhorn
Etahn A'baht etahnabaht
Knave Squadron Pilot knavesquadronpilot

Rebel GR-75 Medium Transport Pilots

Name Canonical
GR-75 Medium Transport gr75mediumtransport

Rebel HWK-290 Pilots

Name Canonical
Jan Ors janors
Kyle Katarn kylekatarn
Rebel Operative rebeloperative
Roark Garnet roarkgarnet

Rebel K-Wing Pilots

Name Canonical
Esege Tuketu esegetuketu
Guardian Squadron Pilot guardiansquadronpilot
Miranda Doni mirandadoni
Warden Squadron Pilot wardensquadronpilot

Rebel T-70 X-Wing Pilots

Name Canonical
"Blue Ace" blueace
"Red Ace" redace
"Snap" Wexley snapwexley
Blue Squadron Novice bluesquadronnovice
Ello Asty elloasty
Jess Pava jesspava
Nien Nunb niennunb
Poe Dameron poedameron
Poe Dameron poedameron-swx57
Red Squadron Veteran redsquadronveteran

Rebel TIE Fighter Pilots

Name Canonical
"Zeb" Orrelios zeborrelios
Ahsoka Tano ahsokatano
Captain Rex captainrex
Sabine Wren sabinewren

Rebel U-Wing Pilots

Name Canonical
Blue Squadron Pathfinder bluesquadronpathfinder
Bodhi Rook bodhirook
Cassian Andor cassianandor
Heff Tobber hefftobber

Rebel VCX-100 Pilots

Name Canonical
"Chopper" chopper
Hera Syndulla herasyndulla
Kanan Jarrus kananjarrus
Lothal Rebel lothalrebel

Rebel X-Wing Pilots

Name Canonical
"Hobbie" Klivian hobbieklivian
Biggs Darklighter biggsdarklighter
Garven Dreis garvendreis
Jek Porkins jekporkins
Luke Skywalker lukeskywalker
Red Squadron Pilot redsquadronpilot
Rookie Pilot rookiepilot
Tarn Mison tarnmison
Wedge Antilles wedgeantilles
Wes Janson wesjanson

Rebel YT-1300 Pilots

Name Canonical
Chewbacca chewbacca
Chewbacca chewbacca-swx57
Han Solo hansolo
Han Solo hansolo-swx57
Lando Calrissian landocalrissian
Outer Rim Smuggler outerrimsmuggler
Resistance Sympathizer resistancesympathizer
Rey rey

Rebel YT-2400 Pilots

Name Canonical
"Leebo" leebo
Dash Rendar dashrendar
Eaden Vrill eadenvrill
Wild Space Fringer wildspacefringer

Rebel Y-Wing Pilots

Name Canonical
"Dutch" Vander dutchvander
Gold Squadron Pilot goldsquadronpilot
Gray Squadron Pilot graysquadronpilot
Horton Salm hortonsalm

Rebel Z-95 Headhunter Pilots

Name Canonical
Airen Cracken airencracken
Bandit Squadron Pilot banditsquadronpilot
Lieutenant Blount lieutenantblount
Tala Squadron Pilot talasquadronpilot

Scum Ships

Name Canonical
Aggressor aggressor
C-ROC Cruiser croccruiser
Firespray-31 firespray31
G-1A Starfighter g1astarfighter
HWK-290 hwk290
JumpMaster 5000 jumpmaster5000
Kihraxz Fighter kihraxzfighter
Lancer-class Pursuit Craft lancerclasspursuitcraft
M3-A Interceptor m3ainterceptor
Protectorate Starfighter protectoratestarfighter
Quadjumper quadjumper
StarViper starviper
Y-Wing ywing
YV-666 yv666
Z-95 Headhunter z95headhunter

Scum Aggressor Pilots

Name Canonical
IG-88A ig88a
IG-88B ig88b
IG-88C ig88c
IG-88D ig88d

Scum C-ROC Cruiser Pilots

Name Canonical
C-ROC Cruiser croccruiser

Scum Firespray-31 Pilots

Name Canonical
Boba Fett bobafett
Emon Azzameen emonazzameen
Kath Scarlet kathscarlet
Mandalorian Mercenary mandalorianmercenary

Scum G-1A Starfighter Pilots

Name Canonical
4-LOM 4lom
Gand Findsman gandfindsman
Ruthless Freelancer ruthlessfreelancer
Zuckuss zuckuss

Scum HWK-290 Pilots

Name Canonical
Dace Bonearm dacebonearm
Palob Godalhi palobgodalhi
Spice Runner spicerunner
Torkil Mux torkilmux

Scum JumpMaster 5000 Pilots

Name Canonical
Contracted Scout contractedscout
Dengar dengar
Manaroo manaroo
Tel Trevura teltrevura

Scum Kihraxz Fighter Pilots

Name Canonical
Black Sun Ace blacksunace
Cartel Marauder cartelmarauder
Graz the Hunter grazthehunter
Talonbane Cobra talonbanecobra

Scum Lancer-class Pursuit Craft Pilots

Name Canonical
Asajj Ventress asajjventress
Ketsu Onyo ketsuonyo
Sabine Wren sabinewren
Shadowport Hunter shadowporthunter

Scum M3-A Interceptor Pilots

Name Canonical
Cartel Spacer cartelspacer
Laetin A'shera laetinashera
Serissu serissu
Tansarii Point Veteran tansariipointveteran

Scum Protectorate Starfighter Pilots

Name Canonical
Concord Dawn Ace concorddawnace
Concord Dawn Veteran concorddawnveteran
Fenn Rau fennrau
Kad Solus kadsolus
Old Teroch oldteroch
Zealous Recruit zealousrecruit

Scum Quadjumper Pilots

Name Canonical
Constable Zuvio constablezuvio
Jakku Gunrunner jakkugunrunner
Sarco Plank sarcoplank
Unkar Plutt unkarplutt

Scum StarViper Pilots

Name Canonical
Black Sun Enforcer blacksunenforcer
Black Sun Vigo blacksunvigo
Guri guri
Prince Xizor princexizor

Scum YV-666 Pilots

Name Canonical
Bossk bossk
Latts Razzi lattsrazzi
Moralo Eval moraloeval
Trandoshan Slaver trandoshanslaver

Scum Y-Wing Pilots

Name Canonical
Drea Renthal drearenthal
Hired Gun hiredgun
Kavil kavil
Syndicate Thug syndicatethug

Scum Z-95 Headhunter Pilots

Name Canonical
Binayre Pirate binayrepirate
Black Sun Soldier blacksunsoldier
Kaa'To Leeachos kaatoleeachos
N'Dru Suhlak ndrusuhlak