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Windows LPT/Virtual Joystick driver, originally developed by Deon Van Der Westhuysen. Special thanks to Deon for developing these drivers and releasing the code as open source. See:

This repository is a safe keeping of the PPJoy source code. It also includes some required fixes due to last minute changes in the source when originally released that broke compilation.

Compile Environment is:

Windows 7 SP1 x64
User with Admin rights
Download the following below. Use your favourite ISO virtual disk tool to mount the ISO images. Here's a free virtual disk tool if you need.
Install in default directories.

  1. Install the Windows 7 Driver Development Kit (DDK). Download ISO from here

  2. Install Visual C 2005 Express. Download ISO from here

  3. Install Visual C 2005 Express SP1 updates. Download SP1 from here and SP1 Vista/Win7 update from here

  4. Install Visual Studio 2008 in Custom mode and make sure to tick/add the extra component "x64 compiler and linker"
    Download 90 day trial ISO of Professional from here

  5. Install Visual Studio 2008 SP1 Update. Download ISO from here

  6. Install NSIS 2 (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System). Download version 2.xx from here

  7. Install InfoZip command line compression tool. Place the extracted zip.exe somewhere in your path or simply in the PPJoy source root folder. Download from:

  8. Download the PPJoy Source and extract it somewhere locally.

  9. Reboot the system

When the system restarts, open a Command Prompt. Change directory to the root of the PPJoy source.
Run "make_product.bat"

The build process will take a few minutes and the final compiled file is produced in the following relative folder: